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  1. B

    Green Bay kicking the field goal: a different perspective

    Hi everyone, so I'm sure there has already been some good chatter about the Packers' decision to kick the field goal down by 8 late in the NFCC game. They never saw the ball again and it's clear to everyone they should have gone for it. I, too, believe they should have gone for it. When you...
  2. DropKickFlutie

    A vote of confidence for the painful philosophy of: "Better to let a player go too early than too late"

    Just saying it's too early to be dissing Belichick, and the philosophy has generally worked out for 20 years that it's better to let a great player go a year early than a year later. Clearly Tom Brady still has gas in the tank; he put up one of his best 4 regular seasons ever in Tampa, and...
  3. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Clock management decisions from Bucs-Packers

    So yesterday's game feaured some pretty interesting clock management decisions. I won't get too far into the decision by LaFleur to kick a field goal with 2:06 remaining because that will undoubtedly hijack the thread, there are already lots of people talking about it, etc. For the record, I...
  4. Joey007

    Vrabel’s punt on 4th and 2

    With this being in the playoffs. This might actually be considered the worst punt of all time. The moment he made that decision, Tennessee deserved to lose.
  5. upstater1

    Q: Have players been taught to lightly nudge or get in the way of refs on close 3rd down spots?

    This seems like something that can be coached. Make the ref go around you and spot the ball with the other foot. Time it right so that when the sideline judge runs toward the hash, step in front of him at the last second. Just watching the Washington/Philly game and I see the ref trying to...
  6. M

    Strategy for Next Season

    It's been an interesting and sometimes exciting season. But with the playoffs slipping away, it seems fair to start talking about next year and the strategy for moving forward. On one hand, there is the steady approach that involves a Cam, another free agent qb bandaid, or a trade for a...
  7. S

    How about a new look 2- TE set against Chargers this weekend with Asiasi and Keene to help out the run game?

    Time for a shift in offensive philosophy. Let's get BOTH rookies some experience and at the same time throw new looks at the Chargers. This might take some of the stacking the box against the run philosophy away and open things up for the run. At the same time maybe gives Cam some easy middle...
  8. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - "When a win is worse than a loss" edition.

    This is a bad team who should be tanking instead of winning these close ugly games. We will all be regretting a win like this when we are picking around #20 next April. We should sit Cam, who clearly can't pass anymore after his worst passing game of his career. His footwork sucks. His...
  9. D

    Harris' Usage Against Texans

    Sorry if this has already been covered, but what happened with Harris against Houston? I think most assumed he got dinged or reaggravated an injury, but he recently made an Instagram post saying, "the bigger the obstacle, the greater the glory in overcoming it" (or something along those lines)...
  10. D

    A Thought on Talent Evaluation

    Something I've found interesting is the strong play of J. Meyers and T. Hall, respectively. Both players were provided opportunities to play after injuries to the guys in front of them (Harry/Edelman, and Bentley). As far as I can tell, both have played well, and Hall in particular looks much...
  11. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - an abreviated version

    This was a great win against a very good team. THAT is what you all should take from this game. Why did we win? Well it's simple. They Pats followed the same formula that basically defined the 20 year run before we "sucked". We ran the ball effectively. We had turn overs and didn't turn...
  12. A

    Change draft strategy?

    We need to rebuild through draft next couple years as we lack talent almost everywhere with a lot of aging vets. We will also have much better draft capital than previous years if we keep losing at this rate. Howver, given our draft record over the last few years, I have zero confidence in this...
  13. M

    McDaniels use of timeouts

    I know both Hoyer and Newton should be on top of the situation, but I feel like McDaniels has not used the timeouts well at the end of the half and end of game. Even if Newton didn’t fumble, they would have had to rush to the LOS and spike it with very little time left. I have to believe that...
  14. Shockt327

    Dean Pees: Belichick only spent 45 mins per week with Defense; rest of time w/ Brady on opp Defense

    Ok, so, I don't intend this to be a Brady vs Belichick argument; because I don't think any one person "made" the other, but..... What!?!?!? I'm stunned to hear this about Belichick. Especially since, on game day, you'd always see Bill talking to the defensive players on the sidelines after a...
  15. Triumph

    Reiss - NE has the highest rate of WR non separation in the NFL

    Boo ESPN. Not going to open it. They lie. Harry is ready to break out. Cams fault.
  16. B

    Vrabel Intentional Penalty: Genius Move

    Sorry, I'm not as frequent a poster here as I'd like to be, so my apologies if this was already posted (but after a quick look I didn't see it). Mike Vrabel, coach of the Titans and former Pats player/BB student, made a genius coaching decision that should be getting more attention. Situation...
  17. P

    How the Patriots slowed down the Chiefs, article by Brad Kelly Excellent stuff
  18. S

    Belichick admits Stidham injury might have caused demotion Shocker.
  19. J

    kc game plan

    i hope harris is active and well. kc weakness is ,run defense. we need to rush 40 +attempts. divide up about 4/6 each cam, burky ,white and jj and 8/12 each for sony and harris.this would keep mahones on bench.mix in te,s white,harry and meyers as possession receivers.
  20. Chevy

    OT: Breakdown of BB / Defense - Well done

    Popped up in my YT suggested list.