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    NEW ARTICLE: 5 Patriots & NFL Things to Know: News and Notes 4/5

    5 Patriots & NFL Things to Know: News and Notes 4/5 Ian Logue Here's a look at this morning's Patriots news for Monday, April 5th, 2021. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
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    NEW ARTICLE: Five Patriots/NFL Things to Know 3/17

    Five Patriots/NFL Things to Know 3/17 Ian Logue Some Patriots News and NFL Notes for Wednesday March 17, 2021. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  3. T

    Michael Thomas? What would it take to get him?
  4. S

    OT: Saints facing more COVID related penalties And if you’re the Ratbirds and actually caused a major disruption to the schedule? A pat on the head from 345 Park Avenue. :mad:
  5. jmt57

    OT: Brees restructures contract to league minimum When I first saw the headline I interpreted it to mean that Brees was planning on returning to play in 2021. The columnist says that is not the case, but rather a way to help the...
  6. S

    ESPN predicts Pats are 3 years away from SB contention

    Super Bowl timelines for all 32 NFL teams: Who's in mix, getting closer and years away? ( Sounds about right. It's not a hopeless situation here - there's no reason or excuse at all why Bill shouldn't be able to build a contender in 3 years. It has to begin now. And that is all Bill...
  7. thecore762

    Sign the beast!!!

    Marshon Lattimore. The Saints even with Brees leaving they will need to do a fire sale, they are 100 mil over the cap. Many good players will be available to sign from the Saints this off-season. We could definitely bolster our D if we get Lattimore. Gilmore getting up there in age I think this...
  8. S

    OT: Drew Brees (edit: announced his retirement today)

    I believe that. No way he wants to end his career on that note.
  9. S

    Divisional round GDT: Bucs @ Saints

    Seeing Brady play this weekend is the next best thing to seeing the Pats play. Bucs maligned defense surprises a lot of people today. Bucs by 3.
  10. Triumph

    2020 Divisional round weekend

  11. BobDigital

    Wildcard Weekend Wrap up

    6 games in the books and we're down to the elite eight... mostly elite. Here are my thoughts this weekend. Feel free to post your own as they will be scatter shot. Maybe a break down will come later but few games deserve it this week IMO. In case you need a reminder it was IND 24 @ BUF 27...
  12. S

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Wild Card game discussion: Bears @ Saints

    I wouldn’t count out the Bears here. Could be an upset alert. They really do have a good defense and their offense is starting to click.
  13. Triumph

    2020 Wild Card Weekend

  14. FreeTedWilliams

    Will Goodell screw the Saints again?

    Kamara is out today with the COVID, if he tests neg and remains asymptotic, he could play in the Wild Card round if the Saints play on Sunday, he can’t if they schedule the Saints to play on Saturday. Will Her Goodell screw he Saints once again?
  15. Joker

    Christmas Game: Nawlins & Vikes

    Both teams so banged up it's hard to guess a winner. I'll go with the Saints because of the head coach.
  16. S

    Week 15: Saturday and Sunday games discussion

    Bills/Broncos Panthers/Packers
  17. italian pat patriot

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 14 other games

    Let s discuss...
  18. italian pat patriot

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFL week 13 other games

    Jets td...
  19. raduray

    Drew Brees Chest Crushed

    11 broken ribs, 8 on one side. We only have 12 on each side. He literally got crushed. No coughing, no sneezing, and please, don't tell him any jokes.
  20. jmt57


    Week 9 NFL Games & TV Maps: Dallas dominates yet again, w/ their 4th string QB Here is a look at this week's TV Maps. Lo and behold, the primary afternoon game includes the Dallas Cowboys yet again. This is a team that arguably has the worst defense in the history of the NFL, and may be the...