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    NEW ARTICLE: 5 Patriots & NFL Things to Know: News and Notes 4/6

    5 Patriots & NFL Things to Know: News and Notes 4/6 Ian Logue New England Patriots news and NFL Notes for Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  2. P

    NEW ARTICLE: 5 Patriots & NFL Things to Know: News and Notes 4/5

    5 Patriots & NFL Things to Know: News and Notes 4/5 Ian Logue Here's a look at this morning's Patriots news for Monday, April 5th, 2021. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  3. Captain Cliche

    Build Roster for Rookie Running QB??

    Here's my Dumb Question of the Week: What if you build your roster to accommodate a "dual threat" QB on his rookie contract? Advantages: 1. These QB's can be found lower in the draft (Lamar Jackson drafted #32), or worn out vets near minimum (see Newton, Cam...yuck). 2. Avoid crippling...
  4. Ross12

    OT: This dude got picked over McDaniels?

    I mean - I realize Josh had his struggles in Denver, but he really got passed over for THIS? Like... not only does he look and sound like a dope, but what he said doesn't even make sense. "We're going to be, uh, smarter... it's important to be smart... so what we are gonna, uh, gonna do is...
  5. Mack Herron

    McDaniels to interview with Eagles

  6. KDPPatsfan85

    Black Monday

    The Monday after the last season game is called black Monday. We already know gase was fired last night. Today, we will see a lot of coaches fired. To start today, here is the first victim...
  7. S

    10 Patriots who might not be around for the 2021 season Curran says it’s Gilmore, Hightower, Cannon, Hoyer, Guy, McDaniels(!), Thuney, Cam, Burkhead, Harry For McDaniels only if a coaching opportunity comes along IMO. not sure if it will
  8. DropKickFlutie

    Time for a New Offensive Coordinator

    Is Chad O'Shea, Bill O'Brien, or Charlie Weiss available? It is time for a new offensive coordinator for the following reasons: 1. Offense Inept 2 years in a Row. Even with Tom Brady this offense only scored 17.6 points per game the last 9 games in 2019, same as this year 20 points per game...
  9. S

    Adam Gase to NE in 2021? "I heard some buzz last night. You hear the name to watch for the Patriots' next quarterbacks coach: Mr. Adam Gase," Volin said. "He goes all the way back to 1999 on the Michigan State staff with Josh...
  10. DropKickFlutie

    Article: The Patriots' Tight End Problem is Becoming Critical "With the New England Patriots’ 18-12 loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday, one thing was made clear — the Patriots need to have more production at the tight end position. For...
  11. UGAPatsfan

    My unexpected feelings about Newton.

    So I have been on record as wanting to see Stidham moving forward...and I also don't believe Cam is "the guy" for next year. His game just isn't what it was, and we don't have the skill position talent to help him out. BUT... Reading the exchange today between Wiggins and Cam I admit to...
  12. DropKickFlutie

    Cam Newton offers (weak?) defense of Josh McDaniels

    Link Below. Cam Newton was asked about the ineffective red zone play-calls, and Newton gave a couple paragraphs of response, but I wouldn't exactly call it a strong defense of Josh McDaniels. Basically Newton said he knows they want to win like he does and he trusts what they want to do. Of...
  13. D

    Harris' Usage Against Texans

    Sorry if this has already been covered, but what happened with Harris against Houston? I think most assumed he got dinged or reaggravated an injury, but he recently made an Instagram post saying, "the bigger the obstacle, the greater the glory in overcoming it" (or something along those lines)...
  14. S

    Will BB leave patriots at the end of this year?

    I say he will. There really is no point in his staying, because its likely going to be several years before they can compete for a SB again. Parcells and Coughlin both stopped coaching and took front office roles with other teams. Its probably the perfect time for BB to go given the long road...
  15. M

    McDaniels use of timeouts

    I know both Hoyer and Newton should be on top of the situation, but I feel like McDaniels has not used the timeouts well at the end of the half and end of game. Even if Newton didn’t fumble, they would have had to rush to the LOS and spike it with very little time left. I have to believe that...
  16. S

    McDaniels tells JG "I'll stay in touch"

    2:17 Maybe Josh thinks he's on the hot seat and heard Shanny is looking for a new OC? LOL
  17. upstater1

    We are still the Patriots, and I will enjoy and look forward to a great future

    I have watched too much football to not have faith in Belichick and McDaniels. In Belichick's first stint in New England as a DC, he was the difference that brought us to the 96 Super Bowl. Then he went to the Jets w/ Parcells and that team was a bear to play against. I wanted Belichick in the...
  18. Brick27

    Where’s Josh McDaniels fall within all of this?

    He had the tall task of functioning an offense post-TB12, and eyes rightfully should have been on him going into this year. So far he hasn’t been able to make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t. Is he really putting this team in a position to make the best use of players and “put them in the best...
  19. P

    NEW ARTICLE: VIDEO: Do Your Life - A Day In The Life Of Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels

    VIDEO: Do Your Life - A Day In The Life Of Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels Robert Alvarez Take an inside look behind the scenes into how Patriots offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, balances family life and football. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the...
  20. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - The "what I saw" edition

    Rather than go through the normal prodigious detailed review of today's game, time constraints and the fact that I'd rather sleep than bore you with my musings, I thought I'd just offer some disjointed thoughts about this terribly disappointing game. 1. The offense sucked over all. It...