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  1. Kato

    Albany Empire wins the arena bowl title with league MVP Tom (cough, cough) Grady.

    Albany Empire wins the arena bowl title with league MVP Tom (cough, cough) Grady. Empire wins ArenaBowl 32 Recent Picture:
  2. Family

    Another local football team on the verge of back to back National Championships

    The Boston Renegades, 2018 Women's National Champions, are in The Bowl again facing the LA War. Former New England Patriot, Vernon Crawford, is the offensive coordinator of the undefeated Renegades. The women's tackle football game can be seen on ESPN 3 Saturday night at 10:00 PM. The...
  3. G

    AAF suspends football operations

    I may be in a post-Super Bowl state of football euphoria, but I'm going to give the new league a shot. I'm interested to see some of the ideas they have for new rules in action, and they've got enough guys I've heard of where I think it might be worth a look. I know there's a handful of...
  4. FortressX

    CFL “prepared to approve” Johnny Manziel contract for 2018

    Seen this on the Patsfans twitter feed. I hope the guy has his act together. CFL “prepared to approve” Johnny Manziel contract for 2018
  5. NE_Zealot

    Grey Cup

    Who do you got? Knowing nothing about either team I am picking Calgary since it is a nicer-looking city than Toronto. The line is Calgary -7 with the O/U at 43.5 Game will be televised on ESPN2 at 6:30EST. I’m sure it’ll be a ratings bonanza for the turds at Bristol.
  6. G

    O/T - Players who don't make it

    Hi all, casual UK based fan, new to the forum, so apologies in advance if this is a stupid question or should be in a different sub-forum. On a lot of the college American Football films, the coach tends to say 'many of you will never play this game again' or similar. Is amateur or semi-pro...
  7. B

    WIRED | Inside the High-Tech Flag Football League That's Taking on the NFL

    this is interesting. in the near future, i can see it being a place where older NFL players can keep on playing, and people might actually pay for a cheap ticket to watch guys who still have NFL level skills (like senior PGA). in the far(ther) future, maybe this is where the NFL will be headed...
  8. Froob

    OT: NFL Europe as told by GOATieri and others

    Thought this was an interesting read, NFL should have stayed in Germany: Adam Vinatieri says he wasn’t into Amsterdam’s red-light district during his NFL Europe career 10 years after NFL Europe's demise, alumni remember league fondly
  9. TommyBrady12

    Brady's Agent to Start NFL Developmental League

    A League of His Own: Law Grad (Tom Brady’s Agent) Starting New Football Club