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  1. The Brandon Five

    “Roger’s doing a great job” - Lawsuit alleges NFL explicitly discriminates against black players in concussion settlements

    So the NFL’s guidelines for concussion settlements explicitly discriminate by race. Two lawsuits have been filed. Good material to have being discussed during SB week in a year where awareness of racial injustice is top of mind. Clinicians fear NFL's concussion settlement program protocols...
  2. S

    Bob Kravitz writes about Deflategate [Four Games in Fall Documentary] Not a subscriber so I can’t read it but this sounds like it could be an admission he was wrong without actually saying it. Where are those NFL PSI reports anyway? Does Kravitz know?
  3. S

    OT: Astros caught cheating to win their title!

    So glad the Red Sox beat them last year. That’s actual cheating not the made-up kind that the Patriots are accused of doing.
  4. nabwong

    OT: Pittsburgh tv producer fired for Brady “joke”

    Can I have stupid decisions for $1000 Please? TV station fires employee over Tom Brady 'known cheater' graphic
  5. Deus Irae

    PFT: Some owners wonder whether NFL should get out of investigation business

    Some owners wonder whether NFL should get out of investigation business
  6. S

    Eliminating the kickoff - NFL can't be serious can they?

    Link Focus on making the punt safer could be a precursor to a bigger change Does he mean that instead of kicking off you could choose to retain possession by a "4th down" play where you must gain 15 yards? Why on earth would you not go for that option every time? Especially if you have a Jump...
  7. KDPPatsfan85

    Cowboys caught cheating?

    Cowboys employee on Saints sideline with a cell phone out. Hmmm... Cowboys Coach Caught Using Cellphone On Saints Sideline During TNF (PICS)
  8. bigballas

    Kareem the Hunt(er)

    please discuss: KC Chiefs Running Back Kareem Hunt Brutalizes and Kicks Woman in Hotel Video
  9. dannydyn

    Steelers cheating? Nah, can't be

    If it doesn't hurt, it's not cheating... :rolleyes:
  10. W

    e-mail to NFL*

    The wife wants to e-mail the NFL* to show displeasure about SB half time shows. Does anyone have a reliable e-mail address? Thanks in advance. Wrangler
  11. Joey007

    Al Riveron is such a stooge.

    Anyone else getting sick of him trying to justify these calls every week? I get the vibe he’s never played a down of football in his life. His voice annoys me too.
  12. Patsfanin Philly

    Video of Raiders illegally warming a ball on the sidelines Mon Night

    ESPN camera's caught the Raiders placing a ball near the heater with a minute left in a tied ball game. Where is the outrage? Where are Mark Brunnel's tears??? Oh right, it doesn't involve the Patriots so the honchos at 345 PArk Ave. will look the other way.... What a crock...
  13. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Goodell's new contract is signed

    New contract for Roger Goodell has been signed what a mistake what an embarrassment what a lousy commissioner
  14. T

    Mortensen Finally Admits Rush to Publish Deflategate Story

    Chris Mortensen explains his Deflategate reporting for first time
  15. Froob

    OT: Roger’s wife pulls a second hand Kevin Durant on Twitter

    OT: Roger’s wife pulls a second hand Kevin Durant on Twitter Only question now is, how many games does she get suspended for this bafoonery?
  16. PatsFanInVa


    So let's pull way back from the usual talk of thisgate and thatgate. Here in Patsland, we tend to feel that the League* railroaded the Pats on at least the most recent occasion, and very selectively targeted the Pats on the first occasion. We know what "everybody else" thinks too. Okay set that...
  17. AtomicDawg

    Pissed off Chargers fan buys billboards ripping Goodell/NFL*

    We Pats fans have company in the Goodell hating club. Slowly but surely fans of the other 30 (Saints fans already know) are getting the hint of what a liability this guy is. Billboards slamming NFL to go up near LA Chargers stadium
  18. ViperGTS

    Elliot gets his TRO from Judge

    The NFL lied. Of course. They lied about TB yet no one brought that up. If Zeke was a Pat and a TB12 type case had happened the year before, they would have slapped that decision on the table and said no chance.
  19. Froob

    NFL lays down the hammer on Josh Brown...who isn't in the league

    Supicious timing near the Elliot trial conclusion.. Isn't he being punished twice..? Uhh..
  20. QuantumMechanic

    Steph hammers NFL on Elliot shenanigans

    A typical good post by Stradley: The Ezekiel Elliott Case Shows How Ruinous NFL Policy Is Nonetheless, I want to see Dallas screwed because f**k every other team. No sympathy for any of them.