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  1. fnordcircle

    ****! Asante Samuel Jr. is catching INTs in college.

    I'm so ****ing old you guys
  2. S

    2020 College Games

    Dont know if there will be any interest to start a thread etc. Just about to watch BYU and Navy.....bit of a one sided game , I would have thought this would have been closer as I thought Navy had a good season last year ?
  3. ctpatsfan77

    Semi-OT: Big Ten, Pac 12 will not play football in 2020

    Sources: Big Ten cancels football season; no games for Michigan, Michigan State in 2020 Of the 14(!) Big Ten schools, only Nebraska and Iowa voted to play this season. Dan Patrick: Big Ten, Pac-12 to Cancel 2020 Football; Latest on SEC, ACC, Big 12 It isn't entirely clear from the article...
  4. farn

    OT a question I’ve had for a long time (NCAAF)

    I’ve often wondered what the answer to my question is : How far back do you need to go for today’s best college teams to beat NFL teams ? If you need me to be specific : one of tonight’s teams - LSU/Clemson is the competition. How far back in time do we need to go for one of them to be a...
  5. B

    #7 - here we come!!

    Bama ain’t winning the NC
  6. T

    OT - College football playoff proposal

    Quick preface. I really like when the process of finding a champion is a perfect combination of the elite battling it out and not watering down the field, but also a fan friendly engaging format. I think that is a major reason why the NFL format is so great. Warning: this proposal ignores...
  7. fightingirish595

    2019 College football season thread

    the first game is in just 5 days and oh boy am I excited. Saw an interesting stat today about Tua. His QBR with Jeudy on the field is in the 90s. With him off the field it is in the 40s. Not sure on the sample size with jeudy off the field. The Florida Miami game is interesting. Feel like...
  8. D

    Eric Dickerson thinks Patriots cheated in SB 36

    Eric Dickerson Rips Patriots For ‘Cheating’ Rams In Super Bowl XXXVI
  9. thecore762

    Next best TE draft prospect?

    We will have to look into a replacement soon, we don’t know if Gronk will be back next year, but I’d like to start looking for the next man up. Gronk is a once in a generation type of player so I doubt we will find someone like him. Anyone know much about the upcoming TE draft class? I haven’t...
  10. Quest4SevenHomie

    Pats win it all this year?

    I'm sure some of you who follow college football know that Alabama won last year and lost this year. In the past 5 years when Alabama lost, the Pats won, when Alabama wins we lose. According to that stat, the Pats are supposed to win it this year since Alabama lost. But I'm not entirely...
  11. thecore762

    Sign the beast! #42! . . . (Christian Wilkins)

    Christian Wilkins Is a beast! He could be the next Wilfork, he has been running through double teams like nothing!
  12. ChrisR2223

    Kliff Kingsbury wants to pursue NFL job

    Report: Kliff Kingsbury may resign from USC job to pursue NFL options
  13. P

    Ja'Whaun Bentley Pays Tribute To Fellow Purdue Boilermaker Tyler Trent

    Ja'Whaun Bentley Pays Tribute To Fellow Purdue Boilermaker Tyler Trent Robert Alvarez Ja'Whaun Bentley pays tribute to Tyler Trent with series of social media tributes. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  14. PatriotSpy

    Tank For Tua or sell the farm for Tua?

    Kid's got intangibles off the charts. Incredibly accurate and has TB clutch genes. His dart throws would fit perfectly in this offense. And Nick Saban and Bill Belichick go way back. So if BB gets the scoop from Nick saying this is the best thing since sliced bread would you be in favor of BB...
  15. S

    Bowl game discussion: Alabama vs Clemson, National Championship

    For the playoffs Clemson and Bama move on with 10 point wins each. Imo
  16. Joey007

    Thoughts on QB prospect sitting out college bowl game?

    I’m typically someone who is for a top prospect sitting out of a non NY6 bowl game, but something about a QB deciding to do so rubs me the wrong way. Sure it’s not a NY6 bowl, but you’re still basically abandoning your 9-3 squad. You are the leader of this team, and are leaving behind teammates...
  17. Tunescribe

    College Football: Urban Meyer "retiring" from Ohio State

    Is he NFL-bound? Link: Urban Meyer Will Retire as Ohio State Head Coach; Ryan Day to Replace
  18. Joey007

    OT: Kevin Faulk is out throwing punches.

    YIKES! You don’t f*** with Kevin.
  19. S

    Hypothetical: Pats would be -49.5 favorites vs Bama

    Link - Is This Hypothetical Point Spread For Patriots Vs. Alabama Too High? Forget 49.5 I’d lay 70. College teams no matter who they are, wouldn’t be even close to competitive vs even the worst NFL team.