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  1. Ross12

    Bedard: Patriots teammates "didn't trust" Stidham

    It's Bedard... so take it with a grain of salt... but found this report interesting. It would certainly explain some things. It was a real head scratcher last year trying to figure out why they didn't even attempt to start Stidham late in the year. I do have to wonder what the root cause of such...
  2. Ian

    Stidham already back at it

    LOL, let the discussion about his amazing return to glory begin:
  3. S

    Top 5 most disappointing Patriots from 2020

    The 5 most disappointing Patriots from the 2020 season ( Their list: 1. Cam 2. Harry 3. Asiasi 4. Keene 5. Rohrwasser Assuming we're talking about players only my list is: 1. Cam 2. Stidham 3. Harry 4. Winovich 5. Gilmore I wasn't expecting anything from Rohrwasser.
  4. S

    2021 QB odds

    LOL. 1-15 here we come.
  5. S

    Starting QB thread Cam admitting last week that he can’t handle the pressure of being in New England and Stidham whining last night that he wants to start and Cam getting salty when...
  6. S

    Cam expected to start on MNF

  7. J

    Stidham haters know more than James White!

    I can't count how many times I've seen the ignorant comments saying "if Stidham was a better option, he'd be playing" or "BB and the coaches know that Stidham isn't ready, and never will be", and even "Stidham doesn't have the talent or ability to be on the roster". Enter James White - who...
  8. raduray

    Poll: Who will start at QB against Buffalo?

    Now that we're out of the playoffs, who will be our QB starter against Buffalo next week?
  9. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Six For Saturday: What Does the Future Hold For Stidham?

    Six For Saturday: What Does the Future Hold For Stidham? Ian Logue Some thoughts on this Saturday coming off Thursday night's loss. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  10. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Five Thoughts On the Patriots Win Over the Chargers - An Unorthodox Win is Still a Win

    Five Thoughts On the Patriots Win Over the Chargers - An Unorthodox Win is Still a Win Ian Logue Sunday's win over the Chargers was a breakout game for a team that played about as complete a contest as we've seen all season. Here are some final thoughts before we turn the page to the Rams...
  11. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Chargers

    Our best game of the year by far!!! Offense, Defense and Special teams all played great!!! Gunner has become a weapon, I love it!!!! We are back to 500 and need to take care of business. I know I have said it a few times but I am so impressed with some of our young players!!! I don't want to...
  12. stcjones

    Stidham or Newton vs Chargers

    Newton is banged up with an abdominal strain. He has not been playing well.... 26.2 QB rating last week, poor decision making, bad throwing mechanics, no confidence....and he is going up against a cover 3 D this weekend which he has struggled with his entire career. I say Start Stidham!!! Give...
  13. Ian

    Cool Link Stidham Wearing an Edelman T-Shirt

    I know most don't like the author, but the photo I thought was worth sharing: Something a little different to break things up a bit ;)
  14. p8ryts

    My thoughts

    Strange snap counts: Winovich and Butler-13? White-10. Asiasi inactive. Is Uche even on the 53, couldn’t find his number on the Pats website. Cam-nice to know you. Stidham-don’t know why everyone else thinks he stinks. At least looks like a QB throwing the ball. Give him a shot with a week of...
  15. Froob

    Broncos Pats moved to MNF

  16. S

    Dwayne Haskins

    If the Pats want to end the Stidham experiment and move on- get the beast? :D
  17. S

    Belichick admits Stidham injury might have caused demotion Shocker.
  18. raduray

    Poll: Hoyer or Stidham vs Denver?

    Assuming Cam's not ready, who starts at QB against Denver?
  19. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Five Thoughts on The Patriots Loss to the Chiefs: Hoyer Made the Wrong Statement Monday Night

    Five Thoughts on The Patriots Loss to the Chiefs: Hoyer Made the Wrong Statement Monday Night Ian Logue Monday night's game out in Kansas City will go down as a missed opportunity as the Patriots had their chances to win this game. Here are some thoughts coming off a tough loss against Patrick...
  20. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Rough Night For Undermanned Patriots In Kansas City

    Rough Night For Undermanned Patriots In Kansas City Bob George Stidham was thrown into a tough battle with the Patriots, mainly starting quarterback Brian Hoyer, committed a ton of very costly mistakes and with a little better execution could have been leading the game throughout the second and...