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  1. S

    Bob Kravitz writes about Deflategate [Four Games in Fall Documentary] Not a subscriber so I can’t read it but this sounds like it could be an admission he was wrong without actually saying it. Where are those NFL PSI reports anyway? Does Kravitz know?
  2. Jlaff

    What should the punishment be for the Eagles?

    We all saw the Sunday Night Football tank job from Pedersen: Doug Pederson on QB change: "I was coaching to win" - ProFootballTalk What do you all think the punishment should be? Simply moving them back to 9th in draft order (by all accounts the loss moved them up to 6th) isn't enough. I think...
  3. FreeTedWilliams

    Will Goodell screw the Saints again?

    Kamara is out today with the COVID, if he tests neg and remains asymptotic, he could play in the Wild Card round if the Saints play on Sunday, he can’t if they schedule the Saints to play on Saturday. Will Her Goodell screw he Saints once again?
  4. Joker

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION MNF: Seattle @ Philly 11/30

    didn't see a thread so I HAD to put this up...mainly because of the early coaching decisions on offense by Pete the Cleaner. This is gruesome football, as if Amos Alonzo Stagg somehow took over Pete's body from the grave
  5. B

    Vrabel Intentional Penalty: Genius Move

    Sorry, I'm not as frequent a poster here as I'd like to be, so my apologies if this was already posted (but after a quick look I didn't see it). Mike Vrabel, coach of the Titans and former Pats player/BB student, made a genius coaching decision that should be getting more attention. Situation...
  6. S

    Pats were declined request for more locker room space at Arrowhead As one of the comments mention can you imagine the national scandal if the report was the “cheatriots” declined such a visiting team request? The Pats were forced to fly out there and...
  7. QuantumMechanic

    OTish: corpus callosum changes show up in only a single year of football

    Tick-tick-tick-tick-tick... Changes In Brain Scans Seen After A Single Season Of Football For Young Players
  8. FortressX

    Nothing Changes With The Colts, Quenton NelsonGate

    Idiots. Can they post an honest video ? Nope. Source: Colts' Nelson fined for hit that went viral He was yelling in the video, but not on that play. It was dubbed in from another play. Go Horseshoes. Days like these I miss RATS.
  9. PatsFanSince74

    Eli "settles" Fraud Lawsuit

    About as close to an admission of Guilt as you're gonna see. Eli Manning settles Giants memorabilia fraud lawsuit - NY Daily News
  10. T

    Steelers to rest Roethlisberger and Bell against Cleveland

    Marcus Gilbert says Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell won’t play Sunday I guess they are giving up on the 1 seed? both NE and Pitt play at 1 PM...
  11. Wheelman

    CBS split video of Kelvin Benjamin TD overturn NOT in sync

    I was just watching the video to see how many times CBS shows the best view of Kelvin Benjamin's foot not being on the ground. They showed it twice. 1st time Romo sees this view he thinks it might be overturned. 2nd time the view is shown, Romo thinks the foot might be off the ground but says...
  12. Poker

    A rational reason for more overturned calls by the league

    I haven't heard one aspect of overturned TDs, by Al Riveron in NY, getting a lot of play. A relatively new rule is that all turnovers and TDs are automatically reviewed. Additionally, the guidance given out to officials seems to be that on a very close play on the field, call the TD or...
  13. Patsfanin Philly

    Video of Raiders illegally warming a ball on the sidelines Mon Night

    ESPN camera's caught the Raiders placing a ball near the heater with a minute left in a tied ball game. Where is the outrage? Where are Mark Brunnel's tears??? Oh right, it doesn't involve the Patriots so the honchos at 345 PArk Ave. will look the other way.... What a crock...
  14. Y

    Aaron Rodgers on IR - Teams complain

    The story about teams saying rodgers should have to be cut due to being placed on IR without a new injury. My question is what did they gain by putting him on IR and possibly breaking a rule, could they have just not played him and let his back up play. They still have to pay him dont they? thx
  15. Bradyking12

    Richie Incognito: Gronkowski took his shot, now it's our defense's chance to take their shots on him

    Richie Incognito "Obviously, there are going to be opportunities for guys to take shots this next game," Incognito said Wednesday, via The Buffalo News. "Gronkowski took his shot. Now it's our defense's chance to take their shots on him. When you do dumb stuff like he did, you open the door...
  16. Deus Irae

    David Eaton resigns as V.P. of NFL Media amid sexual harassment inquiry

    I expect the thread will be moved, but it's worth noting the information: David Eaton resigns as V.P. of NFL Media amid sexual harassment inquiry
  17. Joker

    Thursday Night Football - N.O. vs. Atlanta

    Watch Kamara run wild...
  18. T

    Mortensen Finally Admits Rush to Publish Deflategate Story

    Chris Mortensen explains his Deflategate reporting for first time
  19. PatsFanInVa


    So let's pull way back from the usual talk of thisgate and thatgate. Here in Patsland, we tend to feel that the League* railroaded the Pats on at least the most recent occasion, and very selectively targeted the Pats on the first occasion. We know what "everybody else" thinks too. Okay set that...
  20. DaBruinz

    NFL Owners set to give Goodell Extension?

    Rumors all over today that Goodell is set to receive a 5 year extension that will include a raise.. If I'm the NFLPA, I send the NFL a letter stating that the NFLPA will not negotiate any further CBA contracts as long as Goodell is the Commissioner. Especially with the documented history of...