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  1. N

    brutal article on Goodell/NFL

    how can this guy continue to "lead" the league? A little bit of vindication for the GOAT regarding the deflate-gate railroading job too.. Hurley: After Making Most Offensive Statement, Roger Goodell Deserves To Lose Job As NFL Commissioner
  2. robertweathers

    TB12 Taking a Shot At Goody

    Good for Tom. Brady on NFL handling of Brown case: 'They claim to take tough stances'
  3. Rusty Coupe

    Goodell: "I understand the public misunderstanding of those things and how that can be difficult for

    Roger Goodell suggests fans simply don’t understand the issues
  4. convertedpatsfan

    OT: Teams poke fun at NFL

    Teams needle NFL, tweet fake play highlights It's pretty sad when even the winless Cleveland Browns are mocking your stupidity...
  5. RayClay

    A little stand up comedy from Blandino and the league that hates you.

    Official Review: Duke Johnson fumble controversy
  6. AtomicDawg

    SI: Prof. John Leonard: "100% Convinced Deflategate Failed"

    Brillant article from SI and Professor John Leonard from MIT. Science says Patriots never tampered footballs A bit here: We as Pats fans know this stuff from top to bottom but it's still great to get it out to the general public as Brady returns to work.
  7. S

    OT:Officials make embarrassing call in Browns-Redskins game

    Officials make embarrassing call in Browns-Redskins game NFL's explanation is hilarious.
  8. AtomicDawg

    And So It Ends: NFLPA Will Not Pursue Further Appeals of Deflategate

  9. raduray

    NYT report on Exponent and Deflategate

    A puff piece. I already posted my comment.
  10. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Florio: Early Season Ratings Decline Continues for NFL

    Once again, Mike Florio refuses to be a puppet for the league and cuts through the NFL's spin. Compared to last year's opener, ratings were way down, which is the apt comparison, not the overall 2015 season Thursday Night average. Early-season ratings decline continues for NFL The statement...
  11. PlainOldEd

    PlainOldEd will be at the game tomorrow.....

    Sitting in the nosebleeds. If you see me give me a shout out. You'll know me by my attire..
  12. PatsWickedPissah

    NYJFL & NFLPA Join Forces Suing Brady for Violating Child Labor Laws

    Video here... They're looking for ANYTHING to get the GOAT's goat. :)
  13. Froob

    Shocker of the year: Blast from the past for Goodell (Joker is going to love this)

    Integrity and such..
  14. DaBruinz


    I have to give Tom Curran credit. He just socked it to the NFL.. Curran: Sorry, NFL; the Patriots just keep on winning "What happened Sunday night in the desert is just the kind of thing that might put Roger Goodell in the mood to shove an underling. ( <---Link) All that time spent...
  15. M

    Goodell's Failure

    I didn't expect the Patriots to win without Brady and Gronk. I was wrong. In any case, I can't imagine how humiliated Goodell must feel and how royally upset the owners must be who supported him. The league put the Patriots at the primetime game for the Cardinals to eviscerate us and make...
  16. J

    Goodell talks Deflategate on NBC' Today Show (11/9/16)

  17. RayClay

    Football is America?

    Saw this tweet from Willie and just got enraged by the message. On this weekend, where the corrupt and unaccountable commission has decide to wreck what should have been one of the best opening week games in memory, we're supposed to lap up this propaganda blaming America. Football is not...
  18. Julius

    Bob Costas

    When Brady finally gave up the fight and accepted his punishment, the media narrative of "deflate gate" changed overnight. This was made shockingly clear to me last night on Thursday Night Football when Bob Costas did a complete about face and said this to a national t.v. audience. ****** "The...
  19. Ice_Ice_Brady

    NFL Suspension and Boycott begins at my house

    Now that time has run out on the league to do the right thing, an option at their disposal for eighteen months, some temporary and permanent policies have been implemented at my house. -No NFL allowed on in my home until week 5 of 2016, including Patriots games. -No NFL allowed in my house ever...
  20. PatsFanSince74

    Myers attacks Goodell and defends Brady...again

    OK. This is getting old. Once again, Gary Myers goes after the League and defends Tom Brady, this time in the context of Peyton's "joke" at Rob Lowe's Roast (Link below). There is nothing humorous about Brady’s reputation being damaged by Deflategate, perhaps the biggest bunch of nonsense in...