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  1. R

    The Season Finale of Deflategate

    #10 - THE SERIES FINALE OF DEFLATEGATE [With Roger Goodell returning to New England on Thursday night for the opening game of the NFL season, a repost from February was certainly in order] I hold no grudge against Roger Goodell. If a man acts according to his heart and his principals, and does...
  2. FreeTedWilliams

    Elliott is getting the Brady treatment in his appeal hearing.....

    Elliott is getting the Brady treatment in his appeal hearing..... Henderson refuses to require Tiffany Thompson’s presence at Elliott appeal hearing Just when you think that the NFL can not be more tone deaf, or unfair... So they are going to suspend Elliott, without as much as a criminal...
  3. QuantumMechanic

    More full-time refs coming

    I don't like it. First, I don't buy that full-time will improving reffing quality much. It's not like the "part-time" refs sit around twiddling their thumbs re: football. Second, the full-timers will be completely under the thumb of the NFL since it'll be their primary source of income. NFL...
  4. S

    Maybe I'm paranoid re Brady and concussions but I wonder what the league will do

    I posted this in the prediction thread as well. Anyone else think the concussion spotters have been ordered by the league to have very loose standards with Brady when it comes to removing him from a game - and in fact he likely will be getting pulled from one or more games this year by...
  5. T

    Former Patriot Jim Plunkett: My Life Sucks Now

    Jim Plunkett taking 13 pills a day, in constant pain: 'My life sucks' Poor guy.
  6. R

    Goodell really is an idiot

    If there was ever any doubt. The clown was at his favorite teams camp yesterday. Their rookie first round pick Safety Adams was being asked about player safety. He made a comment like if I have to die somewhere it would be great to go on the football field. The reporter asked something like...
  7. oldrover

    And today, the seemingly endless (832 days long) unjust punishing of the Patriots comes to an end...

    Patriots' Forfeited Fourth-Round Pick Closes Book On DeflateGate Here's to the Patriots... for winning two... TWO... Super Bowls since the madness began. And to the NFL*... a salute...
  8. patfanken

    Just something to hear before the next Butler thread gets started

    I'm not the greatest Peter King fan, but it's a slow morning and I stumbled across this podcast and found out something I never knew and thought it was worth your while. The 2 topics of the podcast are Chris Collinsworth and a WP reporter who is did a story on the use of wide spread use...
  9. oldrover

    Bill Polian: "We had a 1st round grade on Brady"

    Bill Polian claims Colts had a first-round grade on Tom Brady This guy is pathological! Polian...
  10. aluminum seats

    Florio's Great Take on Steelers Hiding Bell's Injury

    The last line of this earns Florio major points for awhile.... Le’Veon Bell continues to admit to hidden injury
  11. convertedpatsfan

    Goodell's middle name is Hypocrisy

    Florio knocks this one out of the park. NFL has no comment on Revis tampering investigation The Jets might end up paying out Revis his $6M even though they could potentially pursue it due to the legal issues. Maybe it will count as hush money. Meanwhile, this league is a ****ing joke.
  12. Koma

    You'll Never Believe This: Revis Tampering More Extensive Than Revealed

    From Tom Curran via a story by Manish Mehta: Curran: Jets’ 2015 tampering with Revis more extensive than NFL revealed If I'm Clark Hunt, I'm on the phone to NY asking why my team lost 2 draft picks and a total of $350k while the Jets were only fined $100k. If I'm a Jets fan with a tiny bit of...
  13. S

    Florio is absolutely pummelling Goodell's credibility on Deflategate

    This is awesome. Link: Giants raised PSI concerns during, not after, Steelers game That’s why you don’t rely on somebody else testing them,” Goodell said. “They are using a different device. Somebody else is testing them. They have to be tested by the officials who use the same device to make...
  14. PatsFanSince74

    NY Daily News calls Goodell out (again) and defends BB and TB (again)

    Samuel lays into the NFL over its hypocrisy in letting the Steelers' slide. Not holding my breath waiting for the MCI and CHB to chime in...and waiting...and waiting... It's a darn good thing that reporters in NY and DC are not giving up and instead are persisting in holding the League to...
  15. Soul_Survivor88

    Sally Jenkins torches the NFL in latest piece concerning Deflategate 2.0

    Sally Jenkins torches the NFL in latest piece concerning Deflategate 2.0 Once again, Sally remains the voice of reason
  16. KontradictioN

    OT: Jerry Jones may have accosted an NFL employee...

    Jerry Jones Reportedly Accosts NFL's Domestic Violence Investigator Regarding Ezekiel Elliott First Greg Hardy, now (reportedly) this. Threatened her over the woman just doing her job. If true, sounds like Jones is a quality human being.
  17. Hammer of Thor

    OT: NFL tries to hide Jones and Irsay from testifying on drug case

    Integrity. NFL tries to shield Jerry Jones, Jim Irsay from deposition in prescription drug case Note that this request is harassment, but requesting 5 interviews with team employees and requesting personal cell phones are obstruction, and require stripping of a 1st and 4th round draft choice...
  18. raduray

    Judge orders NFL to release what and when they knew about concussions

    Did the NFL hide knowledge of concussion risk from players? The settlement with the players preclude the NFL divulging that information, but now the insurance company potentially left holding the bag is looking to get out of it by showing the NFL was less than truthful. This judge agrees. Of...
  19. S

    Goodell talks deflategate and his return to Foxboro

    Roger Goodell talks Deflategate, including when he’ll return to Gillette Stadium he keeps repeating independent so many times everytime . Does he really believe everyone is tone deaf ?
  20. P

    Sally Jenkins: As reliable as ever in calling out the NFL!!

    Along with Michael Hurley and Tom E. Curren, Sally Jenkins continues to represent. In Roger Goodell’s NFL, end-zone dances matter more than domestic violence "“Right now, I am just numb to the incompetence of the NFL,” player-turned-commentator Tedy Bruschi said on ESPN on Sunday. But that’s...