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  1. long distance

    Nice piece on Collins

    no grudges . about love Browns' Jamie Collins tells his story: The one behind the smile that you'll never understand quote: "I love Bill,'' said Collins. "He's a great coach. Smart, everything. We know that he's consistently winning, so there's nothing you can say about Bill Belichick.''
  2. Ice_Ice_Brady

    This offseason was made possible by moving on from Jones and Collins

    When we look back on Belichick's career, there might not be a better example of his brilliance than trading Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins. Beyond the fact that the team just won the Super Bowl - mind you with the #1 defense - without them, it's amazing that Belichick was able to get the...
  3. manxman2601

    Report: Two Comp Pick For Pats. Round 3,Round 5.

  4. M

    Edelman: Guys calling coaches out in two days later werent there

    3:40 mark. Is he talking about Jamie Collins? short video
  5. S

    Esiason: BB one of few coaches who values accountability

    Esiason: Belichick one of the few coaches where players are accountable
  6. OhExaulted1

    A Take on Jamie Collins

    I realize it's been analyzed ad nauseam but here's a line of thought that's been itching away at me: Here we have Collins, the 52nd pick in 2013 due to be a FA after this season. Great athlete, good player. Maybe just a tad overhyped on a perennial SB contender. We send him packing for a comp...
  7. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - the bye week edition.

    Actually these WILL be simply 'idle thoughts' that have no real rhyme or reason. They are simply the musings of someone who feels the need to write some stuff down. ;) 1. This first one is the main reason I decided to write this column. When it occurred to me, I felt the need to put it in...
  8. QuantumMechanic

    Excellent Reiss piece about the trade

    Nice one from Reiss on what might have been going on. I thought this was the most interesting bit (but the whole thing is worth reading). Digging deeper on what led the Patriots to trade Jamie Collins
  9. long distance

    Moving on: LB position after Collins

    First of all let me say that moving on from Collins feels almost like a catharsis to me. It was just a lot of tension and muddy waters around his contract and his play. I really didn't like his vocabulary lately. It was all about “I don't care about what anybody thinks of my play .. I am doing...
  10. S

    Bedard : Its superbowl or bust for BB after Collins trade

    Belichick must come through after trading Collins Seriously ? Bedard was the guy who said collins was not as good as people made out to be ,at the beginning of the season and now says BB has lost it with this ? I dont like this trade esp what they got back, but it seems more and more like a...
  11. NG Pats Fan

    Devin McCourty on Jamie Collins Trade

    “Jamie is arguably our best defensive player,” McCourty told “When you get a guy like Jamie who was here for four years on the team, a very productive player, to lose him is a bit shocking to everybody on the team.” mod edit: link -> Devin McCourty: Jamie Collins was arguably our...
  12. AtomicDawg

    Quick Reminder of the Patriot Way

    "It's better to get rid of a player a year early than a year too late"....Damien Woody said that, and boy has that been true. This is why, for 16 years, it's always interesting to follow and be a fan of the Patriots. There is never a dull moment, never the same thing every day. It keeps you on...
  13. P

    Patscap breaks down the Jamie Collins trade

    Patscap breaks down the Jamie Collins trade Miguel Benzan Patscap breaks down the Jamie Collins trade Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  14. BobDigital

    Patriots defense moving forward

    How will things change? Rowe I think will continue to grow here and on the hole has done well the last 3 games. I would hope Ryan will grow into the #3 spot which is a bit of a different skill set but one he should have. Roberts at LB has looked good and will be a good piece. He has showned...
  15. P

    Reaction to Collins Trade: Patriots Did What they Had to Do

    Reaction to Collins Trade: Patriots Did What they Had to Do Ian Logue There's never a dull moment when it comes to the Patriots, and what should have been an uneventful Monday heading into a bye week exploded after the news came out from ESPN's Adam Schefter that Jamie Collins was being...
  16. luuked

    Collins related FbF breakdown of that 28yd run by the Bills yesterday

    Chatham with one of the examples what is meant by freelancing and its trickle down effect on the overall integrity of the defense: I haven't looked in older footage for stuff like that but I can easily see BB and MP getting crazy about it if it happens too often. Having a player **** up your...
  17. S

    Collins and that 12 men on the field debacle yesterday

    Don't know if it's been said already but... I wonder if that was a result of the "freelancing" and might have been the final straw that made the team show him the door?
  18. mikey m

    Footage of BB on phone with Collins' agent (nsfw)

  19. PatsFan92

    Jamie Collins Appreciation Thread! Thank you Jamie Collins!

    My favorite memory of Collins is, and forever will be, when he vaulted the line to block the extra point against the Colts last season. I remember vividly that I was at school, watching the game in the library in between class. I had just regained composure after the god-awful fake punt when the...
  20. yopats

    Mike Lombardi on the Jamie Collins trade..

    I'm just going to leave these here and update as needed..