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  1. Deus Irae

    Games start Thursday, so beat the rush: Rank the NFL teams

    This is a bizarre year, and I think that's putting it mildly. That strangeness has not avoided the NFL, and it's probably not going to avoid the final NFL standings. But, in an attempt to get people at least tentatively on the record, it's time for league rankings. With only a couple of...
  2. IcyPatriot

    ??? Who Can Pick All 4 Winners ???

    Pick'em .. good luck
  3. Froob

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Turkey Day Week 13 Game Thread

    Thank god we got football on at my girls house this year instead of the dog show. It’s not good football but football none the less
  4. BigEZPatsFan76

    Just imagine the uproar if the Pats had done this !!!

    I don't personally see a problem here. But, just imagine if the Patriots had done this, the uproar that would have taken place. I am sure we would have lost a first round pick, someone would have been suspended / fired, etc. Saints dove into Boise State film to pick up Cowboys' 'hand...
  5. TommyBrady12

    Goondell and NFCCG refs required to testify in Saints Lawsuit

    Court orders testimony of Roger Goodell in Rams-Saints lawsuit Dream Scenario: Goodell perjures himself and is incarcerated, resulting in the owners giving him the boot (unlikely, I know, but one can only dream). Discovery leads to evidence of league conspiracy to help the Rams and...
  6. Patstastic

    Teams Likely to Take a Step Back in 2019

    Just as the title poses. What teams are due for a "Step back" this season? 1. Saints. From Thanksgiving on, Brees was not a good QB whatsoever. His arm strength looks to be gone. I also think they will miss Ingram. Their schedule is brutal again too. I think the end is near for this group. 2...
  7. S

    Super Bowl preliminary lines

    Pats (and Chiefs) +1.5 vs Saints, PK vs Rams
  8. S

    Game Thread: Rams @ Saints

    I wonder who we will play in 2 weeks? :D I had thought the Saints defense was improved but their rankings show they’re still not that good. Pats have the best defense out of the final four. That could matter a lot...
  9. HailHydra

    What IF: The Super Bowl was Chiefs + Patriots vs Saints + Rams

    In the scenario, both AFC teams had a combined roster and same for NFC teams. Who'd you take to win? Here's the AFC roster that I think would make sense. QB: Patrick Mahomes RB: Sony Michel, James White WR: Tyreek Hill, Julian Edelman, Sammy Watkins TE: Travis Kelce OL...
  10. Wheelman

    Reminder: NFL Championship Chase Champ game weekend, 12PM ET on FOX

    NFL films presents NFL Championship Chase, recap/highlights of the 4 remaining playoff teams on FOX at 12 PM Eastern Time zone.
  11. Q

    NFCCG and superbowl matchups

    There are numerous threads and topics on the AFCCG but not one on the NFCCG (unless I missed it). Just wanted to start this to know what the thoughts are on Saints vs Rams match up and predictions rest of the way. My thoughts: While Saints are a very good home team, they can be contained...
  12. TommyBrady12

    Rams vs Saints: Who do we root for? (poll)

    I know we'll have our hands full with the Chiefs next week, but are we cheering for the Saints or Rams on the NFC side? I would think the Saints: -Rankins out for the year (he's there best run stopper) -shut down Michael Thomas and you can shut down their offense -Saints O has not looked great...
  13. J

    Eagles/Saints Game Thread

    Craven Le'blanc (former Pat) picked off Brees on the first play
  14. Wheelman

    Reminder: NFL Championship Chase Divisional Playoffs @ 2 PM ET on FOX

    NFL Championship Chase Divisional Playoffs @ 2 PM ET on FOX presented by NFL Films. Looks like NFL Films is doing a divisional week NFL Championship Chase again. I don't think they've done one in a few years. Should be one for the conference championship round and Super Bowl.
  15. BobDigital

    The Patriots are the most balanced team left.

    The Patriots haven't look like themselves this year and that has a lot of fans as well as me concerned. But as we all know, it isn't just about how good you are. It is about how good the field is. What about the other teams in the NFL? I wouldn't call the Patriots the best team this year...
  16. italian pat patriot

    Divisional play.offs predictions

    Ne No Kc Lar Yr predictions ? ;)
  17. B

    Esoteric question for the stat guy

    LA Chargers at Patriots (-4) Indianapolis at Kansas City (-5) Dallas at LA Rams (-7) Philadelphia at New Orleans (-8) I am not sure if the data is even available but anyone know when was the last time we had a home playoff game in the Divisional Round or Wild Card Weekend when we were the least...
  18. BobDigital

    NFC Divisional round

    Cowboys at Rams is Saturday 8:00 game and Eagles at Saints is the Sunday 4:00 game. Both top seeds are heavy favorites according to Vegas with the Rams favored by 7 and the Saints by 8. Both games look to have a similar match up in the macro sense. Two offensive powerhouses vs two defensively...
  19. P

    VIDEO: NFL Films Presents Ben Watson

    VIDEO: NFL Films Presents Ben Watson Robert Alvarez NFL Films profiles former Patriot Ben Watson as he announces retirement following 2018 season. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  20. M

    The Bettors Still Have Us As 4th Most Likely To Win the SB

    Sports Betting News and Vegas Odds We are 2nd to KC and 4th overall, which all seems reasonable.