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  1. cupofjoe1962

    Cam Newton released by Panthers

    Belichick has spoken highly about Cam Newton in the past & he is now available. Cam Newton released: Four most logical landing spots for longtime Panthers quarterback I don’t see it happening, but it is definitely an option although a lot of cap maneuvers would be needed. Thoughts?
  2. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Is there anyway we could sign Newton?

    I'm usually not the type to make these threads and honestly I'm not very cap space smart so I was curious. Is there any potential way we could sign Newton with our cap space? Reason I ask is because I honestly wouldn't be against Newton as QB in 2020. My reason: Cam can be a good 1 year signing...
  3. M

    Can Hoyer ball out if needed?

    or no?
  4. BadMoFo

    Brandon Bolden signs with Dolphins

    Never thought I'd see him leave.
  5. P

    Khalil Mack traded to Chicago

    That is a nasty front seven!
  6. K

    Gilmore signing: Did the Patriots violate their own procedures?

    Jeff Howe claims that Gilmore's signing went against the Patriots' own stated procedures for signing free agents. In this podcast, Howe: Fair To Question Patriots For Gilmore Signing - Toucher & Rich - , Howe says that the Patriots didn't sign high-priced free agents without first...
  7. P

    NFL Week 1 Games

    NFL Week 1 Odds, TV Info and Predictions John Morgan After what has seemed to be an eternity, the 2017 NFL season kicks off Thursday. Here is a look at the odds, television broadcast information, and predictions. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit...
  8. D

    Seems like Revis will retire

    Darrelle Revis confidant: ‘He doesn’t want to play anymore’ I remember Bill get killed for this. Looks like he was right, once again. Or at the very least lucky that Butler stepped up and turned into one of the best corners in the game.
  9. Off The Grid

    Matt Forte???

    Matt Forte announces he's leaving the Bears Told ya!!!
  10. B

    Jacoby Brissett - any chance he doesn't make it

    Just checking is everyone in agreement that hell will freeze over before this guy is cut? I personally have gone from 100% to maybe 70%. I don't like how he's played. His mobile/run-option play isn't best suited with our receiver corps. Now his mechanics are a issue and he's going to reset and...
  11. scott99

    Super Bowl Wins in 49 & 51 more impressive than 36, 38 & 39 ?

    I feel the wins in the last 2 SB wins, are much more impressive than the first 3 wins. The most impressive things of the last 2 SB's are, the Pats had to make very large 4th Qtr comebacks, one against the best defense in the NFL (some have called that defense legendary) and the other holding...
  12. A

    A trade the Pats should consider

    With their top four picks in the upcoming draft, I assume that the team will be looking at (in no particular order) a RB, OT, WR, DT, CB. Yes, that's five positions with only four picks. I therefore propose that the Pats seek to trade C Bryan Stork to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for one...
  13. TBR

    OT: Colts are firing Pagano (old thread)

    "barring playoff berth"
  14. Brady6

    I'm excited to see how Mallett does as a starter...

    Am I the only one who thinks he could be very good?
  15. MrNathanDrake

    The Curse of Mankins. For those who are superstitious...

    Patriots won 3 out of 4 SuperBowls (2001, 2003, 2004) but have failed to win a SuperBowl since Logan Mankins was drafted in 2005. Before Mankins was drafted, the Brady/Belichick led Patriots were a perfect 10-0 in the post-season and had the longest post-season winning streak of all time...
  16. SoCal Bong

    Happy 60th Birthday Steve Grogan

    Grogan is the player that led to me becoming a Patriots fan way back in the mid 70s and is still fondly remembered by long-time Pats fans. In looking up some info about him I stumbled upon this article and was glad to see that even today he is still involved in football. TRAVIS LAZARCZYK...
  17. italian pat patriot

    The worst 5 qb in NE Patriots history ?

    what is yr opinion ? in this case i have not the top 5 list that i have for the best top 5...(Brady, Bledsoe, Grogan, Parilli, Eason and i should add Plunkett)
  18. pats1

    PFT: Moss trying to get out of Oakland? [/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]