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  1. QuantumMechanic

    More full-time refs coming

    I don't like it. First, I don't buy that full-time will improving reffing quality much. It's not like the "part-time" refs sit around twiddling their thumbs re: football. Second, the full-timers will be completely under the thumb of the NFL since it'll be their primary source of income. NFL...
  2. QuantumMechanic

    OT-ish: Riveron to replace Blandinko as supervisor of officials

    Well, at least it'll be someone who actually was an on-field official. NFL names Alberto Riveron to lead officiating department
  3. jboston19

    Dishonest Dean Blandino leaving NFL, going in to television

    Dishonest Dean going in to television After helping frame the Pats, he's heading in to television.
  4. QuantumMechanic

    NFL removes replay authority from on-field referee

    Just saw this in the forum newsticker: Roger Goodell: Dean Blandino will have final say with all instant replay decisions The on-field ref will be reduced to a consultant with Blandino making the final decision on all reviews.
  5. Deus Irae

    PFT: NFL considers more ejections for illegal hits

    NFL considers more ejections for illegal hits Outside of economics, does the stupidity of the NFL have a limit?
  6. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - the stop the whining edition -

    Very odd game. Only your NE Patriots can play a game with a 16 point spread against a team that has won 10 NFL games this season, then BEAT the spread despite turning the ball over FOUR times, and have everyone look and sound like they lost. So now we have the narrative established for next...
  7. S

    Mike Pereira: NFL refs are violating rules w/illegal help on replays

    Mike Pereira: NFL refs are violating rules to get replay help Mike Pereira: NFL refs are violating rules to get replay help
  8. yukon cornelius

    bastard officials

    that last weak DPI call, when Woods grabbed his wrist and caused all the contact, gifted the Bills a TD that hurt me big time in the predict the score contest.....i was in low single digits before that
  9. B

    Do you like the current challenge/replay process?

    I have thought and continue to think that video replay is a great idea. Any game could come down to a blown referee call.......and while that's not completely eliminated at least some of those blown calls are eliminated with replay. I have heard people complain about replay.....not so much that...
  10. J

    McDonough with a huge shot at the nfl last night

  11. KontradictioN

    The officiating sucks: 2016 edition

    I figured we may as well make a running tally of the horrific calls/non-calls in this league on a week by week basis these days. The fact that there were already 6 called penalties at the not even halfway point of the Jets/Cards game (which I turned off because it was unwatchable) last night...
  12. B

    Taunting Penalty Enforcement

    So Gronk got flagged for taunting, and deservedly so, but I was a bit surprised by the enforcement of the penalty. He was flagged after catching a pass for a first down that took him to the Bengals 8 yard line. After the penalty the ball was moved back to the 23 yard line where it was first...
  13. RayClay

    A little stand up comedy from Blandino and the league that hates you.

    Official Review: Duke Johnson fumble controversy
  14. S

    OT:Officials make embarrassing call in Browns-Redskins game

    Officials make embarrassing call in Browns-Redskins game NFL's explanation is hilarious.
  15. varjao

    The fix was in today? Yes or no

    First of all, let me make this perfectly clear. We didn't lose because of the refs today. The Patriots wasn't a good football team today and got outplayed and outcoached in all possible aspects. Congrats to the Buffalo Bills, they were the better team today. That said, I just want to get a...
  16. P

    League reviewing “all aspects” of pregame scuffle in Foxboro

    Expecting a loss of a 1st and 3rd round draft picks next season. League reviewing “all aspects” of pregame scuffle in Foxboro
  17. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - the TOTAL team loss edition.

    Last week the Pats won a big game when they played the definition of a complimentary football game where all 3 units made big contributions throughout the game. Today, especially in the first half, all three units made MAJOR mistakes and they contributed greatly to the result that we got. So...
  18. yukon cornelius

    lack of measurement.....the fix is in!

  19. DaBruinz

    Patriots vs. Miami Post Game Thread - The OH **** Edition

    So, The Patriots were up 24-3 at the half and actually 31-10 at one point and Miami made a game of it with 2 TDs to come within striking distance. The UGLY. Garoppolo's throwing shoulder is hurt. It's being speculated that it's an AC sprain, though some yahoo posted in the game thread that it...
  20. ViperGTS

    OT: Interesting read from Mike Pereira on Goodell/Officials

    Nice guy that Goodell. "Goodell persisted, but I refused to give in. What happened next was anything but good. The conversation escalated, and when he was down in front of my office, with others present, he was so frustrated and, I’m sure, getting so much heat from Cleveland that he gave me a...