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  1. P

    Breaking News: Blockbuster Trade Jamie Collins to Browns

    Breaking News: Blockbuster Trade Jamie Collins to Browns Steve Balestrieri The Patriots have just traded LB Jamie Collins to the Cleveland Browns according to ESPN Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  2. KontradictioN


    Ummm... wut?
  3. ViperGTS

    News regarding extensions for Pats Players

    Patriots Notes: Lewis, Jackson, Bennett, Butler "The Patriots have made team-friendly extension offers to a number of their pending free agents — including Martellus Bennett, Malcolm Butler, Jamie Collins, Dont’a Hightower, and Logan Ryan — but so far, no player has been interested in putting...
  4. long distance

    Predict week 6 Inactives: Gronk IN Collins OUT

    With new shuffles of the roster yesterday, a lengthy injury report and new roster moves coming up next week .. this is one of the most difficult and intriguing Inactive Lists to predict. Two big questions - Gronk and Collins - seem to have the answer: The other two pretty certain absentees...
  5. BobDigital

    Does the 2017 free agent class need to be reevaluated?

    The big name free agents of 2017 are Hightower Collins Sheard Bennett Vollmer Cannon Branch Long Ryan Harmon. Also Bolden Blount Develin Mingo are worth noting. So we are 5 games into the year and maybe it is time to revisit this topic. Hightower and Collins are often talked about the most...
  6. AtomicDawg

    Practice Tidbits- Week 4

    Some good developments happening at 1 Patriot Place.
  7. Rob0729

    Game Thoughts: Houston, we had no problem (with you) Thread

    Here we go: I think it was a tactical error for Bill O'Brien to bench JJ Watt for the game. They really could have used him. In all seriousness, JJ Watt (or as I like to call him, Josh McDaniels' B**ch) was invisible last night. Kudos to the o-line and McDaniels for totally taking him out of...
  8. patfanken

    Idle thoughts- the Turn Over edition.

    OK, I'm not staying up untill 3 in the morning to put this out in a timely manner, So without any further ado, let's get started. 1. Make not mistake about it. This game was won because we turned the ball over, not only against the offense, but on ST's TWICE. They accounted for half our...
  9. DaBruinz

    Pats continue Cap management.

    Pats continue Cap management. Turns out that the Pats have given Ninkovich an extension, lowering this year's salary and giving him a signing bonus. They also have restructured McCourty's contract, freeing up 2.8M more. Hopefully, this means that there is an extension for Collins and/or...
  10. Patriots_Master

    can our defense can stop the Cardinals? (we will win)

    Hello patriots fans! This was my first thread, Bill Belicheck was on the Giants dynasty team in 1980s-1990s and they beat the massive Bills team in Superbowl 25. Right now, I feel confidence that Bill Belicheck carry our young defense to make to Giants-like defense setup. Our gameplan is bend...
  11. Joey007

    Collins getting some buzz as a DPOY candidate.

    Who Will Win NFL Defensive Player of the Year 2016? | Bleacher Report Yeah yeah, I get Simms is in this video and that will likely be all that anyone cares about, but I'm just psyched that people are finally unable to overlook this guy any longer.
  12. chasa

    So the patriots have about 10 million in cap space

    Lets talk about what they are going to do with it. Are we going to see one of the big three extended?(hightower/collins/butler) What about Adding a couple of years to gronk to keep him happy? how much do they need to save for mid season pickups? Doubt it would take much to pick up a player...
  13. P

    Mingo Will Be an Intriguing Piece to the Patriots Defense

    Mingo Will Be an Intriguing Piece to the Patriots Defense Steve Balestrieri "These guys have got a couple months on me. It's a challenge, but the guys here are really helping me come along, just get me ready to play." Continue reading...
  14. P

    10 Patriots Players Who Stepped Up Against the Bears

    10 Patriots Players Who Stepped Up Against the Bears Ian Logue After a 23-22 victory over Chicago, here's a quick look at 10 players who stepped up during the Patriots final home game of the exhibition season. Continue reading...
  15. AtomicDawg

    2016 Training Camp - Day 14 (8-15-16) [Bears Joint Practice]

    Pats are full of magic this year!
  16. C


    I know I'm beating a dead horse a little bit over here with the Hightower/Collins contract talk but I'm quite surprised nothing has been done and it doesn't even seem like it's in the works. Maybe it is and we don't know (very possible) but I wonder what's going on? Hightower and Collins are two...
  17. P

    Not a Bad Night For Garoppolo In Win Over Saints

    Not a Bad Night For Garoppolo In Win Over Saints Bob George Jimmy Garoppolo had a pretty good evening in his preseason debut for New England Thursday night. Continue reading...
  18. P

    8 Things We Learned From Patriots vs Saints

    8 Things We Learned From Patriots vs Saints Ian Logue Thursday night was the first taste of football for 2016, which included some good moments as well as some not-so-good moments. Continue reading...
  19. PatsBoy12

    Official Preseason ( Week 1) Gameday Thread: Saints @ Patriots

    Here we are, boys and girls. It's gameday, babay! To reiterate, no Brady, Gronk, Edelman or Bennett. I guess we'll list additional names as we get more information. Let the games begin!
  20. P

    Patriots - Saints Joint Practice Observations 8-9

    Patriots - Saints Joint Practice Observations 8-9 Steve Balestrieri The Patriots and Saints had a good, spirited joint practice session on Tuesday morning under hot, sunny skies at Gillette Stadium. However, the Patriots weren’t at their best offensively and were rather sloppy with dropped...