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  1. S

    Divisional round GDT: Ravens @ Bills

    Take down the Ratbirds! Bills 31 Ravens 20
  2. Ian

    Jets Media Hoping For Harbaugh to Be the Next Jets Head Coach?

    It appears the media in New York is hoping the Jets will make the move to have him be the one to replace Gase:
  3. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Ravens

    Great win!!!! I think our best game of the season. Harris, Meyers and our O-line played great tonight!! Our defense came up big when they had too!!! I'm very happy and nobody thought we could do it!!!!! Just a great win!!! Let's discuss!!!!!!!!
  4. jmt57

    Week 10: We Are On To The Ravens

    Baltimore is a 7½ point favorite in next Sunday's game at Gillette Stadium. The Ravens are 6-2, two games behind Pittsburgh in the AFC North. Last week they won 24-10 at Indianapolis despite a slew of injuries to key players.
  5. oldrover

    MNF: Squaws versus Kakapoos game thread... who are we rooting more against?

    Chiefs to win and get overconfident before next week? Ravens to win and beat the physical stuffing out of KC? I can’t decide. BTW, if you were not aware, the kakapoo is a kind of bird. I choose to use it in reference here to the Ravens, because, apparently, I have the mind of a third grade...
  6. farn

    CBS ranks coaches, no wonder NE is so successful

    Top 10 head coaches in NFL: Bill Belichick still reigns, but who fills out the rest of the list? Not that I necessarily disagree with (most of) their list, though I’d never put Reid over Carroll... It just struck me that not only is BB the best coach, it isn’t even close. If THIS is the...
  7. V

    What percentage of coaches would have put Flacco in

    After the first couple of awful series by Lamar. Their offensive line sucked but you have to provide a spark. It's win or go home.
  8. maust1013

    Somewhere Ray Lewis, who killed a guy (probably two) is crying...

    This is just too funny not to share: John Harbaugh: This is the best team I’ve ever been associated with Anyone else think that once he is done sobbing Ray might be tempted to break out the white suit?
  9. S

    Ravens complaining about footballs used in Chargers game

    Here we go again?
  10. goheels22002

    Just in time, the Ravens defense is tuning up for the Chiefs

    While the Patriots were manhandling the Vikings, the Ravens were schooling the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta. That's three wins in a row since Joe Flacco was replaced and the Ratbirds defense decided to step up to their usual standards. As much as I hate to root for the Ratbirds and John...
  11. everlong

    If the Ravens can Harbaugh

    Not enough bad football things can happen to Sir Whine-a-lot but I have a feeling if they can him he's the next HC of the NYJ. I didn't think there was a way I could like him less but this would be it. Reasons why.... 1. There's always been a Ravens/Jets pipeline. Rex, Bart Scott.... 2...
  12. Joey007

    Harbaugh is whining about the rules again.

    John Harbaugh: Challenge rule 'should be changed' Just when I forget why I still hate Baltimore, Harbaugh always reminds me why. What a sore loser.
  13. jmt57

    Division Round Opponent: Chiefs, Titans or Bills

    The Patriots will host either Kansas City, Tennessee or Buffalo for their first game of the 2017-18 post-season. Many here feared Baltimore, who supposedly had about a 97% chance of making the playoffs prior to Sunday's games. Thanks for the schadenfreude, Harbaugh! How does everyone here feel...
  14. Off The Grid


    OT: Looks like the Bucs are bringing back Koetter. :mad: Nothing against the guy...But for a little while, there, it looked like Gruden II...And the Bucs are due to play the Washington BlueSkin/YellowSkin-Challenged, next year. :eek: Would that've been the only Bro Versus Bro Game outside of...
  15. Uptown

    The Last Supper (bowl)

    ...Not really ;)
  16. Patsfanin Philly

    Now Harbaugh is complaining about the Red Sox

    Anybody with an Internet connection saw the bean ball war between the Red Sox and Orioles this week. Now Ravens coach John Harbaugh is getting involved complaining that an Orioles pitch that hit A Sox player was a 'love tap'. It is a BSPN link so I won't link to it... Bad enough that he did not...
  17. S

    OT: Ravens want a point for the team whose kickoff goes through the uprights

    Link: Ravens propose a bonus point for kickoffs through the uprights Lawl. Better idea how about minus one point every time Harbaugh whines about something .
  18. cupofjoe1962

    Harbaugh is the last guy who should be exploiting the rules.

    All the talking head clowns are singing the praises of John Harbaugh for exploiting the rules to seal the victory yesterday The Ravens masterfully run out the clock on the Bengals with ingenious holding tactic This is the same John Harbaugh who cried like a school girl when Belichick out...
  19. P

    Harbaugh Was "Pissed Off" About Brady Comment in 2015

    Harbaugh Was "Pissed Off" About Brady Comment in 2015 Ian Logue One of the biggest moments of the 2014/15 AFC Divisional round was the fact the Patriots understood a rule John Harbaugh didn't and he's still angry over it. Continue reading...
  20. BelichicksBlackEye

    Ravens lose one week of OTAS and Harbaugh is fined...sounds fair

    NFL fines John Harbaugh, cancels a week of Ravens’ OTAs punishments in the NFL are totally consistent