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  1. S

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Wild Card game discussion: Bears @ Saints

    I wouldn’t count out the Bears here. Could be an upset alert. They really do have a good defense and their offense is starting to click.
  2. italian pat patriot

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 14 other games

    Let s discuss...
  3. S

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Other NFL games week 7 discussion

    Jest are 21 point underdogs to the Chiefs. :haha: Im sure it would be in the 30’s with a full Arrowhead! Edit: oops this is week 8 not 7 but still lol
  4. jmt57


    Early Games 4-1 Bears at 3-2 Panthers (-2) 1-3 Lions (-3) at 1-4 Jaguars 0-5 Falcons at 1-4 Vikings (-3½) 1-4 Texans at 4-0 Titans (-3½) 1-4 Washington at 0-5 Giants (-1) 4-1 Browns at 4-0 Steelers (-3) 4-1 Ravens (-10) at 1-3-1 Eagles 1-3-1 Bengals at 3-2 Colts (-7½) 1-3 Broncos at 2-2 Patriots...
  5. S

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 5 NFL games discussion

    Should be a good one tonight. mod edit: this week's NFL Maps are a mess thanks to postponements and cancellations. CBS Early Red: Raiders at Chiefs (Ian Eagle, Charles Davis) Blue: Bengals at Ravens (Greg Gumbel, Rich Gannon) Green: Jaguars at Texans (Andrew Catalon, James Lofton) Yellow: ...
  6. Pats Fanatic

    RIP Gale Sayers

    The great Gale Sayers has passed.
  7. Froob

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Turkey Day Week 13 Game Thread

    Thank god we got football on at my girls house this year instead of the dog show. It’s not good football but football none the less
  8. Joey007

    OT: RIP Cedric Benson

    Very sad news. Remember him rebounding in Cincy after having problems in Chicago. RIP
  9. Patstastic

    Teams Likely to Take a Step Back in 2019

    Just as the title poses. What teams are due for a "Step back" this season? 1. Saints. From Thanksgiving on, Brees was not a good QB whatsoever. His arm strength looks to be gone. I also think they will miss Ingram. Their schedule is brutal again too. I think the end is near for this group. 2...
  10. Gwedd

    Bears Kicker Has Problems.......

    Apparently, the poor guy can't even get out of parking garage.......
  11. S

    Wildcard Game Thread: Eagles @ Bears

    Looking forward to the Bears ending the Eagles one year dynasty. Lane Johnson won’t be having much fun today.
  12. A.C Vegas

    Playoff predictions

    Well it is that time of year again so i thought i would kick off the playoff guessing. Wildcard Colts conquer Houston Bolts Beat Ravens Bears Bully Eagles Cowboys Cancel Seahawks Divisonal round Colts Collapse Chiefs Pats Punish Chargers Saints Suplex Cowboys Bears Berate Rams Conference...
  13. Triumph

    Other NFL teams playoffs thread

  14. jmt57

    NFL Week 17 Games (w/TV Maps)

    Good broadcast distribution for Pats game through the midwest and west, but not good news for out of town fans in the southeast. 506 Sports - NFL Maps: Week 17, 2018 National Broadcast on NBC, Sunday Night: Indianapolis @ Tennessee; Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth CBS Early: Red: NY Jets @...
  15. nabwong

    NFL Week 14 games discussion

    Touchdown of the year by Henry.
  16. Ras-IR Dowling

    Turkey Day Games Thread

    Happy Thanksgiving guys and gals. Hoping for a good set of games today.
  17. jmt57

    Week 11 NFL Games *Bye Week Edition*

    Fox has four Sunday games and CBS has six, yet it is Fox that has this week's doubleheader. The national late game is Philly at New Orleans, and most get Dallas at Atlanta. CBS has a few somewhat compelling games (Hous-Wash, Cincy-Balt, Tenn-Indy), but most the game going to most of the...
  18. Joey007

    NFL SNF Flexes Week 13-14

    Love both of those matchups. They did a great job here.
  19. everlong

    Pats up to 4th in Franchise Win %

    Cowboys .572 Packers .567 Bear .564 Patriots .560 Dolphins .558 Team Encyclopedias and Records | Sort by W-L% If you had told me after the Patriots would one take over take the Fins in franchise win % I would have laughed at you. Growing up it was the Fins I hate...
  20. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Bears

    What a game....White, Gordon Edleman played well!!!! The defense had some big turnovers...5-2 really sounds good...Waiting to hear the news on Sony!!! Let's discuss!!!! First place in the AFC East!!!!