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  1. A Defiant Goose

    Stupid rant time: "old school" jerseys

    We've had these new jerseys for one year. ONE YEAR. Why aren't the official jersey sites still selling the jerseys we've known and (debatably) loved during the last 20 years? With Edelman's retirement, I want a nice white jersey from 2018 with a SB53 patch on it to commemorate him. But NOOOOOO...
  2. Ian

    OT: Any Corey Dillon Fans Out There?

    I was going through some stuff and I found a stack of these that I had from a while ago. It's an 8x10 photo of him from the Colts game, so if anyone is a fan and would like one, I'd be happy to send you one. Just put a quick "Me" in a reply (or whatever works ;) ) and I'll msg you to get your...
  3. raduray

    Nostalgia Item

    A Twitter find. Available for $2.83 :)
  4. Shockt327

    Were stores in NE selling Bucs Super Bowl gear in the early morning like usual? (no sarcasm)

    I'm being serious. Do the usual stores have all the Bucs SB gear right away? I mean, there's a more-than-decent market in NE for Bucs SB gear - and its a product with such a short term appeal - so I'm really curious if businesses are running with it and treating similar to a home-team championship.
  5. A

    Patriots Pro Shop - Authentic Cam Newton Jerseys?

    Has anyone been to the Patriots Pro Shop recently? Curious if they have any authentic (Nike Limited which usually sells for $149.99) Cam Newton jerseys for sale. I don't see any available on the Pro Shop website. I wasn't sure if the Pro Shop website is any reflection of the physical...
  6. Triumph

    OT - Mike Trout baseball card sells for 4 million

    'Vegas Dave' Flexes On His Haters After Selling Mike Trout Card For Nearly $4 Million (TWEETS)
  7. oldrover

    If a person were to sell their Three Games To Glory I-II-III DVD's on eBay...

    Would it matter? Are the discs merely metal encased in plastic, and not some larger symbolic totem? Just a routine financial transaction? Or... would that person now be considered less of a fan? Could they be shunned... stoned... even banned from
  8. BlueThunder

    Marvel Helmets for Every Team

    Marvel NFL Helmets For Every Team
  9. nabwong

    OT: Toddler gear giveaway

    Edit: it has been claimed. Thanks. Kids grow up quickly and instead of throwing away gear, I’m just giving them away. Does anyone want them? Size 2T. Free.
  10. Kevyn87

    Looking for these Patriots Bobbleheads

    Hey guys, Hopefully you dont mind me post this here, but I'm looking to expand my Patriots bobblehead collection, and I'm looking for these three specific Bobbleheads. The Edelman one is from Super Bowl XLIX (I have the more recent ones). Any help appreciated, or if anyone has them and might be...
  11. SammyBlueCat

    I have never seen this before [hoodie for sale]

  12. Wordsmyth

    Patriots Holiday Swag

    My Cowboys-fan broham bought me an official size and weight NEP Wilson football, with all their championships etched along the pigskin. Then I have a humongous Pats bed throw coming. What about you folks? Did Santa make your day in the Patriots merch department?
  13. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Man flees burning home in California wildfires and only has time to grab one thing

    But he made it out safely, with his Tom Brady jersey. His home then burned up and he lost everything else. "The only thing I grabbed out of my house on the morning of November 8 as The Camp Fire in Paradise, CA consumed the entire town, was my Tom Brady #12 Game Jersey!" Christian wrote. "I...
  14. reamer

    Cordarrelle Patterson: T-shirt entrepreneur

    Impressive turnaround time on producing this shirt. Looks pretty good. EDIT: The shirt in question.
  15. KDPPatsfan85

    What does your Patriots jersey collection look like?

    Here is mine...I have a total of 16 jerseys...for now... Ohh and I dont wear this one for obvious reasons...
  16. KDPPatsfan85

    Am I wrong for this?

    My wife told me to buy a slip cover for the new couch, but she never specified the color so I bought a slip cover and excited to see her reaction. I figure, if she wants to girly up our bedroom, I can man up the family I wrong for this? How is this pats related?... NFL...
  17. ViperGTS

    TB12 surprises Pats fan with wedding gift

    What an awesome gesture...and who the hell are these people to get such an ridiculously awesome gift? Anyways, I think it's pretty sweet. What a thing to have!
  18. Snooky97

    (Could be OT) In The U.S First Time Ever

    So I'm in the states for the first time ever! The one thing i can't understand is the sports shops i have been too, none sell Pat's Jerseys. Is this a Standard, US thing that you can only get in store or you order online? Just curious! Oh and this off season is starting to get to me now!
  19. B

    Super Bowl DVD Collection

    If you are like me you own some of the Super Bowl DVD collections.......the ones that get released by decade that include the famous "ROAD to the Super Bowl" program for each year followed by a highlight program of the Super Bowl itself. Since they are grouped by decade I realize the one for...
  20. P

    Vintage Patriots Gear (e.g. Pat Patriot Starter Jackets)

    Hey guys -- I'm heading up to Boston in a couple of weeks and looking to track down some vintage Pats gear. Specifically, I'm looking for this Starter jacket from the 80s/90s -- Modells has a remake of it that's 1) stupid expensive ($100), and 2) not as nice as the original; they moved the...