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2020/2021 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread.
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  1. M

    Defense Is Ready To Go

    There are questions at the end of the roster, with 21 likely active players are ready to go, other than Ninkovich who will be out for awhile. This includes King on ST's. There is little, if anything, I want to see in the next preseason games, other than no injuries and who will step up at the...
  2. P

    Patriots Training Camp Primer - Linebackers

    Patriots Training Camp Primer - Linebackers Steve Balestrieri The Patriots have two of the best LBs in the business with Jamie Collins and Dont’a Hightower. But they each missed time in 2015 and the depth behind them was a problem. The run defense really suffered when Hightower was injured in...
  3. pazrul72

    Who would you take...?

    Seeing as it's the dead part of the offseason I think I can get away with a pointless thread hypothetical. All of the Lebron vrs Curry talk got me thinking of the football equivalent. Curry is that guy that does one thing, most people can't, really really really well. He's special and has the...
  4. M

    The Solidest Defense In Many Years

    The Solidest Defense In Many Years I do NOT think that it is too early to look to the roster on defense. The offense is another story entirely. DEFENSE (24-25, including STers) DE (5) - Ninkovich, Sheard, Long, Flowers, Grissom DT (5) - Brown, Branch, Knighton, Valentine, (Kuhn) (we might...
  5. P

    Where Will Shea McClellin Fit in the Patriots Defense?

    Where Will Shea McClellin Fit in the Patriots Defense? Steve Balestrieri But perhaps the most intriguing signing was LB Shea McClellin. Because there exists a big question on just how the team plans on utilizing his strengths. Continue reading...
  6. FredFromDartmouth

    Elandon Roberts, LB, Houston: The Tape

    His highlight reel is much more impressive than this, because you do not see the misses on the highlight reel. I have to say I am not too keen on this guy; he is good at knifing into the backfield, but half the time he misses the tackle. He does not look stout against the run in college; what...
  7. P

    Patriots Linebackers, Rated #4...With a Bullet

    Patriots Linebackers, Rated #4...With a Bullet Steve Balestrieri The Patriots defense in 2015 played well all season, this year they’re looking to make the jump from the ranks of the good to be among the best. And to go along with improved depth on the edge and the secondary is the play of...
  8. long distance

    Tony Steward gone, but not forgotten

    Patriots release LB Steward Patriots release LB Steward somebody must have made a good impression at minicamp (looking forward @Kamu&Roberts)
  9. fnordcircle

    REPORT: Bostic traded for a conditional 7th to Detroit.

    Well, I guess it's better than just cutting him if that's what they saw happening.
  10. reflexblue

    Pats possibly looking at Courtney Upshaw

    Interesting, i thought he had more production though. er a league source, the 49ers and possibly the Patriots represent other alternatives for Upshaw, who started 15 games in 2015 and, in all, 55 games in four seasons — including Super Bowl XLVII. 49ers, possibly Patriots, could enter pursuit...
  11. Joey007

    Linebacker (RFA) Brandon Marshall?

    This guy has a 2nd round tender from Denver. Now that we have two 2nds, anyone interested in landing this guy and giving up a 2nd so we could: A. Weaken Denvers defense even further. B. Give us the unquestioned best LB core in the NFL. Thoughts?
  12. P

    Patriots Sign LB Shea McClellin to 3-Year Deal, Add Depth to Defense

    Patriots Sign LB Shea McClellin to 3-Year Deal, Add Depth to Defense Steve Balestrieri McClellin was originally drafted by the Bears in the first round of the 2012 draft from Boise State with the 19th overall and used as a defensive end. He was reportedly on the Patriots radar in the draft...
  13. P

    Thursday Daily Patriots Rundown 3/17: Patriots Pull Off Another Big Trade, Also Add A LB On...

    Thursday Daily Patriots Rundown 3/17: Patriots Pull Off Another Big Trade, Also Add A LB On Defense Ian Logue The Patriots were busy Wednesday night, completing a trade with the Bears while also adding another free agent. Continue reading...
  14. BelichickFan

    Shea McClellin signs with Patriots.

    Put down the coffee Bill, get some sleep.
  15. primetime

    Patriots sign LB Ramon Humber

    Per Mike Reiss Never heard of him. But then again I had never heard of Freeny and he turned out okay.