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  1. DarrylS

    Free Agent's First Day as Patriot

    Kinds of a "puff piece" by the Herald, about what it is like the for a newly signed FA as he enters the world of the New England Patriots.. One thing that was learned is that Nancy Meier coordinates their travel/lodging as they come into town, I assume that she also assists with relocation...
  2. Mack Herron

    Patricia: Return of the Rocket Scientist

  3. DaBruinz

    Lions hiring Brad Holmes as GM

    Detroit Lions hiring Rams' Brad Holmes as next general manager " The Detroit Lions have a new general manager: Los Angeles Rams director of college scouting Brad Holmes. The Lions reached agreement on a five-year contract with Holmes after interviewing him for a second time Wednesday, a...
  4. P

    NEW ARTICLE: NFL News and Mark’s Morsels

    NFL News and Mark’s Morsels Mark Morse Some noise started this week on promoting Eliot Wolf, son of legendary Green Bay GM Ron Wolf, as a GM for the Patriots. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  5. G

    Report: Ziegler Withdraws from Broncos GM Search

    Sounds like he might be Caserio's replacement.
  6. DropKickFlutie

    OT: The Case for Eliot Wolf to be Elevated to General Manager in Front Office

    We have a talented front office consultant where it seems to make sense to elevate him into at least what Nick Caserio was doing, if there is a concern that he's too young to be outright GM: 1. Eliot Wolf consulted for the Pats last year, was Assistant GM on the recent Browns revival, and...
  7. Mack Herron

    Ziegler interviews with Broncos Saturday

  8. P

    Four Wednesday Patriots Thoughts For 6/26

    Four Wednesday Patriots Thoughts For 6/26 Ian Logue Some midweek Patriots thoughts after an interesting couple of weeks. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  9. P

    Patriots Reportedly File Tampering Charges Against Texans in Caserio Pursuit

    Patriots Reportedly File Tampering Charges Against Texans in Caserio Pursuit Steve Balestrieri The league will look into this situation and try to determine whether any tampering was done and if so, what punishment is appropriate. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the...
  10. Mack Herron

    Texans fire GM. Could impact Patriots

  11. DarrylS

    Bill Parcell's Son in Law return to NEP???

    Scott Pioli has left the Falcons and where will he wind up?? Maybe with his long time friend and mentor BB?? Would be an interesting move, but what will happen to loyal soldier Nick Caserio?? After the Watson and Collins signing there seems to be value in bringing NFL hardened folks back into...
  12. M

    Some Love For BB The GM

    So I was reading over at (or at least the part I could pick out as the English language) and kept seeing jete's fans crowing about their $100 million in 2018 free cap space. They are currently at around $81 million for 2018 but the consensus is that they'll release Wilkerson...
  13. NE-VT

    Semi-OT: The "GM Street" Podcast

    A number of us have been recommending this podcast from former Patriots insider Michael Lombardi. It is a review of current league trends and a critique of various NFL management and coaching styles. This latest episode was so excellent I thought it was thread-worthy: A couple of things that...
  14. DropKickFlutie

    Details behind the Browns bungling of McCarron Trade

    A very detailed account of how inept the Cleveland Brown front office was, in not completing the trade in time with the Bengals: Browns' and Bengals' AJ McCarron trade documents didn't match and more buzz from the botched trade: Mary Kay Cabot 1. A reminder of how fortunate we are to have...
  15. Ross12

    Browns coaching staff “irate” with FO over Garoppolo trade

    Saw this this morning and didn’t see it anywhere else here, found it funny. Essentially the Browns Front Office went home early the night of the Jimmy G trade and no one was even around to try to get in on the trade action, so SF got Jimmy easily... Cleveland people didn’t even know about the...
  16. K

    Gilmore signing: Did the Patriots violate their own procedures?

    Jeff Howe claims that Gilmore's signing went against the Patriots' own stated procedures for signing free agents. In this podcast, Howe: Fair To Question Patriots For Gilmore Signing - Toucher & Rich - , Howe says that the Patriots didn't sign high-priced free agents without first...
  17. convertedpatsfan

    Patriots brought in someone to teach them about millenials

    ‘GM Street’ — What Went Wrong in Week 3 (Ep. 148) Around the 1m 40s mark, it's a bit of a throwaway line where Lombardi talks about while he was with the Patriots, they brought someone in to teach them about millenials. Nothing really important, just found it amusing, and another example of BB...
  18. S

    Rex Ryan on loss of Edelman, gain of Hogan, Gillislee and Gilmore

    Entertaining interview with Rex Ryan - if you start around the 9 minute mark you can hear him discuss the impact of the loss of Edelman on the Patriots, and just how furious he was at the loss of Hogan to the Pats as well as just how good Gillislee and particularly Gilmore are. When he first...
  19. P

    Five Takeaways From "Do Your Job 2"

    Five Takeaways From "Do Your Job 2" Ian Logue For fans in New England, Sunday night was simply a rare treat as NFL Films allowed them opportunity to get a look behind the curtain at the greatest comeback in Super Bowl History. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs...
  20. S

    Creating the Perfect Front Office

    You know those articles which try to create the perfect Quarterback by taking Manning's brain, Brady's heart, Cam Newton's legs, and Aaron Rodger's arm? If you were to create the perfect GM in that way by taking parts from various NFL franchises, who would you take? How many of these parts...