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  1. TheRainMaker

    Asante goes off on Bill/Pats organization

    No more Twitter, he finally speaks! He tells a heated confrontation between him and BB regarding his contract, says Bill holds players back, players are lying on how “good” it is and too afraid to speak up on how they’re treated like “s***”, Tom is the reason Bill gets away with signing “random...
  2. H

    Jack Easterby Blames Kraft Family for Texans Turmoil

    Seems to be a real winner...that is all! —MOD EDIT: Adding the source for this post as provided by @oldrover below and changing title to be more informative
  3. DaBruinz

    Lions hiring Brad Holmes as GM

    Detroit Lions hiring Rams' Brad Holmes as next general manager " The Detroit Lions have a new general manager: Los Angeles Rams director of college scouting Brad Holmes. The Lions reached agreement on a five-year contract with Holmes after interviewing him for a second time Wednesday, a...
  4. vuudu

    How is 2021 so far?

    2020 season was batshit crazy, but the writers of 2021 are outdoing themselves so far. Wow. No one should say happy new year again to me. Today I tried to move out of a the way of someone who was driving at fast speed in opposite direction a one way street. I ended up with two flat tires. I am...
  5. QuantumMechanic

    Zero gate at Gillette the rest of the way

    It's official -- no fans at the stadium for the rest of the season.
  6. S

    Gilmore's wife denied report of his dinner with Cam

    Alrighty then.
  7. ScottishPatriots

    Gilmore tests positive now

    NFL going to look ridiculous if we get a full on Patriots and Chiefs outbreak.
  8. S

    NFL threatens to take draft picks away from teams who break covid protocols (like masks)

    Be careful Bill. 345 Park Avenue is getting restless.
  9. H

    Titans Covid positives, first outbreak

    Not good to see, real positives
  10. B

    I think we can say Edelman does not have to have Brady

    .... in order to be a top flight NFL receiver. It was his drive and hard work that has made him great
  11. C

    35 million in cap space, are there NO quality WRs or TEs available?

    Cam is being set up to fail without credible WR and TE threats. It will be easy for defenses to stack the box and give minimal attention to passing games. No double teams on WRS. I understand that until outputs, BB thought he had no cap to work with. But now there is 35 million available...
  12. PatsBoy12

    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    I thought I'd post this for anyone who will be following the Bucs this season (and likely next), like me. I'm posting their initial 53-man roster, but maybe this can be the one thread dedicated to their news throughout the season for those interested? Mods, you okay with that? I'm sure there...
  13. P

    4 Monday Patriots Thoughts: Esiason Handled Brady Situation Poorly

    4 Monday Patriots Thoughts: Esiason Handled Brady Situation Poorly Ian Logue With the Patriots coming off of a productive week of practice and just a couple of sessions left before the countdown to training camp begins, here are some thoughts as we kick off this week. Continue reading...
  14. Patjew

    1985 AFCDG WTF... DS??

    2:16:32... that kind of freaked me out TBH. What amazing longevity!! Edited because I am an idiot. Here is the moment.
  15. FortressX

    10 year Old Says TB12 Cheats, Wins Science Fair.

    Still waitying to see any actual "science" with this. Young boy won science fair by asking if Tom Brady cheats
  16. everlong

    Best TE season ever

    Kelce, Kittle chase Gronkowski's record for best TE season Flawed to say the least. Gronk: 90 receptions, 1327 yards, 14.7 Y/R, 17 TD receptions, 1 rushing TD Kelce: 98 receptions, 1274 yards, 13.0 Y/R, 10 TD receptions, 0 rushing TD Kittle: 79 receptions, 1228 yards, 15.6 Y/R, 4 TD...
  17. Quest4SevenHomie

    Should we start to worry?

    As our team continues their quest for the #2 seed, other AFC teams are quickly moving closer to grabbing that spot and the Chargers or Texans are looking like they'll reach it sooner than anyone. Should we start to worry? I think we should definitely consider starting to worry about the AFC...
  18. Dorito Dink

    Josh Gordon Stepping Away?

    He just posted on his twitter (link below) that he's stepping away from football. Doesn't look like he was hacked. Really sad to see, the poor guy must be fighting so many demons
  19. bigballas

    Trollin Volin In the Wild

    ugh..he was on the Herd and he was soooo f'n happy why can't we get him out of Boston?
  20. M

    13-3 wild card team this year?

    when was the last time that happened? The Titans Super Bowl team perhaps?