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  1. maust1013

    OT: Bruins vs Game 5

    As expected no Krug, Holden will take his place in the lineup. In keeping with the NHL's high standards of sportsmanship and fair play Marchand has been officially warned that there will be supplemental discipline if he 'licks' anyone: NHL is putting an end to Brad Marchand's licking No word as...
  2. maust1013

    OT: Bruins vs Lightning Game 4

    Some of us will be getting at least one thing we have wanted to see tonight, Donato is playing. Need to get off to a better start tonight, get out of their zone clean and minimize the preposterous turnovers,
  3. maust1013

    OT: Bruins vs Lightning Game 3

    So after 2 days of most every national hockey pundit teeing off on the ridiculous officiating in Game 2 the B's are home where it is a bit more difficult to tilt the ice against them. Not to say their own own play was good enough to win the last one but they might have stolen it playing on...
  4. maust1013

    OT: Bruins vs Lightning Game 2

    Obviously having lost game 1 at home there will be a big push by Tampa to start strong. The penalties that in large part weren't there in there in the Toronto series were creeping in during the first game of this one, it'll be important to stay out of the sin bin tonight.
  5. maust1013

    OT: Bruins vs Leafs Game 7

    Heinen replacing Wingels in tonight's lineup. I know Cassidy & Sweeney are shepherding his development and he isn't anywhere near up to speed in terms of the team defense but I really would rather have seen Donato get the nod tonight.
  6. maust1013

    OT: Bruins vs Leafs Game 6

    No significant Injury updates For all the mediot talk about the B's second tier needing to step up (and they do), the top line has not scored in either of the losses. I find it hard to believe McEvoy could have a worse night than he did in Game 5 when he looked like the kid he actually is...
  7. maust1013

    OT: Bruins vs Leafs Game 5

    Multiple sources reporting Bergeron a game time decision but looks good to go. Kadri back for Toronto. Tampa finished off the Devils so the B's need to to get it done tonight to gain equal rest.
  8. maust1013

    OT: Bruins vs Leafs Game 4

    Grzelcyk participated in pre game skate shoud be good to go
  9. meatface

    Bruins 2017-2018 regular season

    Not a great start but the season is young.