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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. Ian

    Gilmore Tests Positive - How Do they Deal With His Potential Absence?

    Just starting a new thread getting away from Covid and talking about how they'll handle his absence. We've seen some good things from J.C. Jackson and I was mildly impressed with what we saw from Jonathan Jones. Jackson appears to be someone they feel good about and he's obviously gotten a lot...
  2. S

    Belichick admits Stidham injury might have caused demotion Shocker.
  3. Triumph

    Stidham was/is not injured.

    Setting the record straight. Hoyer bested Stidham for # 2 and despite Hoyer being 0 - 10 in his last starts is the guy in the biggest game of the season.
  4. M

    Not Much Use Of The Bottom Of The Roster

    I don't even pay much attention to the bottom of the roster until near game time. At that point I know who is on the roster. Is it just me? In the past, many have agonized about Roster position 51, 52 and 53 and who to put on IR to make room. And yes, this year, we can activate a couple of...
  5. drew4008

    Who the heck are our linebackers? lists the starters as Shilique Calhoun, Ja'Whaun Bentley, and Brandon Copeland, with youngsters Joejuan Williams and Anfernee Jennings in the wings (plus two rookies). Seeing as how (I think?) none of these guys have even started a game with us, this is really going to be one of...
  6. B

    Would You Have Stidham as QB2, Or Take the Pressure Off?

    OK, I have to say, I have been impressed by Stidham who is looking a very astute signing, However, is there a chance that the talk about making him QB2 at the expense of Hoyer is a bit premature? After watching the game last night, there were a few possible interceptions that would have made...
  7. S

    Evan Lazar's take on all 87 guys in training camp

    Lazar's Patriots Training Camp Recap: Thoughts On All 88 Participants | CLNS Media Good capsule entry on the status of every player, even forgotten ones like Martez Ivey. He weirdly undersells Duron Harmon's entire career, but other than that I found everything fair and informative.
  8. M

    POLL: Who is the "Deuce"?

    POLL: Who is the "Deuce"?
  9. Family

    Joe Thuney

    Are we asleep on Joe Thuney? I think the prevailing thinking is the Pats will not be able to sign him, but as camp unfolds he seems like the most consistent offensive lineman. Bedard singled him today as the #1 up so far. Someone mentioned on another thread that no rookie ever comes in and...
  10. shmessy

    Scar Ends Two More Careers [JJ Dielman, Cole Croston]

    Scar Ends Another Career It's like he's on a career killing spree this year! :eek: Patriots place OL J.J. Dielman on the reserve/retired list
  11. T

    Crossen vs Dawson

    Any insight on why Dawson hasn't seen the field since coming back from IR? I know round drafted doesn't matter: Crossen(7th) Dawson(2nd), but it just makes me wonder the reality of the situation. Is it a matter of being a better player at this point, or has the injury taken away a chance for a...
  12. C

    Back up Place Kicker?

    Do we have one on the roster? Watching the LA backup miss the net makes me wonder. Who is our backup kicker?
  13. P

    Who is the # 1 RB?

    Lewis or White? History tells us it's udually RB by committee.
  14. A

    Status of the Offensive Line

    I was glad that the Pats brain trust added tackles candidates the OL in the last Draft. There was little talent beyond Fleming and the starters Solder and Cannon. Now the reserves have some developmental talent to work with. BB has said you draft LOTs; and if they cant cut it there, move...
  15. nowayback

    Linebackers, who else besides Donta ?

    So Donta, Roberts , Shea , Van Noy, Freeny ......any good FA's or maybe a few drafted LB's ? Any ideas ?
  16. Deus Irae

    Patriots sign Rex Burkhead

    LGB or Mr. Bolden hardest hit
  17. BobDigital

    Patriots defense moving forward

    How will things change? Rowe I think will continue to grow here and on the hole has done well the last 3 games. I would hope Ryan will grow into the #3 spot which is a bit of a different skill set but one he should have. Roberts at LB has looked good and will be a good piece. He has showned...
  18. Joey007

    All aboard the Elandon Roberts train I guess

    Looks like this is our guy now.. He has some big shoes to fill. I've definitely liked what I've seen out of him this year if anything. Schefter was talking on TV about there being a play against Cleveland in where he knocked Joe Thomas to the ground. So it's obvious there's a lot to like about...
  19. Soul_Survivor88

    Did I miss something? Why was Eric Rowe subbing for Loyan Ryan?

    Is there a reason why Bill is benching Ryan?
  20. M

    Awesome Offense Set Through 2017 (with little work needed)

    We have one of our best offenses ever. The re-tooling has been "completed" (for the moment) at O, WR and TE, although Belichick will continue to add player. Bennett will be extended or franchised. OL Fleming is an RFA and will be back or we'll get a 1st. Cannon or Vollmer will be re-signed...