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  1. yukon cornelius

    Iloka suspension reduced

    didn't see that coming; it was clear retaliation...... more inconcistency
  2. S

    WSJ Takes Goodell to the Woodshed

    What the NFL Teaches Corporate America The pressure is ramping up on Goodell. There must be a few owners that still read the Journal & this won't go over well. Amoung other things, the article says that any public company would have fired Goodell for poor performance years ago & characterizes...
  3. T

    Jerry Jones to Goodell: Kraft is a P$$$Y Compared to what I will do to you

    War between Jerry and Goodell escalating *popcorn* OTL: NFL teeters on all-out, unprecedented civil war
  4. Jangles

    Goodell contract demands ($50m salary, private jet, health insurance for life)

    Roger Goodell is asking for a $50M salary, private plane and health insurance for life, per report lmao no wonder Jerry said hell no
  5. T

    Jerry hires a lawyer and threatens lawsuit over Goodell extension

    Jerry Jones hires lawyer and threatens to sue over Roger Goodell extension This is gonna get ugly...
  6. Mack Herron

    Jerruh Jones trying to block Goodell extension

    Goodell extension: Owners tiring of lapdog? Jerry Jones one year ago: 'I'm all for the power of the commissioner' Precious.
  7. P

    Sally Jenkins: As reliable as ever in calling out the NFL!!

    Along with Michael Hurley and Tom E. Curren, Sally Jenkins continues to represent. In Roger Goodell’s NFL, end-zone dances matter more than domestic violence "“Right now, I am just numb to the incompetence of the NFL,” player-turned-commentator Tedy Bruschi said on ESPN on Sunday. But that’s...
  8. N

    brutal article on Goodell/NFL

    how can this guy continue to "lead" the league? A little bit of vindication for the GOAT regarding the deflate-gate railroading job too.. Hurley: After Making Most Offensive Statement, Roger Goodell Deserves To Lose Job As NFL Commissioner
  9. PlainOldEd

    PlainOldEd will be at the game tomorrow.....

    Sitting in the nosebleeds. If you see me give me a shout out. You'll know me by my attire..
  10. Froob

    Shocker of the year: Blast from the past for Goodell (Joker is going to love this)

    Integrity and such..
  11. pats4life12

    Robert Kraft Responds to Fire Goodell Chant

    Well talking to Pats fans in Arizona, fans started chanting fire Goodell. To which Kraft responded by saying "We all agree with you there"! I think this is awesome! Here is what I think is the original article about it. It has the video too...
  12. The Brandon Five

    Fire Goodell

    My nephew met Gronk at Logan this morning. Luckily he was wearing appropriate attire.
  13. PatsGuy

    A message to the commissioner from Sicily

    Cefalu Italy Contrary to popular opinion, the Sicilian 's first allegiance isn't to the Mafia. Why do u think I have my T on!! The Rock in the background? My F'U to Goodell
  14. BradyFTW!

    Former official rips Goodell for "arbitrary punishment ... for a fast public relations fix."

    Article here: Former NFL official rips Roger Goodell, instant replay Money quote here: I for one am shocked that Goodell would act arbitrarily in the name of prioritizing PR over 'getting it right'. And given how Green phrased his critique, I think there's a clear, implicit criticism of how...
  15. S

    first anti goodell article

    at least one i have seen another interesting one...