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  1. borg

    Celtics 2021

    Let the rumors commence My 2 cents: Make this trade happen ASAP, regardless of...
  2. IllegalContact

    Seeding Play

    Celts / Raptors tonite 2nd game in a row where timelord is a difference maker up 34 after 3

    Lakers/Celtics in trade talks with Pels for Anthony Davis

    Anthony Davis Trade Rumors: Lakers' No. 4 Pick Discussed; Celtics Also in Talks wow.
  4. ALP

    NBA Draft - Trades - Free Agents

    thought this thread was already up but a search didn’t show anything First round was pretty routine, this round against the top seed in east is going to be tough Seems like the Cs went through a transformation after all the inconsistency in the season, playing very well midway into 2nd
  5. shmessy

    OT: John Havlicek Has Passed Away

    79. Forever young. My basketball idol growing up. He was class personified and a very nice man. My parents spent some time with him when he was a rookie with the Cs.
  6. aluminum seats

    Can Boston win the championship grand slam?

    Can Boston win the grand slam of championships this year, winning the title of all four major sports in the same year? OK, probably not. But as the basketball and hockey playoffs about to start, it is a uniquely exciting possibility for the city of champions. At a minimum, both the Celtics and...
  7. Mack Herron

    RIP Jo Jo White

    Never forget that sweet J.
  8. Off The Grid

    ~ Danny Freaking Ainge!!

    I'm not backing off from this past Summer's argument wherein I argued that the Celtics should've held the Cavaliers' feet to the fire because they pretty much had to trade Kyrie Irving. Mind you: I never said naught but that I've greatly admired Ainge's Body of Work. His persistent refusal to...
  9. betterthanthealternative

    Pats and Celtics both 6-2

    Question for the researchers here: what's the latest in the calendar year where the two teams had the same record?
  10. P

    Patriots Voice Support For Celtics and Gordon Hayward Following Injury

    Patriots Voice Support For Celtics and Gordon Hayward Following Injury Robert Alvarez On Tuesday night the Boston Celtics played the Cleveland Cavaliers in their first game of the 2017-2018 NBA season and to show support for their fellow New England sports athletes, members of the Patriots...
  11. IllegalContact

    Prayers for Gordon Hayward

    In less than 6 min Leg snapped like a twig
  12. Soul_Survivor88

    Today is the 100th Birthday of Red Auerbach (September 20, 1917 – October 28, 2006)

    Remarkable how the birth of one person 100 years ago in the Brooklyn ghetto could impact my life so much and the lives of so many sports fans! Thank you for everything, Red!
  13. Ross12

    Celtics trade Isaiah Thomas, Brooklyn 2018 pick & players for Kyrie Irving

    Incredible. And of course I'm wearing my IT shirt today.
  14. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Are SB49 and SB51 the greatest rushes of sports euphoria you've experienced?

    To me, I think the odds are against ever having another experience like either game again. That they happened just two years apart is really amazing. I was a huge Red Sox fan (now I no longer watch baseball, probably due to the Patriots ruining it for me by making it seem so boring) back in...
  15. cupofjoe1962

    Gordon Hayward signing 4 yr max contract with Celtics

    Gordon Hayward reportedly agrees to max contract with the Celtics What a great addition to the Celtics.
  16. BobDigital

    OT - Celtics to trade #1 overall pick?

    Looks like it could be happening in the next 24 hours with the Sixers we will see what happens. Zach Lowe‏Verified account @ZachLowe_NBA 13m13 minutes ago Zach Lowe Retweeted Marc Stein In current parameters, BOS would receive several picks and no players, sources say. Have to think No. 3...
  17. robertweathers

    OT: 30/30 Celtics vs Lakers

    Love the commentary. Magic, Bird, Rambis, Worthy and KAJ. Such an emphasis on race as a major aspect of the rivalry. Typical ESPN Anyone else watching?
  18. Soul_Survivor88

    OT: BOSTON CELTICS vs. CLEVELAND CAVALIERS (Eastern Conference Finals)

    Any predictions? I say Cavs in 5. I don't care if LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world. No. 1 seeds should NEVER be swept. The Celtics have one of the best home courts in the NBA, and Brad Stevens is great at making adjustments. I'll be disapppointed if the Cs do not at...
  19. BobDigital

    OT NBA Draft Lottery

    Big night. Celtics come in with the best odds. It should happen around 9 i think or so.
  20. Soul_Survivor88

    BOSTON CELTICS vs. Washington Wizards (Eastern semi-finals)

    Wizards play BOS at the Garden starting at 1pm today EST Despite HFA favoring the Cs, John Wall has been on a absolute tear during the playoffs, while IT 3pt shooting has fallen and Crowder has been a no-show shooting wise (shooting well below his reg season shooting average). I give the Cs...