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Oct 25th

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  1. rochrist


    6 for 6 today from 30, 31, 39, 51, 54 and 55 yards.
  2. Triumph

    Bedard does good job reading the tea leaves

    The part of young WRs is spot on. The part about AB is spot on too. NFL Notebook: Tom Brady's views on young WRs fits with his late-career Brady-centric arc, will it factor into his end with NE? | Boston Sports Journal
  3. Quest4SevenHomie

    Why has it been so hard to find elite o-linemen?

    The o-line have failed to protect Brady even against inept pass rush defense. They constantly struggle and have heart attacks at the biggest moments. We haven't had a decent o-line since the 2014 season. Meanwhile teams like the Saints, Rams, Titans, Bears all have elite o-linemen... that can...
  4. M

    Pats need a reboot or no?

    Pats need a reboot or no? >>Days ago you were saying the rest of this season is a cakewalk. Now this? You need a boot in the hind quarters. @Tunescribe Bring it
  5. borg

    Patriots TE: Production vs Cost

    Rob Gronkowski Production: 29 catches, 448 yds, 1 TD, 71% offensive snaps, played in 7 of 9 games 2018 Cost: $8 mill salary plus per game bonus totaling no more than $880,000. Other incentives unlikely. 2019 cost: $9 mill salary The new deal includes Gronkowski earning $1 million more in per...
  6. K

    Central Thread For Mourning/Canonizing Jimmy Garoppolo

    He's definitely channeling Brady: deep preparation, quick reads and reactions, on point time management, attention to detail in how his receivers run routes - even the "locked in".
  7. HailHydra

    A What If: Bouye over Gilmore

    Both corners were basically offered the same amount of money last offseason (65 vs. 67.5 mill) but one of them has quite evidently proven to be the superior DB this season. Bouye is 26 right now, Gilmore is 27. Bouye had an excellent season with the Texans prior to hitting FA, while Gilmore had...
  8. M

    Could the Harrison signing back fire on us in some way?

    I really have no reason for asking this.. I'm off this week and really bored. The thought just popped in my head..
  9. M

    What is Wrong with Brady? The Debate Continues...

    I've edited this post to reflect the thoughtful commentary on here that has called me out for suggesting Brady has room for improvement -- because even the GOAT can be even greater. The picks place the Patriots in a difficult position and Brady would be the first to tell you that, as they're on...
  10. N

    Mingo and Sheard sighting

    Colts just sacked Flacco, their two edge rushers both got there and brought him down. Mingo and Sheard. With 20:20 hindsight maybe keeping them would've been a good move. Thoughts?
  11. D

    Jimmy G over 380 yards today (week 15)

    Including a game winning drive for a FG. It's getting harder and harder to root for him. I'm starting to feel sick that we had to let a QB this talented walk. And for almost nothing in return. Ugh.
  12. signbabybrady

    Josh Gordon

    Well I guess we should have traded for Gordon one of those times.
  13. IcyPatriot

    99 ex-Patriots sit on active rosters, practice squads and IR lists around the league

    How many former Patriots reside around the NFL? ‘Whatever the number is, it’s a lot’
  14. NG Pats Fan

    Broncos waive former Patriot TE AJ Derby

    Anyone surprised?
  15. Brady6

    Jacoby Brissett

    The kid is playing some good football the past few weeks. Unlike Garoppolo we had him under control for a few more years. Trading him has been a mistake, so far anyway. Happy to see the kid making the most of his opportunity.
  16. K

    Broncos game will tell us a lot about where this year's Patriots team is going.

    Broncos are a dumpsyet fire on offense. This will be the worst Broncos t am we have played at Mile High in...I don't know how long. Should handle them easily...yet I have concerns about our defense
  17. PatsFanInVa

    Wanted: net content aggregator

    Somebody please invent a bot that searches for media reports predicting the demise of Brady, BB, and/or the Pats. Other stories: BB reached to get... Brady will slow down after age... Belichick’s arrogance led him to... Wait, they have that, it’s called ESPN Kidding. Wouldn’t it be a kick to...
  18. HailHydra

    Jimmy G Sucks

    i knew it all along
  19. MrNathanDrake

    Last Offseason was supposed to be one of the best

    It turned out to be one of the worst off seasons ever. Dwayne Allen. Huge waste of money. Hasnt done anything. Unproductive. Not even getting reps anymore. Couldve had Marty Bennett back for just a little bit more, and wouldve gotten a whole lot more production. Mike Gilliselee. The...
  20. MrNathanDrake

    Thoughts on Mike Gillislee so far?

    Big Disappointment and downgrade at the RB position if you ask me. Compare his numbers to last year and he clearly isnt what the Pats thought he would be. Mike Gillislee He's averaging 3.6 yards per carry. His longest run this year is 16 yards. He's been okay on the goalline but really bad in...