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  1. FreeTedWilliams

    The Battle for Ohio (or who sucks more) TNF

    I almost want Cincy to win just to watch Cleveland self destruct. Good thing they fired that Belichick guy!
  2. shmessy

    Jeremy Hill - - Wow.....ummm......

    Jeremy Hill lets Cincinnati Bengals fans know he's a Super Bowl champion with Patriots
  3. Soliel

    Anyone want to coach the Bengals?

    They called me but I can’t do it. Ohio Air and all that
  4. Deus Irae

    NFL Coaching News: They didn't even wait until Black Monday to start the beheadings

    According to PFT, Bowles and Koetter have already been axed. Jets fire Todd Bowles Dirk Koetter fired by Buccaneers
  5. aluminum seats

    Is Baker Mayfield being a whiny b#%&! about Hue Jackson?

    Guy gets fired, gets offered another job, takes the job. Mayfield snubs him like a child. Hey Baker, not everybody gets a $20 million signing bonus so they have to keep working to earn a living. Maybe I'm missing something, guy seems like an ass.
  6. jmt57

    Week 11 NFL Games *Bye Week Edition*

    Fox has four Sunday games and CBS has six, yet it is Fox that has this week's doubleheader. The national late game is Philly at New Orleans, and most get Dallas at Atlanta. CBS has a few somewhat compelling games (Hous-Wash, Cincy-Balt, Tenn-Indy), but most the game going to most of the...
  7. Froob

    Six weeks to go, who's your AFC six teams?

    I've finally conceded Chiefs will finish 1. 1. Chiefs 14-2 2. Patriots 12-4 3. Steelers 11-4-1 4. Texans 11-5 (it's admittedly tough to find two losses) 5. Chargers 12-4 6. Dolphins 9-7 (there has to be one laughably bad playoff team)
  8. jmt57

    Week 10 NFL Games Thread (with TV Maps)

    Week 10 TV Maps are up. Big shout out to Pats fan JP Kirby at 506 Sports for putting these together for us. Don't shoot the messenger, but it is another Dan Fouts week for us. (Ducks for cover in order to avoid lethal projectiles.) Thursday night and late game Sunday matchups look...
  9. oldrover

    If the playoffs started today...

    Tough games left for KC: @Rams, Ravens (tough-ish), Chargers, and @Seahawks Tough games left for NE: GB, Vikings, @Mia (always tough there), @ Steelers I say the Pats will lose one of their away games. And the Chiefs will lose both of theirs. (that said, I predicted the Pats would never...
  10. jmt57

    NFL Week 7 Games

    NFL Week 7 kicked off with an incredibly uncompetitive game Thursday night, as Denver crushed the dumpster fire known as Arizona 45-10. The Broncos were up 21-3 in the first quarter and 35-3 at the half. The Cardinals were so inept they had to burn a timeout on the second play from scrimmage and...
  11. jmt57

    Week 6 NFL Games

    Thanks to @vuudu for kicking week 6 off with the Eagles - Giants thread. Since that one went to 170+ responses, I thought it would be better to start a new thread for the remainder of this week's games. For starters, here are the Week 6 TV Maps, courtesy of JP Kirby at 506 Sports. CBS will...
  12. Joey007

    NFL SNF Flex Update:

    I’ll take that matchup over watching the 49ers minus Jimmy.
  13. DaBruinz

    All is in balance again, the Pats in 1st Place in the AFCE..

    The Pats win and the Dolphins lose and the Pats are back in 1st place..
  14. 1960Pats

    Tyler Eifert Injury

    I haven't seen anything about the injury this kid suffered during the Cincy-Atlanta game. Ouch! That kid may never be the same and his loss puts a huge dent in the Cincy offense for this year. Reminds me a little of the Joe Theisman broken leg from years ago.
  15. jmt57

    Week 4 NFL Games

    Post your insightful analysis and knee jerk reactions to all of the other NFL games for Week 4 of the 2018 season here in this thread. Other Early Games on CBS: 0-3 Texans at 1-2 Colts (pk) 2-1 Bengals at 1-2 Falcons (-3½) 1-2 Bills at 1-1-1 Packers (-9½) 1-2 Jets at 2-1 Jaguars (-7½) Early...
  16. TommyBrady12

    The Other AFC Contenders and Race for the 1 seed

    I was hoping to start this thread to generate discussion on the other contending teams in the AFC and revisit it each week as the season progresses. Which teams stand out to you as being the biggest roadblock for the Patriots to SB 53? I think we can all agree that entering the season...
  17. Froob

    Bengals board meltdown after Marvin Lewis contract

    Marvin is Back thru 2019 This **** is gold Poor poor Bengals fans..
  18. R

    AFCE vs AFCN

    In another thread we have a delusional steelers fan questioning whether Gronk assassinated Lincoln, met with to influence the election or kidnapped the Lindbergh baby. But one piece of that thread was interesting to me. In order to make the Steelers look better he tried to claim the patriots...
  19. jmt57

    Week 13 NFL Games

    After the Pats-Bills early it will be Panthers at Saints late, Eagles at Seahawks tonight, and Steelers at Bengals on Monday night. 506 Sports - NFL Maps: Week 13, 2017 CBS Red: New England @ Buffalo ... Jim Nantz, Tony Romo Blue: Kansas City @ NY Jets ... Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts Yellow...
  20. oldrover

    Browns screw up deadline trade for AJ McCarron

    Report: Bengals agreed to trade McCarron, but Browns failed to notify NFL in time