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Dec 6th

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  1. IllegalContact

    Seeding Play

    Celts / Raptors tonite 2nd game in a row where timelord is a difference maker up 34 after 3

    Lakers/Celtics in trade talks with Pels for Anthony Davis

    Anthony Davis Trade Rumors: Lakers' No. 4 Pick Discussed; Celtics Also in Talks wow.
  3. ALP

    NBA Draft - Trades - Free Agents

    thought this thread was already up but a search didn’t show anything First round was pretty routine, this round against the top seed in east is going to be tough Seems like the Cs went through a transformation after all the inconsistency in the season, playing very well midway into 2nd
  4. Tunescribe

    OT: Buuuuuurrp!

    Check out the video before he digs in. Link: Enes Kanter eats seven burgers, then misses practice with an illness Link 2: Enes Kanter ate seven burgers with fries and wound up missing practice the next day with an illness
  5. Off The Grid

    ~ Danny Freaking Ainge!!

    I'm not backing off from this past Summer's argument wherein I argued that the Celtics should've held the Cavaliers' feet to the fire because they pretty much had to trade Kyrie Irving. Mind you: I never said naught but that I've greatly admired Ainge's Body of Work. His persistent refusal to...
  6. PatsWickedPissah

    Mark Cuban Contrasts NBA Growth vs NFL Demise cites Pats players

    Mark Cuban contrasts the growth in NBA popularity vs NFL's shrinkage. CTE a big factor in parental choice for sports. NBA appealing to younger demographic vs NFL's appeal to geezers like moi. Says people don't recognize NFL players like they do NBA players with only guys like Brady, Gronk and...
  7. IllegalContact

    Prayers for Gordon Hayward

    In less than 6 min Leg snapped like a twig
  8. Soul_Survivor88

    Today is the 100th Birthday of Red Auerbach (September 20, 1917 – October 28, 2006)

    Remarkable how the birth of one person 100 years ago in the Brooklyn ghetto could impact my life so much and the lives of so many sports fans! Thank you for everything, Red!
  9. thecore762

    This is so true...NBA vs NFL

    I marked it at minute 34:45 and really good segment, its about 5 minutes long and I thought it was great! Just shows how much wrong there is with the NFL, how protective they are about their footage being reused on social media (replays) and other things. Of course the NBA commish > NFL...
  10. Ross12

    Celtics trade Isaiah Thomas, Brooklyn 2018 pick & players for Kyrie Irving

    Incredible. And of course I'm wearing my IT shirt today.
  11. DaBruinz

    Semi OT: Knighton goes on Twitter Rant about NFL v. NBA pay

    So, I saw that Terrence Knight went on a twitter rant of sorts about the "pay inequities" between the NFL and the NBA. This is where he shows his information to be wrong: The NBA took in 8.4B in revenue in 2016/2017. NOT $4.8B with it being approx. a 50/50 split...
  12. robertweathers

    OT: 30/30 Celtics vs Lakers

    Love the commentary. Magic, Bird, Rambis, Worthy and KAJ. Such an emphasis on race as a major aspect of the rivalry. Typical ESPN Anyone else watching?
  13. Family

    What is more difficult? Undefeated in the NBA Playoffs or undefeated NFL season?

    I thought this was a relevant off season topic. Before these NBA playoffs I would have said it was more difficult to go undefeated during an entire NFL season. Now after seeing game 4 I am not so sure. No team would have beaten the Cavs that night. It seemed even the NBA (refereeing) made sure...
  14. BobDigital

    OT NBA Draft Lottery

    Big night. Celtics come in with the best odds. It should happen around 9 i think or so.
  15. AtomicDawg

    Denver Nuggets show Brady on video board to encite booing

    In the latest installment of "How the Patriots own space in the minds of opposing fans/owners everywhere". This is so great. So while the opposing team shoots free throws, they put this up to get the crowd unruly. I mean, we should be flattered as Pats fans. Free rent space.
  16. M

    Jim Plunkett top 5 All Time?

  17. G

    Brady Helping Celtics Recruit Kevin Durant

    Kinda cool, actually...
  18. pazrul72

    Who would you take...?

    Seeing as it's the dead part of the offseason I think I can get away with a pointless thread hypothetical. All of the Lebron vrs Curry talk got me thinking of the football equivalent. Curry is that guy that does one thing, most people can't, really really really well. He's special and has the...
  19. One-Be-Lo

    OT: LeBron James pledges $87M for hometown kids to attend college

    LeBron James pledges $87M for hometown kids to attend college | New York Post Have never been a Lebron guy, always felt he was all about me me me (check my stats) .. just found him generally irritating and hard to like... but this was pretty cool, even for a guy worth over 200 mill. He went up...
  20. Soul_Survivor88

    Warriors fans ask Patriots fans on how to cope with loss

    Yes Golden State fans...come partake in our misery LOL Question from a Golden State Warriors fan • /r/Patriots Warriors fan here, how do I cope with an unbelievable downfall? • /r/Patriots Pats fans, how did you get over the 2007 loss? • /r/Patriots Warriors fan here • /r/Patriots By the...