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  1. R

    The Season Finale of Deflategate

    #10 - THE SERIES FINALE OF DEFLATEGATE [With Roger Goodell returning to New England on Thursday night for the opening game of the NFL season, a repost from February was certainly in order] I hold no grudge against Roger Goodell. If a man acts according to his heart and his principals, and does...
  2. jboston19

    Dishonest Dean Blandino leaving NFL, going in to television

    Dishonest Dean going in to television After helping frame the Pats, he's heading in to television.
  3. QuantumMechanic

    The absolute idiocy of Peter King, part 3867 in a series...

    This is just incredible. What a total idiot. (P.S. WWIIFelger can be pretty funny at times.)
  4. FreeTedWilliams

    Pats headsets didn't work on Sunday, not mentioned at all during the broadcast

    Patriots 'Forced To Go Old School' After Headsets Stop Working Against The Bengals Remember Tomlin crying about it, apparently the Pats just said "F&*k it" and just used hand signals for both offense and defense. Also they have abandoned the Microsoft tablets because they never work either...
  5. raduray

    NYT report on Exponent and Deflategate

    A puff piece. I already posted my comment.
  6. SalemPats

    ESPN anti-Patriot again

    Testy Belichick on QB uncertainty: 'Not a doctor' So BB is being testy because he says he's not a doctor and doesn't want to give the media the gameplan. Are they stupid. The headline should be media member asks extremely dumb follow up question.
  7. Ice_Ice_Brady

    ESPN officially becomes The Onion with their new power rankings

    I am not going to post the link, so that no one will give them clicks. I actually saw the rankings on Facebook with a bunch of people getting bent out of shape. This may be the silliest, most idiotic power rankings I can recall: 1. Green Bay Packers (previously no. 6). By all means the...
  8. Bill Lee

    A Clean Sweep for BSPN

  9. J

    Goodell talks Deflategate on NBC' Today Show (11/9/16)

  10. J

    bspn created a page pretty much gloating about Brady's suspension

    30 days without Tom Brady: The exile begins
  11. J

    bspn has lost 4 million subscribers in the last year

    ESPN Loses 4 Million Subscribers In Past Year
  12. S

    Bill Simmons on Stephen A. Smith

    More discussion here: Bill Simmons -- Stephen A. Was NFL's Puppet ... To Smear Tom Brady Not news to the folks around here.
  13. Joey007

    Zolak rips into NFLN "analysis"

    Scott Zolak Flips Out On NFL Network Hosts' Opinions On Tom Brady, DeflateGate Pathetic analysis by NFLN. Glad Zolak ripped into it.
  14. P

    Thursday Daily Rundown 6/30: New England Patriots News and Notes

    Thursday Daily Rundown 6/30: New England Patriots News and Notes Steve Balestrieri Good Morning. As we round out the last day in June, here are the latest stories concerning the Patriots today. - Vince Wilfork Bares It All for the ESPN Body Issue - Chris Simms Continues to Spew on Tom...
  15. DaBruinz

    Chris Simms : "Brady deserves to be suspended"

    Chris Simms: Tom Brady '100 percent' deserves to be suspended "“Yes, of course he deserves to be suspended for this,” Simms said of Brady’s alleged role in Deflategate. “He took the integrity of the game into his own hands." "But it does give you a competitive advantage." "If there weren’t...
  16. Dr Pain

    OT- Just saw Tom being interviewed on the grid at the F1 race in Montreal.

    Looks like he is there with his Dad. Montreal F1 weekend is a blast. Tom Brady est en ville
  17. RecoveringCowboy

    #12 ranked #52 on most famous athletes in world - ESPN

    "checks in behind QBs Cam Newton (32), Peyton Manning (38) and Drew Brees (44) " Tom Brady the 52nd most popular athlete in the world on ESPN list ESPN reminds me of Pravda
  18. S

    PFT: Stephen A. Smith swings at De Smith, misses

    Stephen A. Smith swings at De Smith, misses
  19. jmt57

    NFL's mouthpiece (ESPN) at it again with OTL piece on cameragate

    On Mike & Mike right now, ESPN is previewing an Outside The Lines documentary on spygate. From what they have said so far, they are saying that owners felt Goodell went too easy on the Patriots back in 2007. The deflategate investigation was supposedly so big because others felt the league did...