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  1. BobDigital

    We're on to Buffalo

    We're on to Buffalo The Bills. One of the worst teams in the NFL who we will face on MNF. Honestly, I don't know why it was scheduled for that slot when it has the potential to be so one sided. Is there anything worth looking at for this game? Obviously it be nice to see the defense have a...
  2. Joey007

    Al Riveron is such a stooge.

    Anyone else getting sick of him trying to justify these calls every week? I get the vibe he’s never played a down of football in his life. His voice annoys me too.
  3. Q

    OH NO! (ref assignments)

    Clete Blakeman will ref Sunday’s game. He’s a real piece of work. I’ve posted about this loser in this forum, about not getting Cleted. Fasten your seatbelts, we may be in for a bumpy ride.
  4. QuantumMechanic

    NFL to finally be free of Moron Jeff Triplette?

    Let the joyous news be spread? Referee Jeff Triplette reportedly retiring after shaky performance in NFL playoffs Here's my question: did the NFL know Triplette was retiring before this game? And did Triplette get a playoff game BECAUSE he was retiring? Triplette had not been assigned a...
  5. Q

    Please don't let us get 'Cleted' in the Playoffs

    Wild Card Round refs have been announced, and our 'friend' Blakeman was not assigned a game. He didn't do any of our regular season games either, which only raises the odds that we'll get 'Cleted' at some point in the playoffs. I hate that dude almost as much as some dudes here hate Jerome...
  6. Wheelman

    CBS split video of Kelvin Benjamin TD overturn NOT in sync

    I was just watching the video to see how many times CBS shows the best view of Kelvin Benjamin's foot not being on the ground. They showed it twice. 1st time Romo sees this view he thinks it might be overturned. 2nd time the view is shown, Romo thinks the foot might be off the ground but says...
  7. Poker

    A rational reason for more overturned calls by the league

    I haven't heard one aspect of overturned TDs, by Al Riveron in NY, getting a lot of play. A relatively new rule is that all turnovers and TDs are automatically reviewed. Additionally, the guidance given out to officials seems to be that on a very close play on the field, call the TD or...
  8. Bradyking12

    Richie Incognito: Gronkowski took his shot, now it's our defense's chance to take their shots on him

    Richie Incognito "Obviously, there are going to be opportunities for guys to take shots this next game," Incognito said Wednesday, via The Buffalo News. "Gronkowski took his shot. Now it's our defense's chance to take their shots on him. When you do dumb stuff like he did, you open the door...
  9. S

    "We Wuz Robbed" - No, You (Probably) Weren't

    If you go to any team's fan site after a game, you will see multiple claims that the refs were biased and unfair. If you come to after most games you will often see the same claims. Maybe not this week, but certainly last week with respect to Gronk. This week it is the Steelers...
  10. luuked

    Inside the NFL clip of Tomlin/Haley clown show during final plays

    I thought I make a new thread to give more visibility to how the Steelers handled the final 2-3 plays: They even had the sideline ref tell them exactly what is being looked at during review and still Tomlin lied in one of the post game iviews stating they told him some garbage about first...
  11. Th3Birdman

    Did Jesse James Catch the Ball? (Video)

    Hey guys, I wanted to address the controversy over the (correct) call made by the referee, whether Jesse James caught the football or not. So, I made a video on the subject. Very short and succinct. Check it out! (Even shout out PatsFans haha!)
  12. P

    As Usual, Patriots Likely Sparked Another Rule Change This Offseason

    As Usual, Patriots Likely Sparked Another Rule Change This Offseason Bob George Don’t you just love these Patriots, the team that makes you have to change the rule book now and then. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  13. luuked

    Rewatch Pats @ Steelers

    Hey folks, same rules as always apply. Try to stay on topic, keep discussions that dont relate directly to video evidence in the post game thread and remember this is a hawt taek free zone. If you have a request for a scene post it here. If someone actually posts the scene you requested at...
  14. B

    Steelers 1st TD - why was flag picked up?

    Anyone have a view on this? Why Steelers' 1st touchdown vs. Patriots shouldn't have counted I mean the refs saw this. Then picked up the flag? Why would they do that. What's the exact rule. Even Romo said on the commentary that refs see ineligible receivers but might pick up the flag. How's...
  15. Joker

    Thursday Night Football - N.O. vs. Atlanta

    Watch Kamara run wild...
  16. yukon cornelius

    speaking of gronk (no, really)

    has anyone seen a compilation, or compiled a series of videos, of plays where gronk gets mauled and gets no call?
  17. yukon cornelius

    If the NFL is smart

    and if they really want to let their referees take charge of games, as they should, they'll look at expanding game day rosters expand rosters to 50......that would let the referees actually use the ejection concept to take greater control of games as it is now, they are handcuffed.....the...
  18. Joey007

    We will be facing the Steelers and the refs week 15. Be ready.

    I just witnessed the worst holding call in my life in this Bengals Steelers game, that wiped out a Cincy TD. I'm not one who buys into refs conspiring, but that one right there really makes me wonder.
  19. QuantumMechanic

    History of the fumble-touchback

    One writer's argument for abolishing the fumble-touchback, with a bit of history on where it came from. The Worst Rule in the NFL Must Change Before It Ruins Games That Really Matter
  20. XLIX

    A strange play no one seems to be talking about...

    On one of the Denver kickoffs (I believe in the 2nd quarter), Dion caught it and just immediately tossed it to the ref without taking a knee. The referee can actually rule this a fumble because if you don't take a knee, the play is not dead. But the thing is, the referee caught the ball which...