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  1. S

    Fivehead trolls the Pats about Deflategate

    Hilarious. :rolleyes: Maybe Brady's team should have sent goons to the whistleblower to try and end this story. Seems to work for some people.
  2. S

    Bob Kravitz writes about Deflategate [Four Games in Fall Documentary] Not a subscriber so I can’t read it but this sounds like it could be an admission he was wrong without actually saying it. Where are those NFL PSI reports anyway? Does Kravitz know?
  3. J

    Deflategate Documentary - Non-Patriots Science, Legal and Ethics Experts Skewer the NFL

    I just watched the award-winning Four Games In Fall film on Amazon Prime Video and it was very well put together & intriguing! Whether you are a #Patriots #Fan or #Hater you'll find that the film totally eye opening! It's not a rah-rah football file, but it is an un-biased dissection of the...
  4. goheels22002

    How Strong is the Curse of Deflategate?

    Since Deflategate started the two dastardly teams that started it - the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts - have failed to reach the playoffs. We head into week 17 with a scenario where the Ravens have to beat the Cleveland Browns in Baltimore, and the Colts have to beat the Tennessee...
  5. goheels22002

    No AFC Dome Teams, Broncos, Ratbirds in 2018 playoffs

    Happy New Year, everybody. Interesting to me that most of the usual suspects are not in the AFC playoffs and we're looking a field that features new meat in the Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans. Those fans must be excited and can have a great week or two until they get...
  6. VegasGuy

    Someone from outside NE gets it!

    Joe Starkey: Crushing night at Heinz Field — but there’s more to blame than a bad rule From this article the author makes this statement: The league isn’t trying to help the Patriots. “Deflategate” sort of destroyed that notion, what with the commissioner benching the biggest star in the game...
  7. Deus Irae

    Kraft admits he sold the team out

    Robert Kraft: NFL owner needs to be a “good partner” Now, let's have no more nonsense from the people who've been foolishly defending him.
  8. T

    Mortensen Finally Admits Rush to Publish Deflategate Story

    Chris Mortensen explains his Deflategate reporting for first time
  9. R

    The Season Finale of Deflategate

    #10 - THE SERIES FINALE OF DEFLATEGATE [With Roger Goodell returning to New England on Thursday night for the opening game of the NFL season, a repost from February was certainly in order] I hold no grudge against Roger Goodell. If a man acts according to his heart and his principals, and does...
  10. I

    Revisiting Brady since Deflategate

    Starting with the second half of the Colts-Pats AFCCG, here's what Brady has done: 2014: 49-64 (76.6%), 459 yds, 6 td, 2 int, Pats go 2-0, win Super Bowl 2015: 402-624 (64.4%), 4,770 yds, 36 td, 7 int, Pats go 12-4, lose in AFCCG 2016: 291-432 (67.4%), 3,554 yds, 28 td, 2 int, Pats go 14-2...
  11. H

    Judge Berman comments on deflate gate

    After moderating a discussion on the current state of arbitration, Judge Berman took the time to comment on deflategate. He is sticking to his guns, and says that without the precedent set by the subsequent reversal of his ruling, he would not alter his findings. Judge Berman: ‘Deflategate...
  12. AtomicDawg

    Another Victim of the Curse of Deflategate

  13. S

    Florio is absolutely pummelling Goodell's credibility on Deflategate

    This is awesome. Link: Giants raised PSI concerns during, not after, Steelers game That’s why you don’t rely on somebody else testing them,” Goodell said. “They are using a different device. Somebody else is testing them. They have to be tested by the officials who use the same device to make...
  14. Soul_Survivor88

    Sally Jenkins torches the NFL in latest piece concerning Deflategate 2.0

    Sally Jenkins torches the NFL in latest piece concerning Deflategate 2.0 Once again, Sally remains the voice of reason
  15. J

    Giants accuse the Steelers of deflating footballs

    Just reported on FOX. Happened during their game last week and the footballs got measured and a few came in under the PSI limit
  16. S

    Goodell talks deflategate and his return to Foxboro

    Roger Goodell talks Deflategate, including when he’ll return to Gillette Stadium he keeps repeating independent so many times everytime . Does he really believe everyone is tone deaf ?
  17. AtomicDawg

    SI: Prof. John Leonard: "100% Convinced Deflategate Failed"

    Brillant article from SI and Professor John Leonard from MIT. Science says Patriots never tampered footballs A bit here: We as Pats fans know this stuff from top to bottom but it's still great to get it out to the general public as Brady returns to work.
  18. AtomicDawg

    And So It Ends: NFLPA Will Not Pursue Further Appeals of Deflategate

  19. S

    Curran: Patriots success during brady suspension is deliciously ironic

    Curran: Patriots' success during Brady suspension is deliciously ironic
  20. raduray

    NYT report on Exponent and Deflategate

    A puff piece. I already posted my comment.