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  1. jmt57


    Early Games 4-1 Bears at 3-2 Panthers (-2) 1-3 Lions (-3) at 1-4 Jaguars 0-5 Falcons at 1-4 Vikings (-3½) 1-4 Texans at 4-0 Titans (-3½) 1-4 Washington at 0-5 Giants (-1) 4-1 Browns at 4-0 Steelers (-3) 4-1 Ravens (-10) at 1-3-1 Eagles 1-3-1 Bengals at 3-2 Colts (-7½) 1-3 Broncos at 2-2 Patriots...
  2. crownontherocks

    OT Jete release Le'Veon Bell

  3. J

    Chiefs, Bears with new covid positives

  4. PP2

    How the Patriots slowed down the Chiefs, article by Brad Kelly

    https://slantroute.substack.com/p/how-new-england-slowed-down-patrick Excellent stuff
  5. Deus Irae

    Taking stock of the playoff races at the quarter pole of the NFL season

    After just 4 weeks, are we already settling most of the playoff spots? We've got 7 slots this year. Right now in the AFC: Bills Steelers Titans Chiefs Browns Ravens Colts Right now in the NFC: Eagles Packers Bucs Seahawks Bears Rams Saints/49ers/Panthers/Cardinals I thought people...
  6. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - "the lost opportunity" edition

    Like the great majority of you guys, I had little hope for this game as soon as I heard Cam wouldn't be playing. In fact let's list the obstacles this team had to over come. a. They lost their starting QB and the key factor in their offense just a day before the game was originally going to be...
  7. S

    Only team to not allow a first half TD to the Mahomes Chiefs

    Your New England Patriots https://nesn.com/2020/10/patriots-only-team-to-hold-chiefs-without-first-half-td-during-patrick-mahomes-era/
  8. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Chiefs

    Hoping to shock the world tonight!!! Maybe get a few turnovers, can anyone say a special teams Td? Since I've been following the Pats, I don't remember us ever been this big of an underdog. Who knows, that's why they play the game. Also hoping for no injuries. Let's pound it down their throat...
  9. J

    kc game plan

    i hope harris is active and well. kc weakness is ,run defense. we need to rush 40 +attempts. divide up about 4/6 each cam, burky ,white and jj and 8/12 each for sony and harris.this would keep mahones on bench.mix in te,s white,harry and meyers as possession receivers.
  10. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Patriots-Chiefs Week 4, Key Matchups, Who Has the Razor's Edge?

    Patriots-Chiefs Week 4, Key Matchups, Who Has the Razor's Edge? Steve Balestrieri The Patriots head out to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City this week to take on the Super Bowl Champion Chiefs this Sunday. This is the second o Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs...
  11. TommyBrady12

    We are on to Kansas City

    Any hope in beating the Chiefs next week? Right now they are killing the Ravens...even if Baltimore comes back (down 27-10 at the half), Kansas City is going to be a handful...
  12. oldrover

    MNF: Squaws versus Kakapoos game thread... who are we rooting more against?

    Chiefs to win and get overconfident before next week? Ravens to win and beat the physical stuffing out of KC? I can’t decide. BTW, if you were not aware, the kakapoo is a kind of bird. I choose to use it in reference here to the Ravens, because, apparently, I have the mind of a third grade...
  13. thecore762

    Ravens QB Lamar Jackson improving

    He is getting better and better as a passer, sure they beat the lowly Browns but I think the Ravens are the real deal, I can see things coming down between the Chiefs and Ravens for the afc this year. I can’t stand either teams...but damn they look ways better than any other teams. We shall see...
  14. Ian

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Thursday Night Football: HOU at KC - Who Ya Got? and Game Discussion

    I’ve seen some experts picking Houston for the upset, but the majority seem to have KC. Figured I’d start this off and let it run into tonight’s game.
  15. PatsBoy12

    NFL.com Power Rankings

    For what it's worth, here is NFL.com's power rankings going into the season. NFL Power Rankings, Week 1: Chiefs, 49ers on top at kickoff
  16. Ian

    Chiefs Super Bowl Rings

    They were apparently given out tonight: They seem pretty boring to me...almost like a traditional class ring. By comparison, I feel like the Patriots have certainly gotten it down in terms of how to do it right. The joys of plenty of practice ;)
  17. TommyBrady12

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION AFCCG Game Day Thread: Titans @ Chiefs

    Go Titans
  18. M

    From a Chiefs fan

    Hello guys not here to troll you guys Looking forward to the game on Sunday. It's one after you guys won the AFCCG I have been waiting for. I was hoping you guys would win last night. It's very rare that you guys lose a game yet alone 2 in a row. I have no doubt that your guys will be on...
  19. Patstastic

    Barring Injuries, Is a Pats-Chiefs AFCCG Inevitable?

    Luck has retired. Colts are out as a contender. Chargers have key injuries (And their chokers.) I do think the Steelers are improved. But Tomlin holds them back. Injuries can change things. But is this rematch nowca safe bet? Or is there another team lurking who could be dangerous? (Jags maybe...
  20. PP2

    The Middle Eight

    Very interesting article: The Middle Eight