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  1. DaBruinz

    Instant Replay Calls in Denver Game

    I don't know about anyone else, but I felt that both calls should have been reversed. From what I saw, Gronk had both his hands under the ball on his catch and it was clear that the ball never hit the ground. On Thomas' catch, the ball clearly hit the ground before he had control..
  2. convertedpatsfan

    Bears HC Fox Challenges TD, results in turnover (Corrente again, similar to Jets fumble)

    Watch: John Fox's challenge backfires big time Lost possession of the ball while reaching for the goal line, and hit the pylon. He was originally deemed out of bounds at the 2, but Fox challenged it, and Corrente ruled it a fumble into the endzone, touchback, turnover. The Bears lost by 7.
  3. New England Pride

    Ben Watson tackle of Champ Bailey, 2005 playoffs at Denver

    Does anyone recall a study being done by either Yale or Harvard on this play? My Google search isn't finding it, but I believe this film was studied by a college and it was determined the play was a touchback and not down on the 1 yard line. Does anyone recall who didn't this study?
  4. Silver Blue&Red

    Chargers CRY foul....

    ..Could you imagine the backlash, if BB or any Pats player or coach, said such a thing? Aren't there rules against this? I think the calls favored them a bit, if anything. Chargers Cry Foul After Penalty Nullifies Long Touchdown Vs. Patriots
  5. K

    Julio jones catch in 2nd half. Out of boubds?

    Was called a catch but it looked like he only had one foot down and then landed out of bounds. It was on the,drive where they had a 4th and goal and were stopped, i think.
  6. patfanken

    This is a must hear podcast before tonight's game vs Atlanta

    There is a long time before kick off today. Rather than watch some predictable ****ty pregame show, sit back and listen to this podcast by Matt Chatham. A great explanation of ASJ play, and Jets recap, and LOTS of insights on the Atlanta game, and a good conversation with DJ Shockley who is a...
  7. PScottman

    The Gigantasuarus in the Room...

    Is this 2003 again? Are the rest of the league using the Ty Law/Rodney Harrison approach to pass defense against Patriots WRs and particularly Gronk to disrupt our offense? How many times have we seen the uncalled "pull one arm down right before the ball gets there" multiple times per game...
  8. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - the "the best is yet to come" edition

    The "best is yet to come" title is appropriate, since, clearly, we haven't seen this team play a full game thus far. Every win has its ugly moments and every loss was excruciatingly painful. This game was no exception. So I guess the good news is that this team is 4-2, leaders in the...
  9. yukon cornelius

    2 things lost in this faux controversy

    1) butler didn't give up on the play and punched it out 2) both butler and harmon clearly knew exactly what happened and both knew the rule.....they adamantly called it even while the TD sign was given to me that says more about this team then anything else
  10. P

    Replay Takes Center Stage In Patriot Victory

    Replay Takes Center Stage In Patriot Victory Bob George A seemingly certain touchdown by Austin Seferian-Jenkins in the fourth quarter was changed after replay to a lost fumble out of the end zone and a touchback. That turned out to be the difference in the game as the Patriots held on to...
  11. everlong

    The ASJ Fumble

    I was trying to find the rule on line because all the media keeps talking about ASJ regaining possession which I believe doesn't apply hear. The rule on a fumble is if there's no possession it stays with the team who had it last unless it's out of the end zone in which case it's a safety or a...
  12. B

    "Hands to the Face" Penalties

    Is it just me or are we seeing more and more "HANDS TO THE FACE" penalties? If you ask me, I feel like the rule was put into place to avoid what D.Wise did last night. Let's just say he got his money's worth on that one. I don't think the rule was put in place to call the ticky tack stuff...
  13. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - the grumpy old guy edition

    Sorry about the delay. Part of the reason was personal stuff that got in the way and part was because I just didn't feel like it. But anyway, here I am with what will likely be a much shorter version since I don't want to bore people with stuff that has already been talked about ad nauseaum...
  14. Joey007

    I hate Jerome Boger

    I just hate him. I hate everything about him. I hate the way he talks, I hate the way he calls games. I just hate him. He ruins everything. He talks like he has no business reffing an NFL game. Sounds like he's dumb as ****.
  15. UptownPatsFan

    Referee for NE-Carolina game

  16. Tony2046

    Video: Was the Saints "pick play" for a TD legal?

    @luuked and @DaBruinz were having a discussion of whether or not the pick play the Saints used in the 2nd quarter was legal or not. I believe the the play was legal. A pick play involves a receiver making contact with or blocking a defensive player impeding him from his coverage. Hill (The...
  17. Tony2046

    Video: All of Brady's Pass Attempts vs KC: (Weak "fluttering" arm my ass)

    Disclaimer: I am posting this for discussion purposes only. I am not an expert and my opinions are simply my own but are always open for feedback or discussion. No, there weren't any "fluttering" passes and no, there wasn't any evidence of any weak arm BS. I am hoping this will lead into...
  18. cupofjoe1962

    We're onto New Orlreans !

    Let's not hit the panic button just yet. Brady did not fall off the Max Kellerman cliff overnight. I was at the game last night & I seen some good things & a lot of things that need work. KC had a better game plan & we need to acknowledge that & move on. KC's DB's got called on a few holding...
  19. upstater1

    The NFL may have a problem

    First, I want to state that I did not have a problem with the refs last night. I think they did a good job. But the Chiefs employed the old, "They can't call everything" strategy, and it worked. It doesn't work for the Raiders a lot. It works sometimes in basketball. But when the refs become...
  20. Rob0729

    Game Thoughts: The Pats got BBQed by KC

    Here we go: First and foremost, everyone needs to calm down. The first week of the season has a lot of aberration games. Remember how the Pats got smoked by Buffalo in 2003 and went onto a 14-2 season and a Super Bowl while Buffalo went 4-12. That said, the lack of fight in this team is very...