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OT: UK Pats Fan Suffering depression
  1. robertweathers

    OT: The Dude STILL Abides By The Patriot Way

    I am incredibly saddened Jeff Bridges has lymphoma. My dad had it a few years ago and he beat it. Hoping Jeffery Lebowski does the same. Been super busy with work, golf, summer vacations, family and sick and tired of COVID and political discussion so stayed away. A bit down on the NFL...
  2. ctpatsfan77

    Humor: Leaked Patriots TC video

    I see Winovich, Onwenu, and Dugger, among others. :p
  3. N

    Cam’s sense of humor

    I’d love to see this. Halloween is coming. Make it happen, Cam! Cam: 'It's not about money, it's about respect'
  4. lancerman

    Belichick on the nuances of playing without a fan noise

    I’ve never thought of it that way. Interesting and incite full. Thoughts?
  5. PatsFanInVa

    Pre-game Cam thread.

    Cam. A lot is expected. Cam. A lot. Cam. A lot. When he takes off running it's like a Pittsburgh runningback from their dynasty years (Cam a la Harris.) When he throws it's as on-target as an Olympic archery trial in California (a *****in' Cam arrow.) When it comes to speaking from the podium...
  6. 1960Pats

    Heard any good jokes lately?

    This is the spot to post any jokes you have. I'll start. Q: What did the snail say while riding on the turtle's back? A: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My granddaughter loved that one ten years ago
  7. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Bill Belichick Shares Funny Joke When Asked About Patriots COVID-19 Plans At QB

    Bill Belichick Shares Funny Joke When Asked About Patriots COVID-19 Plans At QB Robert Alvarez Bill Belichick has funny answer when discussing the Patriots COVID-19 emergency plans. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  8. ctpatsfan77

    Humor: Kyed on an AFC East bubble in Foxboro

    Here's the first tweet of the thread. It's a work of art. It deserves all the awards.
  9. ctpatsfan77

    Humor: "My cat has a jersey number"

    If this were your kitty, what would you name him?
  10. ctpatsfan77

    Humor: Mike Reiss, comedian

    Reiss noted today that the Patriots signed an UDFA DT named Bill Murray. For the record, this is Bill Murray: When someone asked about it, Reiss responded:
  11. ctpatsfan77

    Humor: WSJ article on Nike Belichick

    Please! Let Bill Belichick’s Dog Coach the Patriots This might be behind a paywall. Best part is this picture, which indicates what he's hoping for: Second-best is this suggestion:
  12. ctpatsfan77

    OT: The Quarantine Mullet is real

    Business on top, party on the bottom.
  13. Ian

    VIDEO: NFL Mean Tweets - Featuring Patriots QB Tom Brady and RB Sony Michel

    In case anyone hasn't seen this (NSFW):
  14. maust1013

    ICYMI: The Pats proved to be an amusing Jeopardy category

    Definitely good for a laugh. The Chicago Pats were all the rage. Some amusing hits and misses from the not so Patriotic contestants...
  15. ctpatsfan77

    [Humor] Is Baby Yoda a Pats fan?

    This is adorable.
  16. ctpatsfan77

    [Humor] Another team blows 28–3

    Baylor blew a 28–3 lead to Oklahoma on Saturday. Of course, it led to hilarity, starting here. . . .
  17. ctpatsfan77

    Humor: Pat McAfee has figured out the Patriots' secret

  18. ctpatsfan77

    The Onion's latest mini-article on Bill Belichick All I'll say is that last sentence might be closer to the truth than we realize. :p
  19. ctpatsfan77

    Humor: Dolphins' ineptitude a challenge for oddsmakers

    Dolphins' ineptitude a challenge for oddsmakers To borrow from 2007: "Today, we saw 23 teams play professional football, and the Patriots play something else. We still don't know what that was." To wich someone quipped, "That 'something else' was the Dolphins. I don't know that what they do...
  20. IllegalContact

    Best AFC East Starting QB’s since 2010 = mind blown