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  1. S

    Wetzel: Here's why Tom Brady won't give up in deflate-gate fight

    Wetzel:Here's why Tom Brady won't give up in deflate-gate fight Here's why Tom Brady won't give up in deflate-gate fight
  2. demerit

    Patriots rated dead last in Draft Power Rankings article on

    Didn't see this posted already but it seems absurd to me. I'm assuming it's because the Pats didn't pick at all until the 60th pick hence not getting any of the flashy big name players. Either that or the NFL really does hate the Patriots. 2016 NFL Draft class power rankings: Teams 25-32
  3. Tony2046

    OT: Your team cheats youtube videos. Spare time stuff.

    I promise this is my last youtube thread of the day. Ended up searching for one thing and ran into something else. Isn't that always the case? Your team cheats has put together a few youtube videos. Thought I'd share. Good offseason stuff. Episode 1: Lays the foundation of the NFL...
  4. FreeTedWilliams

    Once again, Sally Jenkins nails it...

    Tom Brady’s lawyers missed the point: his innocence As Deflategate wore on, the lawyers representing Tom Brady forgot to do something essential. They forgot to argue their client’s innocence. Instead Jeffrey Kessler and the NFL Players Association got so lost in pushing their interpretation of...
  5. FCB02062

    OT: NFL wanted Sam drafted, made deal w Rams, Fisher...

    More pathetic crap from NFL... They had to have "the first openly gay player" (Sam) get drafted likely to appeal to the liberal Media, avoid criticism from the social justice Warriors, and ride a wave of PC publicity, so they cut a deal with the most media friendly and league suck up Jeff...
  6. J

    Scumbag troy vincent: "We didn't focus on PSI, just protocol with spot checks"

    On Thursday — in March of 2016, in Month 15 of an all-out war waged over allegedly underinflated footballs — an NFL executive has claimed that the league didn’t even check for air pressure in footballs during the 2015 season. Nope, Troy Vincent said. They weren’t worried about air pressure...
  7. NJPatsfan26

    OT -- watched "Concussion" movie

    OT Watched Concussion What a good movie. Makes me hate the NFL even more now with how they tried to cover up the effects of CTE. Also choosing Luke Wilson as Goodell was appropriate as they are both a joke! See it if you can. Will Smith was awesome.
  8. Ice_Ice_Brady

    NYJFL Rules Violations and Penalties in comparison to other teams

    Feel free to add to the list: Illegally filming opponents from unauthorized locations (while being the first violator and deserving punishment in the case of the Jets, while being the second violator and expecting no punishment in the case of the Patriots) NYJFL - 2006, two months after the...
  9. RecoveringCowboy

    NFL exec admits to Congress football-related CTE is real

    NFL exec admits to Congress football-related CTE is real NFL exec admits to CTE-football head trauma link Anyone seen Concussion? Hope lots of people did and conclude the NFL leadership is corrupt.
  10. QuantumMechanic

    NFL Appeal oral arguments thread

    With the oral arguments before the Second Circuit panel tomorrow afternoon, I figured it was time for a thread. Here's a Curran piece about it. It's nothing new to us, but might be useful to send to people you know who haven't been following things: NFL trying to protect Goodell's powers in...
  11. Buchanty

    Robert Blecker's Amicus Curiae Brief on behalf of NFLPA/Brady

    This thread can be merged with the other Blecker thread in the Deflategate Section, but I thought it important enough to post on the main board, as it may be missed by most. On Monday Professor Robert Blecker, he of 60 Minutes fame for his debunking of the Deflategate accusations, filed an...
  12. P

    Goodell publicly admits Deflategate litigation is about control, not PSI

    Goodell publicly admits Deflategate litigation is about control, not PSI John Morgan Goodell has been exposed as a liar during the time leading up to his decision to suspend Brady, and during the sham of an appeals process. It is ironic that here today he is finally being truthful. This whole...
  13. zydecochris

    NFL digging dirt on Brady: Is it paranoia if it is true?

    I promise I'm about as far from a paranoid conspiracy theorist as you can get (for example: Area 51 is a secret test facility for planes like stealth aircraft, there are no aliens!!). However, this additional Spygate dirt came out right after Bergman overturned Brady's suspension...
  14. J

    Timeline of league providing false info

    Mike Reiss ✔ @MikeReiss This recently posted update from highlights #Patriots frustration with NFL office & timeline:
  15. eom

    Steve McIntyre blog

    Raises a couple interesting points I hadn't see mentioned
  16. QuantumMechanic

    Matt Chatham slams Roger Goodell over Ray Rice in Time magazine editorial

    Chatham got an editorial in Time, slamming Goodell for his handling of the Ray Rice situation: