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  1. oldrover

    TNF Green Poops vs. Brown Poops Game Thread

    Sorry about the title... if decorum requires a change, I understand. I was inspired while changing Sammy’s litter box. A lot of roughage. :)
  2. P

    The Josh Gordon Thread: Pats Officially Acquire Gordon for Fifth-Round Pick

  3. luuked

    Browns trade Shelton to Patriots

    There you go.. this is value.. Hey @Tony2046 is that good enough ?
  4. DarrylS

    Great read on BB & Nick Saban and their relationship..

    Came across this on Twitter, so am sharing this wealth with you all.. lengthy well written article that chronicles the coaching careers among two of the best all time.. Lots of anecdotal information on both guys, players and their impact on the game of football in the NFL and College...
  5. T

    Report: Browns and 1st rounder for Garappollo (Maybe Yes or No or Who Knows)EDIT

    Report: Browns would have given Houston’s first for Garoppolo At least according to this report, pats could have gotten the 4th overall pick.
  6. Patsfanin Philly

    10 Useless stats to start off 2018

    1) Passing yards allowed 2017 1st 6 games---321.0 ypg Last 10 games 207.1 ypg 2) Points allowed first 4 games 32.0 ppg Points allowed last 12 games 14.0 ( take out 21 pt given up by offense pick 6/2 fumble recoveries for TD) and defense allowed 12.25 ppg 3) Patriots have been 2-2 or...
  7. jmt57

    NFL Week 17 Games

    CBS Early Red: Jets at Pats (-15½) -- Jim Nantz, Tony Romo Blue: Browns at Steelers (-6) -- Spero Dedes, Adam Archuleta Green: Texans at Colts (-5½) -- Tom McCarthy, Steve Beuerlein, Steve Tasker Fox Early Red: Bears at Vikings (-12½) -- Kevin Burkhardt, Charles Davis Blue: Cowboys (-3½) at...
  8. VJCPatriot

    Pats did Jimmy G a 'favor' by trading him to 49ers?

    Apparently the Browns were quite interested in Jimmy G. But the Pats wanted to give him a better situation. So they took less compensation then they could have gotten from Cleveland. Adam Schefter: Browns badly wanted Jimmy Garoppolo, but Patriots more comfortable with 49ers If true this...
  9. R

    Browns vs packers

    could be browns best chance to avoid 0-16. Are you rooting for them to win one or go 0-16? I’d like to see them win one.
  10. R

    AFCE vs AFCN

    In another thread we have a delusional steelers fan questioning whether Gronk assassinated Lincoln, met with to influence the election or kidnapped the Lindbergh baby. But one piece of that thread was interesting to me. In order to make the Steelers look better he tried to claim the patriots...
  11. robertweathers

    The Beheadings In Cleveland have Begun

    What a dumpster fire of a franchise. Winless Browns fire personnel czar, sources say
  12. Uncle Rico

    Fun/Sad BB/Browns fact

  13. borg

    Jamie Collins...MCL

    Done for the year Collins inked a $50 million contract extension in January but was forced to miss three games this season with a concussion in Week 2. He has 31 tackles and one sack this season. Jamie Collins to miss rest of season with MCL injury Collins' wins as a Cleveland Brown.......1
  14. Wheelman

    Gridiron Heights, Season 2, Ep. 10: Teddy Bridgewater Is Morgan Freeman In 'Shawshank Redemption'

    Shawshank Redemption reference when Freeman's Character is released from prison. It's not bad.
  15. DropKickFlutie

    Details behind the Browns bungling of McCarron Trade

    A very detailed account of how inept the Cleveland Brown front office was, in not completing the trade in time with the Bengals: Browns' and Bengals' AJ McCarron trade documents didn't match and more buzz from the botched trade: Mary Kay Cabot 1. A reminder of how fortunate we are to have...
  16. Ross12

    Browns coaching staff “irate” with FO over Garoppolo trade

    Saw this this morning and didn’t see it anywhere else here, found it funny. Essentially the Browns Front Office went home early the night of the Jimmy G trade and no one was even around to try to get in on the trade action, so SF got Jimmy easily... Cleveland people didn’t even know about the...
  17. HailHydra

    McCarron netted a 2nd + 3rd but Jimmy G a 2nd?

    Ok, there's some problems here. The Browns picks are of equal value to the 49ers and including a 3rd rounder, or not including a 3rd rounder is a BIG deal. It seemed that Garoppolo would have been worth more than McCarron, so what's up?
  18. oldrover

    Browns screw up deadline trade for AJ McCarron

    Report: Bengals agreed to trade McCarron, but Browns failed to notify NFL in time
  19. B

    Joe Thomas injury

    Thomas has been talked about so much, feels like an honorary Patriot. Lost for year due to torn triceps yesterday - after playing over 10,000 straight offensive snaps over 10+ years. Will be a first ballot HOFer and never played in a playoff game. Loyal to the Browns to the end.
  20. HailHydra

    Value of Jimmy G

    So... with the Browns having literally no option at QB, the 49ers proving inept as usual, Brett Hundley demonstrating he doesn't have it, and the Cardinals without a QB on a worthy team, do we see any increased chance of Garoppolo being traded? I expect that the Patriots could get a decent...