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  1. BobDigital

    Belichick's 'prove it' time table.

    The debate Between Brady and BB was never who was more important in my mind. That was always Brady. The question is, can each hold on to their GOAT legacy without the other? In my mind Brady has already proven he can be successful without BB, not that he needed to. Anyone know knows...
  2. S

    BB knew this was a non playoff year from the start

    He knew they needed to throw away a year in return for financial flexibility moving forward. After the opt outs he knew for sure. If you consider all of the bizarre non moves on the roster for this year, there is no other conclusion other than...he knew no matter what they could not compete for...
  3. S

    Will BB leave patriots at the end of this year?

    I say he will. There really is no point in his staying, because its likely going to be several years before they can compete for a SB again. Parcells and Coughlin both stopped coaching and took front office roles with other teams. Its probably the perfect time for BB to go given the long road...
  4. Triumph

    Beau Allen wont play in 2020

    BUST Yikes--!!!--Bill Belichick just said that Beau Allen will not play this year. He was signed to fill the Danny Shelton role. He did not play a down. He was injured in training camp!--Beau Allen signed a 2 year, $7,000,000 contract with the New England Patriots, including a $1,750,000...
  5. Wozzy

    BB Admits 2020 Is Bridge Year

    Bill Belichick to Sirius XM NFL Radio: "This is kind of the year that we've taken to, I would say, adjust our cap from the spending that we've had in accumulation of prior years. We just haven't been able to have the kind of depth on our roster that we've had in some other years."...
  6. Boomer B

    The Biggest Reason We Are Starting A Rebuild

    The biggest reason we are beginning a rebuild is the first picks we drafted from 2014 to now. 2014 - Dominic Easley (1st round): bust 2015 - Malcom Brown (1st round): below average 2016 - Cyrus Jones (2nd round): bust 2017 - Derek Rivers (3rd round): bust 2018 - Isiah Wynn (1st round): average...
  7. B

    The most successful GM in NFL history

    Yeah, yeah, the cupboards are bare. The shooting stars have been few and far between. It seems like there is always a talent deficit.... The most successful GM in the history of the NFL is Bill Belichick. Full stop. He has predicated his roster building philosophy, as a good GM does, around the...
  8. KDPPatsfan85

    Reason why BB so bad at drafting WRs

    It all makes sense now.
  9. BaconGrundleCandy

    Bill the GM/HC

    1)As savvy and ruthless as there is with contracts. Who's been better during the salary cap era? 2)Multiple HOF players drafted or borderline HOF. Multiple UDFA stars that have gotten paid. Through two decades. 3) Pats have been as balanced and talented as there is for decades. Obviously...