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  1. N

    Losing our 3rd rounder... another farcical punishment for a non-football operation misstep...
  2. Ian

    NFL Fan loses $1 million at Draft Kings after stat change

    Man...this is a bummer: The league is notorious for this stuff. They even do it weeks later in some cases, making it very hard to keep up with but obviously this guy is most definitely disappointed. :eek:
  3. C

    NFL Ignoring Offensive Holding

    So the NFL is basically no longer a thing really. Through 4 weeks they called something like 95 offensive holding penalties vs. 234 from last year. This has led to an increase in average scoring. They also appear to be calling more defensive PI, but I haven't looked up the stats. Interestingly...
  4. S

    Looks like no punishment for the Titans

    Not that there should be here but we all know what would happen if it was us.
  5. KDPPatsfan85

    Titans could be hammered by league

    "NFL could soon make past punishment imposed on the Patriots seem like parking tickets" Titans players caught practicing at local high school field. I expect loss of high draft picks, suspensions, and fines...
  6. Joker

    NFL Official COVID protocols statement...July 4, 2020

    Here is exactly how the NFL will deal with all these COVID related incidents....
  7. G

    NFL is willing to “bubble” teams inside hotels for the rest of the season
  8. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Holding Penalties down 59%; PI calls up 22%

    Now the NFL has its own version of the HoMe RuN and the ThReE pOiNtEr. As if years if eroding away defense wasn’t enough... It’s hard to take it seriously when QBs/offenses accomplish new records...
  9. P

    Extended Season Soon

    NFL preseason expected to be shortened, with expanded playoffs likely | Expanded season but likely in Post Season Games. Getting closer to Multiple Super Bowl Games.
  10. P


    Not sure who that is but Miguel retweeted him & he’s followed by Schefter/Reiss. Update: Confirmed by PFT
  11. Tunescribe

    The "trailblazer" will be on Sunday's officiating crew

    Link: Sarah Thomas To Be First Woman To Officiate NFL Playoff Game I recall when this woman started officiating NFL games she made some notably bad calls drawing BB's wrath. Apparently she has grown beyond being a Goodell PR stunt and working a playoff game is a landmark for her. Like any good...
  12. Joey007

    NFL Gives Edelman Hefty Fines

    Wow. They sure picked his pocket. What plays were they even for? Can’t recall.
  13. Dorito Dink

    Josh Gordon Stepping Away?

    He just posted on his twitter (link below) that he's stepping away from football. Doesn't look like he was hacked. Really sad to see, the poor guy must be fighting so many demons
  14. Deus Irae

    PFT: Some owners wonder whether NFL should get out of investigation business

    Some owners wonder whether NFL should get out of investigation business
  15. S

    Eliminating the kickoff - NFL can't be serious can they?

    Link Focus on making the punt safer could be a precursor to a bigger change Does he mean that instead of kicking off you could choose to retain possession by a "4th down" play where you must gain 15 yards? Why on earth would you not go for that option every time? Especially if you have a Jump...
  16. KDPPatsfan85

    Cowboys caught cheating?

    Cowboys employee on Saints sideline with a cell phone out. Hmmm... Cowboys Coach Caught Using Cellphone On Saints Sideline During TNF (PICS)
  17. bigballas

    Kareem the Hunt(er)

    please discuss: KC Chiefs Running Back Kareem Hunt Brutalizes and Kicks Woman in Hotel Video
  18. FortressX

    Nothing Changes With The Colts, Quenton NelsonGate

    Idiots. Can they post an honest video ? Nope. Source: Colts' Nelson fined for hit that went viral He was yelling in the video, but not on that play. It was dubbed in from another play. Go Horseshoes. Days like these I miss RATS.
  19. FortressX

    [Update] NFL moves Chiefs-Rams game from Mexico City due to poor field conditions

    OT: NFL could move Chiefs-Rams game from Mexico City because of poor field conditions I would think this helps the Rams, which in turn could help the Pats. NFL could move Chiefs-Rams game from Mexico City because of poor field conditions - Los Angeles Times
  20. W

    e-mail to NFL*

    The wife wants to e-mail the NFL* to show displeasure about SB half time shows. Does anyone have a reliable e-mail address? Thanks in advance. Wrangler