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  1. ChrisR2223

    Damn Gregg Williams to Jets as DC

    Expected to be done today.
  2. ChrisR2223

    Brownies if it aint broke dont fix it [Freddie Kitchens hired as HC]

    BREAKING: Browns Hiring Freddie Kitchens As Head Coach |
  3. IcyPatriot

    McDaniels Very Interested in the Browns

    Report: McDaniels interested in Browns job
  4. P

    Patriots Announce 2019 Opponents

    Patriots Announce 2019 Opponents Robert Alvarez The New England Patriots 2019 season opponents revealed. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  5. Deus Irae

    NFL Coaching News: They didn't even wait until Black Monday to start the beheadings

    According to PFT, Bowles and Koetter have already been axed. Jets fire Todd Bowles Dirk Koetter fired by Buccaneers
  6. IcyPatriot

    Patriots 2019 Games Home and Away

  7. jmt57

    NFL Week 17 Games (w/TV Maps)

    Good broadcast distribution for Pats game through the midwest and west, but not good news for out of town fans in the southeast. 506 Sports - NFL Maps: Week 17, 2018 National Broadcast on NBC, Sunday Night: Indianapolis @ Tennessee; Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth CBS Early: Red: NY Jets @...
  8. aluminum seats

    Is Baker Mayfield being a whiny b#%&! about Hue Jackson?

    Guy gets fired, gets offered another job, takes the job. Mayfield snubs him like a child. Hey Baker, not everybody gets a $20 million signing bonus so they have to keep working to earn a living. Maybe I'm missing something, guy seems like an ass.
  9. goheels22002

    How Strong is the Curse of Deflategate?

    Since Deflategate started the two dastardly teams that started it - the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts - have failed to reach the playoffs. We head into week 17 with a scenario where the Ravens have to beat the Cleveland Browns in Baltimore, and the Colts have to beat the Tennessee...
  10. QuantumMechanic

    Squealers in deep trouble (could miss playoffs)

    By my calculation if BAL wins next week then BAL will win the AFCN leaving PIT a WC at best. Either KC or LAC will be one WC. Best PIT can do is 9-6-1. So if either IND or TEN wins they will be 10-6 and PIT is out. And IND plays TEN next week so absent a tie one of them will be 10-6.
  11. jmt57

    Obligatory Playoff Picture Thread: Week 16

    Playoff Scenarios entering Week 16 of the 2018 NFL season. I'm not going to list them all, excluding seven-scenario situations, multiple tie games, etc. For simplicity ties are not factored in. Primary focus is on outcomes of only week 16 games. AFC 11-3 Kansas City Chiefs at 8-6 Seahawks vs...
  12. Clonamery

    There’s NFL football on Saturday (today)!!!

    Sorry, no, the Jete are playing. It’s just a clown show.
  13. T

    LOL: Browns considering Condeleeza Rice as next HC

    Report: Browns considering Condoleezza Rice for head-coaching job No joke. If true, this organization is in worse shape than I thought.
  14. N

    Sign the beast!

    It's been months since the Patriots picked up a Buffalo cast-off that starred for them. Time to remedy the lack. Even if it's just for week 16. Although he should be a part of the game plan for weeks 12 & 17 too. Bills waive WR Pryor after 2 weeks with team
  15. V

    Falcons are embracing the Suck

    Falcons are embracing the Suck They are incredible
  16. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Browns Fire Hue Jackson

    finally Browns fire Hue Jackson
  17. S

    Rumor: Pats discussed reacquiring Jamie Collins

    Link: Patriots reportedly have discussed potentially trading for Jamie Collins He’s not what he was a few years ago. Can’t see it happening either.
  18. jmt57

    NFL Week 8 Games

    Trivia question: aside from Saints at Vikings and Packers at Rams, which other Week 8 game features two teams with winning records? Answer: Thursday Night Football, with Miami at Houston. I would have never considered this game as an answer to that question without looking it up, personally...
  19. FortressX

    NFL fires official Hugo Cruz, who missed false start in Chargers-Browns

    Some radical action by the NFL NFL fires official Hugo Cruz, who missed false start in Chargers-Browns
  20. Triumph

    Hypothetical trade - J Collins back to NE

    Collins has done **** for the Browns and he was a Sashi Brown trade when he was GM. Dorsey is purging the roster of old transactions it seems. ESPN concocts trade of LB Jamie Collins to Patriots