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  1. Wozzy

    Chung cocaine indictment?

    A newspaper in Meredith NH (edit) is reporting a Patrick Chung with the same middle initial was busted for cocaine possession a little while back. Not sure if it's our Chung but he owns property in the town... something to keep an eye on. Two arrested in drug raid indicted on several charges
  2. P


    Not sure who that is but Miguel retweeted him & he’s followed by Schefter/Reiss. Update: Confirmed by PFT
  3. P

    New England Patriots News, 7-21, AFC East Notes

    New England Patriots News, 7-21, AFC East Notes Steve Balestrieri This spring the Patriots extended David Andrews for three more years. Will the Patriots make Thuney as big an offer as he’ll get on the open market' Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not...
  4. V

    Tyreek Hill Investigation

    OT: Tyreek Hill being investigated by police for ANOTHER violent incident He’s beat up his pregnant girlfriend before but got away with it so this doesn’t surprise me. ****ing ban this scum from the league.
  5. Deus Irae

    PFT: Some owners wonder whether NFL should get out of investigation business

    Some owners wonder whether NFL should get out of investigation business
  6. bigballas

    Kareem the Hunt(er)

    please discuss: KC Chiefs Running Back Kareem Hunt Brutalizes and Kicks Woman in Hotel Video
  7. PatsFanSince74

    Eli "settles" Fraud Lawsuit

    About as close to an admission of Guilt as you're gonna see. Eli Manning settles Giants memorabilia fraud lawsuit - NY Daily News
  8. Dr Pain

    Steelers OC Todd Haley injured in bar fight

    may not be able to be on sideline. He and his wife were involved in two altercations, one in a bar and one outside a bar
  9. Deus Irae

    David Eaton resigns as V.P. of NFL Media amid sexual harassment inquiry

    I expect the thread will be moved, but it's worth noting the information: David Eaton resigns as V.P. of NFL Media amid sexual harassment inquiry
  10. Silver Blue&Red

    J. Kraft: Jones told us to "take your medicine"

    This hypocrite, POS. I really hate this guy. And , a big reason this burns me, is because I had Cowgirl fans trying to sell me this same BS. Patriots' Jonathan Kraft: Jerry Jones told us 'take your medicine' during deflate-gate
  11. oldrover

    Jameis Winston accused of sexual assault by Uber driver

    Jameis Winston Accused of Sexually Assaulting Uber Driver, QB Denies Allegation He also had settled a federal suit when he was in college... FSU Pays $950,000 To Woman Who Accused Jameis Winston Of Sexual Assault (rant on) Whether Jameis is specifically guilty or not, I am so sad and angry...
  12. T

    Jerry Jones to Goodell: Kraft is a P$$$Y Compared to what I will do to you

    War between Jerry and Goodell escalating *popcorn* OTL: NFL teeters on all-out, unprecedented civil war
  13. QuantumMechanic

    Elliot suspension back on

    Elliot's suspension is back on. He's going to miss several games at a minimum before the next time anything is done with the case and he may well serve the whole suspension before any future court action. Here's a nice explainer (of course!) from McCann: How Elliott could shorten suspension...
  14. Bill Lee

    Good News for Pats: Ezekiel Elliott to play vs Chiefs

    Good News for Us: Ezekiel Elliott Plays vs Chiefs Analysis | Cowboys get a legal Hail Mary, and Ezekiel Elliott will play Sunday says Just as the Dallas Cowboys were prepared to begin life without Ezekiel Elliott for six games, albeit reluctantly, the second-year running back received...
  15. B

    Boom! Bad news for 'boys

    O.T. Boom! Bad news for 'boys Ezekiel Elliott suspension reinstated after court ruling
  16. ViperGTS

    Elliot gets his TRO from Judge

    The NFL lied. Of course. They lied about TB yet no one brought that up. If Zeke was a Pat and a TB12 type case had happened the year before, they would have slapped that decision on the table and said no chance.
  17. Froob

    NFL lays down the hammer on Josh Brown...who isn't in the league

    Supicious timing near the Elliot trial conclusion.. Isn't he being punished twice..? Uhh..
  18. QuantumMechanic

    Steph hammers NFL on Elliot shenanigans

    A typical good post by Stradley: The Ezekiel Elliott Case Shows How Ruinous NFL Policy Is Nonetheless, I want to see Dallas screwed because f**k every other team. No sympathy for any of them.
  19. FreeTedWilliams

    Elliott is getting the Brady treatment in his appeal hearing.....

    Elliott is getting the Brady treatment in his appeal hearing..... Henderson refuses to require Tiffany Thompson’s presence at Elliott appeal hearing Just when you think that the NFL can not be more tone deaf, or unfair... So they are going to suspend Elliott, without as much as a criminal...
  20. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    A Brady-like suspension may loom for Ezekiel Elliott

    with some leaks from the league office about possible non-cooperation, to sway public opinion. The specific allegation is that Elliott committed five acts of domestic violence in a six-day window League office apparently leaks details of looming Ezekiel Elliott suspension Let’s see if...