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  1. J

    Deflategate Documentary - Non-Patriots Science, Legal and Ethics Experts Skewer the NFL

    I just watched the award-winning Four Games In Fall film on Amazon Prime Video and it was very well put together & intriguing! Whether you are a #Patriots #Fan or #Hater you'll find that the film totally eye opening! It's not a rah-rah football file, but it is an un-biased dissection of the...
  2. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Holding Penalties down 59%; PI calls up 22%

    Now the NFL has its own version of the HoMe RuN and the ThReE pOiNtEr. As if years if eroding away defense wasn’t enough... It’s hard to take it seriously when QBs/offenses accomplish new records...
  3. W

    e-mail to NFL*

    The wife wants to e-mail the NFL* to show displeasure about SB half time shows. Does anyone have a reliable e-mail address? Thanks in advance. Wrangler
  4. Patsfanin Philly

    Video of Raiders illegally warming a ball on the sidelines Mon Night

    ESPN camera's caught the Raiders placing a ball near the heater with a minute left in a tied ball game. Where is the outrage? Where are Mark Brunnel's tears??? Oh right, it doesn't involve the Patriots so the honchos at 345 PArk Ave. will look the other way.... What a crock...
  5. QuantumMechanic

    Goodell extended for five years :(

    News just came in. FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Commissioner Goodell Signs Five-Year Extension
  6. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Goodell's new contract is signed

    New contract for Roger Goodell has been signed what a mistake what an embarrassment what a lousy commissioner
  7. S

    WSJ Takes Goodell to the Woodshed

    What the NFL Teaches Corporate America The pressure is ramping up on Goodell. There must be a few owners that still read the Journal & this won't go over well. Amoung other things, the article says that any public company would have fired Goodell for poor performance years ago & characterizes...
  8. T

    Jerry Jones to Goodell: Kraft is a P$$$Y Compared to what I will do to you

    War between Jerry and Goodell escalating *popcorn* OTL: NFL teeters on all-out, unprecedented civil war
  9. Bill Lee

    Good News for Pats: Ezekiel Elliott to play vs Chiefs

    Good News for Us: Ezekiel Elliott Plays vs Chiefs Analysis | Cowboys get a legal Hail Mary, and Ezekiel Elliott will play Sunday says Just as the Dallas Cowboys were prepared to begin life without Ezekiel Elliott for six games, albeit reluctantly, the second-year running back received...
  10. PatsFanInVa


    So let's pull way back from the usual talk of thisgate and thatgate. Here in Patsland, we tend to feel that the League* railroaded the Pats on at least the most recent occasion, and very selectively targeted the Pats on the first occasion. We know what "everybody else" thinks too. Okay set that...
  11. AtomicDawg

    Pissed off Chargers fan buys billboards ripping Goodell/NFL*

    We Pats fans have company in the Goodell hating club. Slowly but surely fans of the other 30 (Saints fans already know) are getting the hint of what a liability this guy is. Billboards slamming NFL to go up near LA Chargers stadium
  12. ViperGTS

    Elliot gets his TRO from Judge

    The NFL lied. Of course. They lied about TB yet no one brought that up. If Zeke was a Pat and a TB12 type case had happened the year before, they would have slapped that decision on the table and said no chance.
  13. R

    The Season Finale of Deflategate

    #10 - THE SERIES FINALE OF DEFLATEGATE [With Roger Goodell returning to New England on Thursday night for the opening game of the NFL season, a repost from February was certainly in order] I hold no grudge against Roger Goodell. If a man acts according to his heart and his principals, and does...
  14. oldrover

    And today, the seemingly endless (832 days long) unjust punishing of the Patriots comes to an end...

    Patriots' Forfeited Fourth-Round Pick Closes Book On DeflateGate Here's to the Patriots... for winning two... TWO... Super Bowls since the madness began. And to the NFL*... a salute...
  15. QuantumMechanic

    OT-ish: NFL allegedly expands player investigations

    Florio: and NFLPA warns of “new world” of player investigations
  16. aluminum seats

    Florio's Great Take on Steelers Hiding Bell's Injury

    The last line of this earns Florio major points for awhile.... Le’Veon Bell continues to admit to hidden injury
  17. Koma

    You'll Never Believe This: Revis Tampering More Extensive Than Revealed

    From Tom Curran via a story by Manish Mehta: Curran: Jets’ 2015 tampering with Revis more extensive than NFL revealed If I'm Clark Hunt, I'm on the phone to NY asking why my team lost 2 draft picks and a total of $350k while the Jets were only fined $100k. If I'm a Jets fan with a tiny bit of...
  18. PatsFanSince74

    NY Daily News calls Goodell out (again) and defends BB and TB (again)

    Samuel lays into the NFL over its hypocrisy in letting the Steelers' slide. Not holding my breath waiting for the MCI and CHB to chime in...and waiting...and waiting... It's a darn good thing that reporters in NY and DC are not giving up and instead are persisting in holding the League to...
  19. Soul_Survivor88

    Sally Jenkins torches the NFL in latest piece concerning Deflategate 2.0

    Sally Jenkins torches the NFL in latest piece concerning Deflategate 2.0 Once again, Sally remains the voice of reason
  20. S

    Goodell talks deflategate and his return to Foxboro

    Roger Goodell talks Deflategate, including when he’ll return to Gillette Stadium he keeps repeating independent so many times everytime . Does he really believe everyone is tone deaf ?