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  1. S

    Pats fined $350K for Covid protocol violations based on Cam/Gilmore positives LOL. Expensive dinner. Next announcement is Ravens to be fined $1.99 for their outbreak...and an apology from 345 Park Avenue for that fine. :thumbsup:
  2. T

    Hidden Cameras found in Jete locker room
  3. S

    Pats were declined request for more locker room space at Arrowhead As one of the comments mention can you imagine the national scandal if the report was the “cheatriots” declined such a visiting team request? The Pats were forced to fly out there and...
  4. KDPPatsfan85

    Titans could be hammered by league

    "NFL could soon make past punishment imposed on the Patriots seem like parking tickets" Titans players caught practicing at local high school field. I expect loss of high draft picks, suspensions, and fines...
  5. S

    Pats under investigation for Covid protocol breaches

    Here’s Covidgate.You knew once 345 Park Ave started talking about taking draft picks for this stuff it was only a matter of time before they started poking at their favorite football team. You just have to laugh. F this league...
  6. raduray

    Mike Tomlin handed James Harrison envelope after brutal hit

    I wonder what flexible level of justice Roger will hand out for this. I'm sure Saints fans are watching closely. James Harrison: Mike Tomlin "handed me an envelope" after hit that drew $75,000 fine - ProFootballTalk
  7. BigEZPatsFan76

    Just imagine the uproar if the Pats had done this !!!

    I don't personally see a problem here. But, just imagine if the Patriots had done this, the uproar that would have taken place. I am sure we would have lost a first round pick, someone would have been suspended / fired, etc. Saints dove into Boise State film to pick up Cowboys' 'hand...
  8. P

    Extended Season Soon

    NFL preseason expected to be shortened, with expanded playoffs likely | Expanded season but likely in Post Season Games. Getting closer to Multiple Super Bowl Games.
  9. P


    Not sure who that is but Miguel retweeted him & he’s followed by Schefter/Reiss. Update: Confirmed by PFT
  10. SBLIII

    Reports/Speculation: Texans will pursue Caserio AGAIN after 2020 Draft/UPDATE - Rumor: He wants out

    Patriots file tampering charges against Texans according to Adam Schefter
  11. SBLIII

    Goodell: Four preseason games not necessary

    BATAVIA, N.Y. -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is reiterating his stance of wanting to reduce the four-game preseason schedule at a time the league and players' association have begun preliminary talks on a new collective bargaining agreement. Goodell cites discussions he's had with coaches in...
  12. D

    Eric Dickerson thinks Patriots cheated in SB 36

    Eric Dickerson Rips Patriots For ‘Cheating’ Rams In Super Bowl XXXVI
  13. ZoisKing

    Julian Edelman-Greatest Playoffs Receiver Ever?

    I always appreciate how the Patriots continue to add to their postseason successes and accolades. Seeing a Patriot in the all time leaders of any category gives me pleasure. After JE11's monster game against LA, he put himself into some prime postseason company, and I wanted to reflect on his...
  14. Joey007

    NFL Gives Edelman Hefty Fines

    Wow. They sure picked his pocket. What plays were they even for? Can’t recall.
  15. Deus Irae

    PFT: Some owners wonder whether NFL should get out of investigation business

    Some owners wonder whether NFL should get out of investigation business
  16. KDPPatsfan85

    Cowboys caught cheating?

    Cowboys employee on Saints sideline with a cell phone out. Hmmm... Cowboys Coach Caught Using Cellphone On Saints Sideline During TNF (PICS)
  17. bigballas

    Kareem the Hunt(er)

    please discuss: KC Chiefs Running Back Kareem Hunt Brutalizes and Kicks Woman in Hotel Video
  18. dannydyn

    Steelers cheating? Nah, can't be

    If it doesn't hurt, it's not cheating... :rolleyes:
  19. PatsFanSince74

    Eli "settles" Fraud Lawsuit

    About as close to an admission of Guilt as you're gonna see. Eli Manning settles Giants memorabilia fraud lawsuit - NY Daily News
  20. Patsfanin Philly

    Video of Raiders illegally warming a ball on the sidelines Mon Night

    ESPN camera's caught the Raiders placing a ball near the heater with a minute left in a tied ball game. Where is the outrage? Where are Mark Brunnel's tears??? Oh right, it doesn't involve the Patriots so the honchos at 345 PArk Ave. will look the other way.... What a crock...