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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. Simpelton

    Reminder: EVERYONE knew that Brady would have between 1 and 3 productive seasons

    The fact that Brady is successfsul outside the Patriots organization in the first year was known. It's also irrelevant. Preparing for Life After Brady was going to have to happen sooner or later. Whenever Bill chose that time, we knew it would be with a couple productive years to go. This is...
  2. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Clock management decisions from Bucs-Packers

    So yesterday's game feaured some pretty interesting clock management decisions. I won't get too far into the decision by LaFleur to kick a field goal with 2:06 remaining because that will undoubtedly hijack the thread, there are already lots of people talking about it, etc. For the record, I...
  3. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Brady Proved on Sunday the Patriots Gave Up On Him Too Soon

    Brady Proved on Sunday the Patriots Gave Up On Him Too Soon Ian Logue Obviously, everything has to end. Moving on from Brady needed to happen eventually, but the fact New England put Brady in the position to have to move on is the part that will potentially go down as one of the more...
  4. S

    No one could have reasonably predicted that TB would still be this good at 43

    Yes...BB and Kraft made the wrong call and in retrospect should have extended him back in 2017. However it is completely understandable why they did not think placing a 25-20 million/year bet on a 43-44 you QB would be money well spent. OK Tom and Alex Guerrero were right, but what Brady is...
  5. R

    Why the hell did we not try harder to keep TB12?

    I remember at this time last year, we were talking about if Brady had regressed passed a point of no return. The answer is a resounding no, the roster in 2019 was full of scrubs on offense with an injured Edelman. Brady now has AB,Evans, Godwin and Gronk back and his completion percentage rose...
  6. Joey007

    Vrabel’s punt on 4th and 2

    With this being in the playoffs. This might actually be considered the worst punt of all time. The moment he made that decision, Tennessee deserved to lose.
  7. M

    Off-season Choice: pats bring in Byrd, Bills bring in Diggs

    Consider if the patriots had Diggs and the bills had Bryd. Yes, we would have had to extend or restructure Gilmore (perhaps with the idea of trading him in 2021). Maybe Diggs preferred to play for Buffalo. My point isn't that we would have been SB or even division favorites. It is that...
  8. S

    Blount: To this day I don't think the Patriots (and Eagles) have been able to replace me

    He is correct to this point - but not for much longer hopefully. Blount did tend to disappear in the playoffs though against defenses designed to stop the run. His postseason stats against teams not named the Colts or Patriots aren't the greatest. Even Sony showed up in the postseason.
  9. Joey007

    Was Matt Patricia overrated for his coaching here?

    Just something I’ve been thinking about seeing how he’s fared as a HC. He’s just not good at it. Our defense only improved after he left. Plus Flores has been much more successful working with less as a HC out in Miami. We had good defenses under his watch as well, sure. But how much of that...
  10. Triumph

    Beau Allen wont play in 2020

    BUST Yikes--!!!--Bill Belichick just said that Beau Allen will not play this year. He was signed to fill the Danny Shelton role. He did not play a down. He was injured in training camp!--Beau Allen signed a 2 year, $7,000,000 contract with the New England Patriots, including a $1,750,000...
  11. S

    Should have gotten more for JG

    The trade was on paper a W for the Patriots - drafted Jimmy 63rd overall, received 42nd overall for him. Feels now like that wasn't enough. JG is a starter and a good one and coming off a Super Bowl appearance. Looking back it should have been quite a bit more than that. It didn't have to be a...
  12. rochrist


    6 for 6 today from 30, 31, 39, 51, 54 and 55 yards.
  13. thecore762

    Ravens QB Lamar Jackson improving

    He is getting better and better as a passer, sure they beat the lowly Browns but I think the Ravens are the real deal, I can see things coming down between the Chiefs and Ravens for the afc this year. I can’t stand either teams...but damn they look ways better than any other teams. We shall see...
  14. Joey007

    [Old 2020 thread] NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    Don’t think we’d be a landing spot for obvious reasons, but I can think of a lot of many teams that will make a run for him.
  15. SammyBlueCat

    Morning sports update: Kyle Van Noy initially wasn’t happy about being traded to the Patriots

    Kyle Van Noy initially wasn't happy about being traded to the Patriots |
  16. PP2

    McVay openly discusses being outsmarted by Belichick in SBLIII

    Sean McVay knows he screwed up in the Super Bowl — and his Rams will be stronger for it
  17. IcyPatriot

    Who's the best first-round pick in Patriots history?

    Who's the best 1st-round pick in Pats history? "Even well before Bill Belichick took over the football operation in 2000, for those of us who far too often leave that period of time out of big-picture conversations, there are franchise-altering first-rounders who made their way to New England...
  18. Mack Herron

    What we got for Garoppolo

    Everyone knows we received a second rounder (boooo), right? But who did we select? Follow along: PATRIOTS RECEIVE: CB Duke Dawson (No. 56 overall, 2018) LB Christian Sam (No. 178 overall, 2018) RB Damien Harris (No. 87 overall, 2019) T Yodny Cajuste (No. 101 overall, 2019) QB Jarrett Stidham...
  19. V

    What percentage of coaches would have put Flacco in

    After the first couple of awful series by Lamar. Their offensive line sucked but you have to provide a spark. It's win or go home.
  20. lurker1965

    No one died - delayed to let someone get over it

    You know how "DO YOUR JOB" had an implied "WELL"? I think "No one died" has an implied "yet." For evidence, I give Russ Goldman. :) You OK yet Russ? We kid because we love.