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  1. cupofjoe1962

    Why does 1st round pick Sony Michel play like a jag?

    Does anyone else think that the Patriot way is not working for Sony Michel? I remember reading that the Patriots wanted Michel to run north and south, opposed to his lateral movements during runs in college. This reminded me of Bill Parcels talking about Curtis Martin during camp. his rookie...
  2. P

    N'Keal Harry (lack of) Progress Report

    Passer Rating when targeted: 2019: 75.5 2020: 61.8 Reception %: 2019: 50.0% 2020: 55.8% Yards per reception: 2019: 8.8 2020: 8.9 Yards per route run: 2019: 0.83 2020: 1.04 EDIT: Week 12 update
  3. M


    If Folk makes the field goal in the first half all the need is a field goal. Not sure why BB is sticking with him.
  4. ChrisR2223

    Time to trade Caserio.

    We are going to lose Caserio before the draft next season. I hate to say it but it is time to trade him to Houston and promote Ossenfort. Houson has been playing with his junk under the table for a while now it's time to just accept Caserio is going to make sweet love with Bill O Brein. We need...
  5. ashley1992

    Marcus Cannon

    I've been disappointed by his play this year. I know he might be a little banged up but he had a tough game against Pitt and played poor against Miami. When he hasn't been in there, Waddle hasn't been much fact, I think he's been worse. Two years ago, he played at a pro bowl level...
  6. Joey007

    So Which Pieces on Offense/Defense Are a Part of the Future?

    Like which young players are the ones we need to build around? Which ones are not? Seems to be very few blue chip players on this team.
  7. cstjohn17

    When will Gordon be in shape?

    Half the time it looks like he is pulling a piano, maybe it is his hammy but I haven't seen much explosion. For such a super freak he has looked more like a big slow WR. Is he still getting in shape? injured? Can we expect to see the ability to separate?
  8. everlong

    Roster Evaluation

    First off I threw this together quickly just to open the topic. I'm sure there will be major disagreements. I've taken a tiered approach when assigning a designation to players. This isn't where they fit into the Patriots but how they compare to peers around the league and if they were an FA...
  9. thecore762

    Hogan should get cut this year...

    He has regressed so much this year it’s not even funny. Even Dorsett deserves to be moved ahead of Hogan IMO. We really miss Amendola, the guy along Julian has been rock solid for us when not injured. Just been a disappointing performance this week.
  10. M

    Pats need a reboot or no?

    Pats need a reboot or no? >>Days ago you were saying the rest of this season is a cakewalk. Now this? You need a boot in the hind quarters. @Tunescribe Bring it
  11. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Week 10 Pats @ Titans

    Let's go Pats!!!! A win today gets us to 8-2 with the bye. No injuries please !!!!! Lets discuss
  12. borg

    Patriots TE: Production vs Cost

    Rob Gronkowski Production: 29 catches, 448 yds, 1 TD, 71% offensive snaps, played in 7 of 9 games 2018 Cost: $8 mill salary plus per game bonus totaling no more than $880,000. Other incentives unlikely. 2019 cost: $9 mill salary The new deal includes Gronkowski earning $1 million more in per...
  13. archstanton543

    Who Is Sony Michel?

    More like "why?". I understand he was drafted in the first round and all that but...he's not helping. He hasn't helped most of the the games he's played it. Why are the Pats afraid to pull him? I understand Rex got hurt again but throwing to him twice in a row in the Red Zone late was just...
  14. vuudu

    Jordan Richards

    What does he do for this team? Please educate me.
  15. N

    challenger to Ross Ventrone?

    Just saw this item on Bleacher Report, reminded me of Ross Ventrone in his heyday with the Pats... C.J. Spiller: What It's Like to Be Cut 4 Times in the Same Year by the Same Team
  16. long distance

    Dwayne Allen to the moon?

    One of the most popular posts last week was Pats should send useless Allen to the moon once they claimed Bennett. I wonder if that disposition changed somewhat a game day later? For some help first an illustration what he is doing all season long. A decisive double block for Burkhead's 4th...
  17. B

    The Quarterback of the Future!

    Ladies and gentleman, I give you, the quarterback of the future. Someone to build the franchise around. Someone who is at the top of his game! Superbowl MVPs 2016 Tom Brady 2015 Von Miller 2014 Tom Brady 2017 Regular Season MVP Odds Tom Brady 10/3 Alex Smith 10/3 Carson Wentz 10/3 Russell...
  18. K

    Gilmore signing: Did the Patriots violate their own procedures?

    Jeff Howe claims that Gilmore's signing went against the Patriots' own stated procedures for signing free agents. In this podcast, Howe: Fair To Question Patriots For Gilmore Signing - Toucher & Rich - , Howe says that the Patriots didn't sign high-priced free agents without first...
  19. D

    Intersting Bills stat..

    In 2016, the Bills gave up 23.6 ppg. This year, at the quarter mark of the season, without Gilmore, the Bills are giving up an average of 13.5 ppg. That's even after facing one of the best offenses in the NFL last week. Gilmore and wasting a pick in a trade for Allen are two of Bill's worst...
  20. B

    Stephon Gilmore

    This guy is really concerning. First of all he has the highest snap %age on defense, which makes sense since we're paying him so much. But it causes a problem since if he's misfiring, it has a ripple effect on the game. Secondly he caused the biggest adjustment in this defense from last year...