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  1. V

    What BB’s Plan at QB Is

    1. Draft a QB at pick 200 or later, ideally a UDFA 2. Start them their rookie year 3. No Super Bowl? Cut them and go to Step 1 4. Yes Super Bowl? Start them until they don’t win a Super Bowl 5. Go to step 1
  2. Biffins

    Hypothetical / Impossible trade speculation - Trade Belichick for Watson

    This is just a fun thought experiment. If Kraft were to get an offer to trade Belichick for Watson from the Texans, straight up, should the Patriots take it.
  3. crawhammer

    Bruce Arians

    What do people think of this guy? He takes a lot of criticism because he comes across like a big lummox. Admittedly he doesn't appear to be doing much during the game... he's like a stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving... just sitting there with all the dressings. But in a way I also want to give him...
  4. ChrisR2223

    The moment you realize Brandon Allen is Better than any QB In New England

    Nothing else needs to be said. God I hope the Organization gets the QB position right.
  5. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Bench Newton!

    I'm on board. Can't believe I drank the Sham Newton koolaid. Hopefully next week is the end of the Cam Newton experiment. I tried rooting for him and wanted him him to succeed, but he's washed up. Bench him Belichick!
  6. Joey007

    2021 QB Pool

    I've noticed we've been kicking around various options for QB's that could be viable options available on the market in 2021. I figure it would be a good idea to compile a list of potential options. Couple of notes. Some of these options have a lower chance of becoming available, but maybe have...
  7. drew4008

    Gronk now has more yards than any Patriot receiver

    After Sunday's 100+ yard outing from Gronk, the Buccaneers TE passes Patriots leading WR, Damiere Byrd, in receiving yards for the 2020 campaign.
  8. DropKickFlutie

    Article: Curious Offensive Playcalls in Loss

    I'm glad this article calls out things. McDaniels play calls were messed up. Red Zone issues going on 4 weeks now. Offense improved when McDaniels let Cam make more intermediate passes in the second half. Also the onside kick by Belichick was baffling and lost all the momentum...
  9. J

    Chiefs, Bears with new covid positives

  10. Pape

    We should do something really stupid

    to show our support for the Pats... we should drive up to the stadium, lock up route 1 in front of the stadium and just blast car horns and assorted loud things ... makes some noise ... an impromptu tailgate on the highway... tellin the guys that while we aren't there, we are behind them
  11. S

    Report: Some Patriots are feeling under the weather

    Awesome. Hope you got what you wanted Goodell.
  12. SammyBlueCat

    Cam Newton feeling the love Tom Brady never did

    Can we extend him? Is there another Super Bowl window of opportunity open with him around? Cam Newton feeling the love Tom Brady never did
  13. kmac14

    Pats Fifth Quarter

    Anybody else notice that during the Pats Fifth Quarter broadcast that when Christian Fauria was featured in the background there were two guys in Patriots jerseys tossing a football and one had the jersey number 11 and the other had the jersey number 21? Just a coincidence that the final score...
  14. PatsFanInVa

    Pre-game Cam thread.

    Cam. A lot is expected. Cam. A lot. Cam. A lot. When he takes off running it's like a Pittsburgh runningback from their dynasty years (Cam a la Harris.) When he throws it's as on-target as an Olympic archery trial in California (a *****in' Cam arrow.) When it comes to speaking from the podium...
  15. Simpelton

    I want Tom Brady to _____ in Tampa

    Straightforward enough
  16. Hammer of Thor

    Patriots 2020 draft - projected draft slots

    Thought it might be useful to have a running thread throughout the year with the anticipated 2020 Patriots draft pick slots. I can update this as trades are made during the year. Mike Reiss details them here: Jarrett Stidham has best preseason for rookie QB under Bill Belichick Pats...
  17. M

    Franchise Tag?

    Franchise Tag
  18. M

    Poll: Remember Deflategate?

    Remember Deflategate?
  19. V

    Romo still sounds like he's on the toilet

    Trying to squeeze one out in tense situations
  20. M

    Need the SB 25 game plan the rest of the way

    run Control the clock Good D