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  1. P

    ICYMI: Former Patriot,Team Dentist, Bill Lenkaitis Passes Away

    ICYMI: Former Patriot,Team Dentist, Bill Lenkaitis Passes Away Robert Alvarez Former Patriots Center Bill Lenkaitis passes away from cancer. Continue reading...
  2. oldrover

    Bill Lenkaitis passed away...

    Long-time Patriots center Bill Lenkaitis passed away Anchored the great Pats o-line of the 70's at center... and also was the team dentist. To me, he WAS Pat Patriot. Thanks, Bill, for some great memories. Prayers for your loved ones. And may the Lord rest and keep your immortal soul.
  3. scott99

    OT- ESPN's John Saunders has passed away at 61

    Just read a tweet that John Saunders has passed away. Not a fan of ESPN anymore, but I always liked the guy. Very professional and always did a great job IMO. RIP John, my thoughts go out to him and his family.
  4. T

    Former NFL coach Dennis Green has died

    Dennis Green dies at age 67 Former Vikings and Cardinals coach and Randy Moss mentor.
  5. IcyPatriot

    OT: RIP Buddy Ryan

    RIP Buddy Ryan ... Condolences to Rex and Rob ... and families. Buddy was one of the best in his prime ... That 46 defense took it's toll on teams until it could be schemed against. Buddy Ryan, former Eagles coach, dad to Rob and Rex, dead at 82
  6. P

    Tuesday Daily Rundown 6/21: New England Patriots News and Notes

    Tuesday Daily Rundown 6/21: New England Patriots News and Notes Ian Logue Here's a look at this morning's New England Patriots news for Tuesday June 21, 2016. A quiet morning on this Tuesday, but here’s a quick look at some news for this morning. Big Season Ahead For Hogan – When the...
  7. DaBruinz

    OT: Thoughts and prayers for the victims in Orlando

    Another senseless act of violence.. More than 50 dead. more than 50 injured.. Another crisis averted in LA where a suspect was taken into custody with guns, ammunition and possibly explosives. Mod Edit: if anyone wants to talk about gun control, the sexual preference of those involved, or...
  8. S

    OT: Gordie Howe passed away

    He was 88. Man... Ali and Howe in a a whole bunch of legends in music this year. :(
  9. neuronet

    OT: Bye to Uncle Rick

    Since my dad passed 10 years ago, my Uncle Rick and I grew very close. He played QB in High School and college (at UNH). It was like having a living connection to my dad, because they were a lot alike, salty New Englanders that were an acquired taste to outsiders. What bonded us more than...
  10. fnordcircle

    NFL twitter got hijacked

    lmbo just saw this come up on twitter, apparently the hijacker announced that Goodell was dead in a previously-deleted tweet. So presumably someone @ the NFL still has access to it.
  11. P

    Patriots Pay Respects To Muhammad Ali Following Passing

    Patriots Pay Respects To Muhammad Ali Following Passing Robert Alvarez Patriots players create tributes to Muhammad Ali on social media. Continue reading...
  12. P

    New England Patriots News 6-5, AFC East Notes

    New England Patriots News 6-5, AFC East Notes Steve Balestrieri In Vince Wilfork's mind Brady has already proven that he's the best in the game, and after hearing some of the critics in recent weeks, he told WEEI on Wednesday that having people question him as a player is something that...
  13. IcyPatriot

    RIP Muhammad Ali

  14. Mack Herron

    Julius Adams passed away

    He was 67.
  15. J

    R.I.P. Mini-Mack Herron

    R.I.P. mini-mack! For a coupla years- one of the most fun-to-watch Pats of all time. 5'5" bowling ball. Might be THE most fun-to-watch Pat of all time. Between him, gronk and Dion Lewis. Former Patriots running back and return specialist Mack Herron passed away Sunday at the age of 67...
  16. JDSal45

    Former Pats RB John Stephens killed in car accident

    Former Patriot John Stephens was killed in a car accident yesterday. Had a great rookie season. Almost a playoff team. R.I.P. UDPATED: Former NSU, NFL star John Stephens killed in wreck | | The Times J D Sal