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  1. Simpelton

    Chad "Swag" Kelly is cut from Colts' practice squad

    Would be an interesting pickup. He had some buzz around himself a few years ago before he was engaged in a bit of off the field thuggery and lost face with the 32. The talent is there, waiting for a chance to prove it. Yes the off field issues are there, but we've taken on players like this...
  2. TBR

    Week 2 NFL Games Discussion

  3. Simpelton

    Wouldn't mind a trade for Jack Doyle

    Maybe I'm alone in this but I've always loved Doyle's attitude, and he's one of those "pretty good at everything" TEs who's not a super star but great to have and easy to build around. He'd be an instant upgrade over Izzo and a great mentor type to take our two rookie TEs under his wing. He's...
  4. P

    NEW ARTICLE: AROUND THE NFL: Week One Game-By-Game Rundown

    AROUND THE NFL: Week One Game-By-Game Rundown Ian Logue Here's a quick rundown of all the other games around the league on Sunday. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  5. P

    NEW ARTICLE: ICYMI: Tom Brady Takes Shot At Colts When Asked About Teams Using Crowd Noise...

    ICYMI: Tom Brady Takes Shot At Colts When Asked About Teams Using Crowd Noise In 2020 Robert Alvarez Tom Brady takes shot at Indianapolis Colts over old sound controversy following the NFL's implementation of artificial crowd noise for 2020 season. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this...
  6. Boomer B

    Brady Fighting Back: Calls Out Colts For Fake Crowd Noise

    Great to see Brady openly talk about the fraud Colts and how they were piping in fake crowd noise. I guess one of the benefits of not being under Belichick is he can tell the truth how the Colts cheated. Tom Brady Throws Shade At Colts When Asked About Fake Crowd Noise At Buccaneers Practice...
  7. QuantumMechanic

    Happy McGinest stop day!

    Happy McGinest stop day!
  8. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Colts give Brissett $28M, mostly guaranteed in 2020, for no reason

    A guy worth about a $5M last week is worth $28M for the 2020 season (2-year extension REPLACES old contract and gives an additional year at $28M.) Brissett is now paid more than Tom Brady and more than Andrew Luck was scheduled to make. The story is that this an “early franchise tag,” except...
  9. M

    Any Chance Colts offer Brady a brinks truck for one year after 2019??

    I keep hearing from Curan that Brady is technically a free agent for a brief minute at end of season.
  10. S

    Predict the Colts' 2019 Record With Luck Gone

    Just wondering how well people think the Colts will do without Luck. They've gotten general praise for team building and coaching last year and seemed to be building in the right way. But how will they weather this loss? How well do we think Jacoby will do? How well do they want to do this year?
  11. M

    Pick the Bones?

    It is shocking and sad -- at least from a fan of the game perspective -- that Andrew Luck is retiring. My question is whether it is time to try to pick the bones of that franchise while the getting is good. Hear me out. I'm sure the Colts front office is as shocked as the rest of us. With their...
  12. Mack Herron

    Andrew Luck Retires from NFL

  13. Ice_Ice_Brady

    OT: Interesting Andrew Luck Injury Takes

    So the moron Irsay said this morning that Luck was dealing with a small bone injury (along with, or instead of, his calf.) He then said “I really feel very confident that he’s going to find his way through this thing,” which is not exactly something whose really confident would say and not...
  14. everlong

    Threat to the Pats in the AFC?

    Pundits think this QB will lead his team past them. His playoff performances say otherwise. 4-4 record 20.8 PPG 2254 yards, 281/game 12 TDs 13 Interceptions 73.4 QB rating 0-2 vs Patriots and outscored 88-29
  15. P

    OT: Colts Make Ex-Pat Kenny Moore highest paid slot CB in NFL

  16. P

    Patriots Continue to Add Depth, Sign WR Dontrelle Inman

    Patriots Continue to Add Depth, Sign WR Dontrelle Inman Steve Balestrieri In the final 4 games of the year for the Colts, Inman notched 17 catches for 231 yards and three TDs. He locked down the Indy #2 WR position Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not...
  17. neuronet

    OT: Hang the Banner -- Colts finally give Patriots Strong Competition (Article)

    Article about how the Colts have improved. Because they knew nobody would give a crap, they had to give it a clickbait title: Rebuilt Colts Finally Give Patriots Strong Competition for AFC Supremacy Maybe they deserve an offseason victory banner?
  18. FortressX

    Irsay Is Babbling Again: Defines GOAT.

    Jim Irsay attempts to define what it means to be the greatest team ever
  19. M

    Colts' "1 and 0" shirts....

    1-0 Shirts Leave it to the Colts to come up with a "thing" like this.. My Gawd. Did they raise a Wild Card Winner Banner?
  20. Triumph

    Bill Polian refs gave NE 2 super bowl appearances.

    And, Edelman punt had no conclusive evidence that he DID not touch the ball. Call on the field should have stayed. Bad call on Ford in a championship game.Never should have been called. Gift for NE. I don't recall the other call that sent NE to the super bowl, but Polian does. NFL Sirius...