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  1. Joey007

    So what can be done to fix this (1-2 start)?

    I want some general dialogue here. What can be done offensively and defensively to fix our issues? Offensively it seems pretty simple, that we need to hope Gordon and Edelman can help open up the offense, and figure out what we’re most comfortable with in terms of our playcalling. (Not the...
  2. TommyD4207

    Interesting Matchup - Stephon Gilmore vs. Alshon Jeffrey

    Not only will this likely be a key matchup in the Super Bowl, and we'll likely see it a lot (Gilmore matched on Jeffrey) - but these two were also college teammates for four years at South Carolina, likely matched up on each other in practice every day as well. I have no idea what their...
  3. patfanken

    Isn't it time we talk about the weather?

    I've read where there is a possibility that Saturday's game could be played under severe weather, and weather can be a great leveler in any football game. If I'm the Titans I'm thrilled with the prospect of playing the Pats under severe weather conditions. The best part of the Titans offense...
  4. mgcolby

    Titan defensive breakdown (vs KC)

    Haven't broke down film since the end of the school season, haven't had much time to do any NFL film lately do to work and my deciding we should open two restaurants. With some down time this evening I figured I would see how much I can get through. I'm focusing on the Titans D, I will cherry...
  5. scott99

    How are the Pats 12-3 and on the verge of Home Field throughout ? Mind boggling defensive stats.

    Looking at defensive stats today, and I find it mind boggling this team is 12-3, and most likely winds up 13-3. Pass defense: 29th in yards against, only 4 teams have given up more passing yards. Indy, Giants & Bucs. None of those teams have more than 4 wins. 38 sacks, 11 teams have more...
  6. PatsBoy12

    Question About the Screen Play

    No, I don't mean Good Will Hunting 2. :D Seriously . . . I have watched quite a few Saints games this season because I was interested in what the turnaround was for them. In so doing, I realized that they are great at running the screen plays to their backs. NE hasn't been as consistently...
  7. K

    Belichick Breakdown of end of Steelers game

    This is the most interesting Breakdown this season. The analysis of exactly why Gronkowski was open so much - one of the safeties was used to playing zone and Brady led him with his eyes - was particularly interesting, but there's a lot else. E.g., Slater's tackle, and the fake spike.
  8. CISGS

    Gilmore or Butler on Brown?

    Who will handle covering AB and who would you choose? Obviously there will be Safety help over the top.
  9. M

    Patricia The Rocket Scientist

    Wow! Our DE's and LB's were: Wise Lee M. Flowers Roberts Harris and Van Noy for a few plays.
  10. P

    Patriots Nearly Have Two 100yd Rushers Against Bills On Sunday

    Patriots Nearly Have Two 100yd Rushers Against Bills On Sunday Ian Logue The Patriots clearly came into Sunday's game against the Bills believing they'd have success on the ground, but it's doubtful they had any idea they'd have two players who would nearly pass the century mark. Continue...
  11. long distance

    The Tom & Rob Show

    healthy unstoppable. classic warm up: 3rd and 11: casual sky grab (in case of need): ____ and of course . unleashing new Guerrero “pliable“ panther mode . is just unfair..
  12. P

    Patriots - Bills Key Matchups, Who Has the Razor’s Edge

    Patriots - Bills Key Matchups, Who Has the Razor’s Edge Steve Balestrieri In six career games, Gronk has 35 catches for 583 yards (97.1 yards per game) and seven touchdowns. Look for Brady to get Gronkowski involved early. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs...
  13. Off The Grid


    33 Runs + 29 Pass Plays!! Awesome!! Bill the Mad (Genius) has exhibited his ability ~ and that'f Tom Terrific and Coach McDaniels ~ to win a tendency towards passing...But for my money the best way to keep D's off balance is to be balanced...And it remains the best way to win in January, when...
  14. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - The "who are these guys" edition

    This game was so one sided that I was trying to think of a coherent title that reflected this game, and it wasn't until about a couple of minutes ago that it occurred to me. Perhaps as I think about further an alternative title could be, "the gap between image and reality". OK let me explain...
  15. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread - Pats destroy Raiders!!!!!!

    One of our best overall performances of the year so far. Great win and it's nice to be 8-2 and in complete control of the AFC East. Cooks, Amendola, Dion and Dwayne Allen all played well and I thought Brady was excellent. Defensively, we keep improving as well. Thankfully, it seems no...
  16. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - The special teams edition

    OK, 1am and I've had a chance to think this one over, gather a few stats and try an put it in perspective. Going into the game I expected a close game. I thought the Pats could score 23-27 and hold the Broncos to just under 20. The key to this game I thought would be TO's. The Pats have...
  17. P

    Martellus Bennett Released by GB, the Patriots Should Be Very Interested

    Martellus Bennett Released by GB, the Patriots Should Be Very Interested Steve Balestrieri Bennett and Rob Gronkowski would automatically give the team a dynamic 1-2 punch in two tight end sets which would ease the burden of the wide receivers Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry...
  18. NE-VT

    Semi-OT: The "GM Street" Podcast

    A number of us have been recommending this podcast from former Patriots insider Michael Lombardi. It is a review of current league trends and a critique of various NFL management and coaching styles. This latest episode was so excellent I thought it was thread-worthy: A couple of things that...
  19. UGAPatsfan

    Gilmore out with concussion....from what?

    Just reported. What on earth...such a tough start for this guy. I honestly don't know if we have the DB's to ward of the freaking Jets just in terms of pure numbers. Rowe and Gilmore out leaves Butler and Jones. Ouch.
  20. P

    Patriots - Jets Key Matchups, Who Has the Razor’s Edge?

    Patriots - Jets Key Matchups, Who Has the Razor’s Edge? Steve Balestrieri This may be a time for the Patriots to establish something of a consistent running game. Gang Green has allowed an average of 143 yards per game. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If...