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  1. ChrisR2223

    Panthers ask for permission to interview Nick Caserio [update: Hired by Texans]

    Good I just feel we need a change in the personal department. If we hire Adam Gase 2 bug eyed Staff members is 1 too much.
  2. S

    Week 15: Saturday and Sunday games discussion

    Bills/Broncos Panthers/Packers
  3. jmt57

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 10 NFL Games Discussion

    Some good games this week in the late time slot. Both networks will have a late game since CBS is broadcasting the Masters early. Early Games: 6-3 Bucs (-6) at 3-6 Panthers 2-6 Texans at 5-3 Browns (-4½) 3-4-1 Eagles (-4½) at 2-7 Giants 2-6...
  4. jmt57

    Week 10 TV Maps: TB @ Car, Buf @Ariz

    Week 10 NFL Maps are up. CBS is broadcasting all of their games in the late time slot, due to their coverage of the Masters continuing until 3:00 pm ET on Sunday. On a side note, this is the first time I have noticed that former Patriot Aqib Talib is working in the broadcast booth...
  5. jmt57


    Early Games 4-1 Bears at 3-2 Panthers (-2) 1-3 Lions (-3) at 1-4 Jaguars 0-5 Falcons at 1-4 Vikings (-3½) 1-4 Texans at 4-0 Titans (-3½) 1-4 Washington at 0-5 Giants (-1) 4-1 Browns at 4-0 Steelers (-3) 4-1 Ravens (-10) at 1-3-1 Eagles 1-3-1 Bengals at 3-2 Colts (-7½) 1-3 Broncos at 2-2 Patriots...
  6. varjao

    Maybe Cam is a better QB than we (and everybody else) thought?

    Still early but I'm impressed with Cam on the passing game. He was throwing darts between the numbers all over the place yesterday. Impressed to the point that begs the question, is it possible that this guy is better than what was the common sense between football fans about his game? It's...
  7. H

    I'm all in.

    When the Panthers unceremoniously released Cam Newton I knew that I would need to reevaluate my consumption of the NFL. I had been a fan of the Carolina Panthers since 2001, sat through 2 heart crushing Super Bowl Loses, (the second of which made it difficult for me to enjoy football in general...
  8. cupofjoe1962

    Cam Newton released by Panthers

    Belichick has spoken highly about Cam Newton in the past & he is now available. Cam Newton released: Four most logical landing spots for longtime Panthers quarterback I don’t see it happening, but it is definitely an option although a lot of cap maneuvers would be needed. Thoughts?
  9. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Is there anyway we could sign Newton?

    I'm usually not the type to make these threads and honestly I'm not very cap space smart so I was curious. Is there any potential way we could sign Newton with our cap space? Reason I ask is because I honestly wouldn't be against Newton as QB in 2020. My reason: Cam can be a good 1 year signing...
  10. T

    Gameday Thread: Panthers at Pats

    Most important game of the preseason. What Tom says in the video below...
  11. Froob

    Saints @ Panthers Monday Night

    Kuechly still playing apparently
  12. jmt57

    Week 11 NFL Games *Bye Week Edition*

    Fox has four Sunday games and CBS has six, yet it is Fox that has this week's doubleheader. The national late game is Philly at New Orleans, and most get Dallas at Atlanta. CBS has a few somewhat compelling games (Hous-Wash, Cincy-Balt, Tenn-Indy), but most the game going to most of the...
  13. Ras-IR Dowling

    Week 10 TNF Panthers - Steelers

    WTF was that cam lol?
  14. jmt57

    Week 10 NFL Games Thread (with TV Maps)

    Week 10 TV Maps are up. Big shout out to Pats fan JP Kirby at 506 Sports for putting these together for us. Don't shoot the messenger, but it is another Dan Fouts week for us. (Ducks for cover in order to avoid lethal projectiles.) Thursday night and late game Sunday matchups look...
  15. IcyPatriot

    Sunday Games Thread: Bills/Jaguars and Panthers/Saints

    Jaguars and Saints are my picks.
  16. M

    A Prelude to Successes and Failures

    Today tells us a lot about the NFL playoff field this season. Although we could evaluate based on record, I believe these elimination style games reveal the character and resolve of teams in a more accurate manner. And the league of Goodell left us wanting. So without further ado... In the...
  17. jmt57

    NFL Week 17 Games

    CBS Early Red: Jets at Pats (-15½) -- Jim Nantz, Tony Romo Blue: Browns at Steelers (-6) -- Spero Dedes, Adam Archuleta Green: Texans at Colts (-5½) -- Tom McCarthy, Steve Beuerlein, Steve Tasker Fox Early Red: Bears at Vikings (-12½) -- Kevin Burkhardt, Charles Davis Blue: Cowboys (-3½) at...
  18. P

    NFL Playoff Picture for Week 17

    NFL Playoff Picture for Week 17 John Morgan The 2017 NFL regular season wraps up on Sunday afternoon. There is not as much drama this year compared to the week 17 of many previous seasons. The 2017 NFL playoff picture is relatively settled. In the AFC there are four teams battling for two...
  19. pherein

    Boring NFC info - Rams probably sitting this one out

    Smart move actually. At 4th seed, McVay knows he will get the Panthers, and then the nick foles led Eagles. Least path of resistance to an NFC win. Though I'm not sure he's thinking that a 3 win is hard in the NFL, so Atlanta might be easier for us, and Vikings play in a Dome, which we are good...
  20. P

    NFL Playoff Picture Entering Week 16

    NFL Playoff Picture Entering Week 16 John Morgan Entering Week 16 five teams have clinched a playoff spot. The Patriots, Steelers, Jaguars, Eagles and Vikings have all punched a ticket for the post season. Philadelphia is the only team thus far to earn a first round bye. In the AFC six teams...