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  1. Triumph

    The Snow Bowl

    Of course, Raider people are still whining about a call that was ruled correctly.
  2. K

    AB threatens to retire (Helmet-Gate)

    Per BR, if he doesn't get to wear his old helmet. I mean really. Is this guy stupid or just plain ignorant. Shining example of a cancer to this sport!
  3. Patsfanin Philly

    Hard Knocks 2019- Raiders

    First episode Tues Aug 6th at 10 pm Some trailers........ Maybe it's me but when I see Gruden talking to the team, I think of the "observer effect" in physics, in which the mere act of observing a phenomenon changes it... i.e. he speaks differently when he knows the cameras are on.. We...
  4. nabwong

    OT: Antonio Brown visits foot specialist

    Raiders' Antonio Brown to visit foot specialist I thought....
  5. Joey007

    Was this the oldest NFL team ever?

    I was thinking about the Oakland Raiders team in 2002 that went to the Super Bowl. Never had I ever recalled a team having such an absurd amount of starters in their late 30’s: QB: 37 year old QB Rich Gannon RB: 30 year old RB’s Charlie Garner and Tyrone Wheatley WR: 40 year old Jerry Rice...
  6. Deus Irae

    Hard Knocks = Chucky and the Raiders

    Raiders to appear on “Hard Knocks”
  7. TommyBrady12

    Raiders Hire Mike Mayock as GM

    Report: Raiders hire Mike Mayock as G.M. Wow, Mayock knows all the college players so it'll help their drafting, but him and Gruden on the same page?
  8. Deus Irae

    The first part of the 2019 NFL draft order is out

    1. Cardinals 3-13 2. 49ers 4-12 3. Jets 4-12 4. Raiders 4-12 5. Buccaneers 5-11 6. Giants 5-11 7. Jaguars 5-11 8. Lions 6-10 9. Broncos 6-10 10. Bills 6-10 11. Bengals 6-10 12. Packers 6-9-1 13. Dolphins 7-9 14. Falcons 7-9 15. Washington 7-9 16. Panthers 7-9 17. Browns 7-8-1 18...
  9. maust1013

    To the surprise of no one, Oakland GM Reggie McKenzie fired

    Report: Raiders fire Reggie McKenzie He's lucky to be alive it doesn't pay to get in this guy's crosshairs...
  10. P

    Patriots sign Raiders S Obi Melifonwu

    I know he had some fans in the draft forum. Freak size & athleticism (Obi Melifonwu - Player Profile Advanced Football Stats & Metrics).
  11. P

    New England Patriots News 11-04, AFC East Notes

    New England Patriots News 11-04, AFC East Notes Steve Balestrieri Brady, despite the first month with a dearth of weapons, is on pace for 4400 yards and 32 touchdowns, "are you going to evaluate the QB position this week'" Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs...
  12. Joey007

    Bruce Irvin cut by Raiders

    Color me interested
  13. mosi

    TNF - Raiders @ Niners (AKA dumpster fire bowl)

    Week 9 games. So this game should be a stinker but you know, the 49ers have some fight. I think Kyle Shanahan is building something good there. In contrast, I think the game has completely passed Gruden by.
  14. jmt57

    NFL Week 9 Thread (with TV Maps)

    Week 9 NFL Maps are out. As is always the case, some stations can and will change the game they decide to air between now and Sunday. H/T to JP Kirby at 506 Sports for taking the time to put this together. National Broadcasts: Thursday Night: 1-6 Oakland @ 1-7 San Francisco (Fox/NFLN) Sunday...
  15. KDPPatsfan85

    Patriots interested in CBs before the trade deadline

    Patriots have been linked to Patrick Peterson and now this tweet...
  16. ctpatsfan77

    Give this a football caption

    For example: live look at the Giants' two-minute drill.
  17. Wheelman

    Gridiron Heights, Season 3, Episode 2: Jon Gruden Gets Stuck in 2002

    Funny dig at Gruden and the Raiders. Loved all the little details!
  18. P

    Khalil Mack traded to Chicago

    That is a nasty front seven!
  19. convertedpatsfan

    Gruden can't let go

    Forget the fact that they blew two chances to put that game away, the second when he cowardly ran the ball 3 times. They lost their last 3 games of the season, 2 to non-playoff teams. They could very easily be hosting that game if they took care of business, but they didn't. It makes me very...