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  1. S

    2021 MVP futures

    From William Hill. 18/1 is not a bad price to take a shot on Brady if they bring all their guys back I think the Pats are the only NFL team with zero players on this list :D :D :D
  2. S

    Super Bowl 55 props

    Super Bowl Prop Bets - Expert Props Picks and Analysis - My picks: Coin toss result Heads -101 Will opening kickoff be a touchback? Yes -220 What will the first offensive play be? Run play -120 Will there be a score in the first five minutes? No -110 First team to score Tampa...
  3. Joker

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION MNF: Seattle @ Philly 11/30

    didn't see a thread so I HAD to put this up...mainly because of the early coaching decisions on offense by Pete the Cleaner. This is gruesome football, as if Amos Alonzo Stagg somehow took over Pete's body from the grave
  4. Ian

    NFL Fan loses $1 million at Draft Kings after stat change

    Man...this is a bummer: The league is notorious for this stuff. They even do it weeks later in some cases, making it very hard to keep up with but obviously this guy is most definitely disappointed. :eek:
  5. S

    Super Bowl preliminary lines

    Pats (and Chiefs) +1.5 vs Saints, PK vs Rams
  6. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Pats vs Chiefs opens at -3/3.5 with O/U 58.5

    Early odds: Patriots -3 vs. Chiefs Things could change between now and then with injuries or perception, but the likely line will be within a field goal. Vegas must see these teams as roughly even with 3 points for the home team. Really looking forward to this one. Outside of HFA, seeding...
  7. fnordcircle

    OT-ish: The gambling thread

    Mods don't touch my thread I'll write an op-ed about you to the NY Times if you do. I bought a piece of paper tonight. Anyone else engaged in sin? I don't bet the rest of the league until week 8-10 depending on how good of a grasp I feel I have on the way things are shaking out> Yes, I...
  8. AtomicDawg

    TBT: Pats-Bills 1998....A Crazy Bet and a Crazy Finish

    To tide you over until Sunday's newest game against the Bills, let's go back 19 years ago. One of the strangest, craziest finishes to a game cost a homeless man thousands of dollars. Here is a great article to read on this. Lots of great stuff from Vinateri and others. 'The baddest beat they...
  9. P

    NFL Week 1 Games

    NFL Week 1 Odds, TV Info and Predictions John Morgan After what has seemed to be an eternity, the 2017 NFL season kicks off Thursday. Here is a look at the odds, television broadcast information, and predictions. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit...
  10. fnordcircle

    OT: 2017 Degenerate Gambler Thread

    I honestly looked but I can't find any gambler thread in the Off Topic forums but weed is legal in my state. $1k dropped on the pats -9 at the local book. If I win I'll be driving over to the Mustang Ranch to find a couple of unfortunate women. Anyone else making sound financial decisions...
  11. Bill Lee

    Mass. Lottery releases new Patriots "5X CHAMPIONS" instant ticket

    Direct from Mass. Lottery releases new Patriots "5X CHAMPIONS" instant ticket But don't bet on football games, kids! That would tarnish the pristine image of the NJFL!
  12. 1960Pats

    Betting Lines are Meaningless (2016 version)

    After 3 weeks and one game the results are in. A - 20 games had the winner win and cover B - 20 games had the underdog win outright. C - 6 games had the winner win but not cover. D - 3 games tied. This means that if you just picked the winners and ignored the lines, there have only been two...
  13. FreeTedWilliams

    Dolphins will now play in the Hard Rock (Casino) Stadium

    The NYJFL* has once again shown its integrity. Remember last year when they forbid Tony Romo from hosting a Fantasy Football convention because of its association with gambling? Well now comes the Dolphins who have sold the naming rights to Joe Robbie, Sunkist, whatever it was called, to the...
  14. XLIX

    No nationwide sports gambling (for now)

    CA3's en banc review of the appeals court decision upholding PASPA has come down and they upheld it. In other words, New Jersey will not be allowed to implement sports gambling and PASPA has been ruled Constitutional (although I cannot for the life of me understand that reasoning). So while...
  15. RecoveringCowboy

    The Integrity League is OK with Las Vegas

    It's not just Jerrah has this compulsion to talk a lot, but his choice of topics that keeps this legend-in-his-own-mind a candidate for Bonehead of the Year. He's truly insane in his Don Quiotic quest to talk his way out of not being a football fool. The topic is his blessing for the Raiders to...